Saturday, October 31, 2009

Graduation day

As the minutes ticked away,I became more and more matured..

5 years had gone,and everything had gone,
I studied at PESS for such a long time.
It invoked a lot of bitter-sweet memories of my secondary school's life.
Time really cannot erase my memories of every moment at school such as studying,examinations,activities,competitions,duty,etc..
What these fragrant memories are!

Today is my graduation day,it's a great chance for me to wear formally,a robe,
and I looked very smart in that suit..=)
I took a lot of pictures with friends and teaches,
moreover,we were completely crazy too..>.<

At hall,we were such a high-school graduates,especially when receiving the certificates..
I received a file of certificates,such as oral test,peka,program nilam,etc..

Soon,graduation day is ended,hmmm,
Going to say goodbye to pess after a month,

P/S:all the pictures are uploaded in my facebook =)

Friday, October 30, 2009

study bitterly

As a candidate of SPM by this year,all that we do everyday is STUDY,MEMORIZE,and UNDERSTANDING!..
The concept,
The formula,
The fact,
The skill,

I knew that the time left for the major examination is about 19 days,it's around the corner..
Pretty soon I have to deal with all the exam papers.
By holding my ink pen,squeezing out a correct answer from my brain,stay alert when the exam is going on,read the question carefully,and so on..

I had realised that my common mistakes is the main point of losing marks.
Thus,I forced to enchance my alertness by doing a lot of test papers,learn to be focusing accurately for each question..
Hopefully all of my mistakes are under control..

Friday, October 23, 2009

A state of mental collapse

My mind had been completely shattered due to my recent results!!
What the bad luck happened on me!!!!
What the stupid brain stayed over my body!!!!!
Perhaps I did not work hard for the previous examination!!!=(
I had a nervous breakdown!!really(.....)
Can't you see?definitely yes,
because I didn't tell my friends about my feeling and condition here.....
An ache in my heart,nobody knows it!!!
I nearly insane because I keep on doing revision from now onwards,
from morning until midnight,
skipping my sleeping time,
although I knew that it was a BAD habit.....
Furthermore,I suffered from headaches,insomnia and loss of appetite,
I was stressed out!!!!!!!
But I'm trying to control my mood and action.
If not,I have to seek for treatment at a psychiatric hospital,
but I'm trying to avoid waste =)......

Anyway,I did the most I could...until the end!!!
The most importantly,I must work hard and catch up before the final exam is coming.
Life as a struggling student,it's a hard-line attitude...
I believe that successful are those who are willing to take pains....
Do you agree?????
Don't worry,be happy....=)

Gambateh mun,
Fight until the end!!!!!@_@

P/S:I will seldom online on the following month--November

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deepavali Day^^

Yesterday I went to my neighbour's open house,
there was an Indian family which located at next two houses from my house,
Crowded of people is gathered inside the house,
especially at night,after 7pm...
In addition,
We knew that Indian people would like to serve curry and fried foods,
so what can we do?
We just followed them,
Furthermore,lots of their relatives and neighbours were invited too,
the house was pulsed with excitement,
the atmosphere is looked alike Chinese New Year,
ha HA....
Am I too expecting for the next coming Chinese New Year,

Happy Deepavali!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Birthday Celebration

I've getting older by today,
not much,
just added 1 age,

From yesterday until today,
I'm glad to receive a lot of good wishes from my family,friends,classmates,schoolmates,netfriends,and so on....
By sending a text message,a picture message.....
wishing in facebook,messenger.....
and face-to-face,
Thanks a lot,
You all's wishes are greatly appreciated....
and it was touched my heart,
sorry for my non-sense....

Today is school day,
and I went to school as usual,
Ha ha....
I cannot asleep by yesterday because I was too excited,
I was expecting what will be happened by today,
When I reached to my class,
I was deeply exhausted and wanna sleep again,
When the bell rang for recess,
one of my friend of my gang took out her present and gave me,
and all of my gang started to say 'happy birthday' to me,
what a great surprise!!!!!!Thanks.....=)
and I shocked when hippo elie shouted 'happy birthday' to me
AT CANTEEN......xD.......

After school,
I got to attend an invitation to lunch,
and my honored guest is chin yee,
who was my friend from other school,
her purpose was to treat me a lunch,=___=
I felt almost ashamed.........
By the way,thanks too!!!^___^

After tuition,
My parents brought me go to buy a cake,
and I chose a fruit cake,
it costs 34 ringgit.......
and we had a dinner at a simple restaurant,
but I feel fully until now!!!

big box...lolz

key chain

key chain

gadget protector

money box

lots of dishes....


Monday, October 12, 2009


Recently,I'm practising hard for writing by using left hand
I was a left-brained girl,
everything will be done by my using my right hand,
Due to the fact that I could not be used left hand to write anything,
I started to practise it since August,
until now,
do you know what is the final result?
It's better than the first time I used left hand to write,
quite scratchy....illegible...etc.....
and the front is quite large compared to right-hand's writing,

Some time I will shout of anger because of my stupid left-hand,
but I told myself,
both of my hands are controlled by my brain,
I should blame my lousy brain..

I will succeed soon....

Monday, October 5, 2009

free from suffering^___^

Today I did not go to school,
Shut up,
I'm not that lazy girl,
Yesterday I'm suffered from period pains,
it's a extremely painful experience,
I even cant stand up and cant asleep for the whole day,
from morning until night,
I went to chinese medical centre to seek for treatment,
and I had ordered to take electrotherapy,
after that no pain at all,
and doctor gave me medicine too,
thanks doctor....

'Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR)' is starting by this Wednesday,
I wish all of the Form 3 students,
try your best and be confident for all subjects that you all taken,
Good luck..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival....'09'

I've received a lot of best wishes from many friends by today!!!!
via messenger,SMS,mail box,straight forward...etc
'Happy Mooncake Festival'
'Happy Mid Autumn'
'Stay healthy''Stay Pretty''Stay happily'
Thanks a lot,
for you all's best wishes and much appreciate....

I slept for 10 hours by today,
actually 'Hari Anugerah Kokurikulum' is held at my school by today too,
but my parents are busying for their jobs,
some more my brother is slightly ill,
so nobody is fetch me to school,
hopefully my friends will help me to keep my 2 certificates.....

Happy Mooncake festival,
in afternoon,
my mummy is steaming 12 YAMs for us,
its taste great and delicious,
I did not eat yam for such a long time,
perhaps I still hung up of its taste in my mind...

At night,
I went to have a great meal with my family members,
we have to sample a steamed fish,seafoods,chicken,
and a bowl of soup....
and the price is the main point for us,
RM 180!!!!!
wow,costly right????
I shocked on the spot!!!!!!!!!

I did not play lantern by this year,
because my mummy is not allow,
ha ha.....
she said that I'm matured already still wanna play lantern,
how about candle???


Lovely Yams....

chicken that steamed with herbal...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The first day of October

Time passed very fast,
its speed just like a rocket!!!!!!
Oops,I have to mention it more than 10 times in my blog,
today is 10th month of year 2009,
it reminded me that,
several festivals will coming soon to me,

3 October= Mooncake Festival
13 October= My Birthday
31 October= Graduation Day

I love number '3'....lolz.....
I love 'October'.....lolz.....
Because many of my friends were born on October too,
I'm expecting to all of these days!!!!
Celebrate the day!!!