Saturday, May 14, 2011

Exam preparation

Next Wednesday is the first day of my final exam. The last day is 27th of June. Why it takes so long? This is a good question, but I remain speechless on the Edexcel A levels examination system.

Almost everyone feel nervous for the coming exam. But......I......felt more nervous when my exam results are given out. Ewwwww.....

Well, I have nothing to write right now.

I will be away from today until the end of May. A new post will be updated sooner or later.

P/S: All the best to myself.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day + Gathering

Its been a few days since I didn't update my blog. I am totally busy in the preparation for my final exam. Seriously, there is one week left for the final exam.

I woke up early in the morning today, today is Mother's Day. In addition, I had a gathering with my best friends from high school just now. (: Ha, you know what, there are 7 people in my gang. Due to one of them will be going to Kampar to further her studies this month, so it had became the purpose for today's gathering. I am here to wish her all the best to her studies and everything.

And so we had joys and fun karaoke in Red Box, The Gardens from 11am until 3pm. Soon we went window shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories at Midvalley. Most of the time we spent on karaoke, we were tired but we were satisfied all day long. At last, we left the place at 4.30pm.

"How time flies". These 3 words are often weighing on my mind. Those memories we spent on studying at school, laughing, shouting, smiling, chatting, playing, and much more. All of them will last forever.....on my mind. (:

I don't need words to express,
I don't need tears to shed,
I don't need ask for a laughter or smile,
or a hand to hold me on,
all I need be your friends, FOREVER.

A GOODBYE for today isn't the end of our meeting,
one day..anytime...anywhere...
We would meet again.
To my beloved friends, do take care. (':

Dear Mom, Happy Mother's Day, Although I can't afford to prepare any presents for you right now, but one of the present I can give you is my excellent results in academic , I will try my best in my final exam. Thanks for your caring and raising me up, and one more thing...I seldom got canned by you =D Hahaha!
Anyway, enjoy tonight's home-made steamboat ! =D <3

P/S: Live my life. (: