Monday, August 25, 2008

Are you fun to be with???

There are many definitions for this word...'fun'.....^o^
It involved in some activities that are enjoyable and amusing,
You can make a fun with family members, friends, and relatives,
Start from now,and you will be the happiest in the world.....^v^


1 It's your birthday.Your friends have given you a present,but when you open it there's nothing inside.Do you:
a. get angry and tell your friends it was a stupid joke?
b. think it was a good joke and laugh about it with your friends?
c. feel hurt, but try to laugh about it?

2 You and your friend have decided to meet at two o'clock outside your favourite cafe. You've waited for more than half an hour and finally your friend arrives. She made a mistake and went to the wrong cafe. What do you say?
a. 'Where have you been? I've been here since two o'clock! I'm going home now.'
b. 'Never mind,let's go inside and have a coffee.'
c. 'I never want to see you again!'

3 You've bought some new clothes. You think they look good, but when your friends see you wearing them, they laugh and make fun of you. Do you:

a. feel angry and hurt and decide to take the clothes back to the shop?
b. laugh with your friends but keep the clothes?
c. smile,because you don't want to show them that you're hurt?

4 It's Saturday and you haven't been out since last week.You're planning to go to your friend's party in the evening, but then your friend phones and tell you there is no party, because he is ill. Do you:

a. think it's no big deal because you can always have fun somewhere else?
b. feel angry. You've waited all week to go out, and now what will you do?
c. tell your friend you're sorry, and try to make him smile again?

5 You are with a group of friends and somebody is telling a joke. You've heard the joke before. Do you:

a. say you've already heard the joke and you don't want to hea
r it again?
b. listen to the joke without laughing?
c. listen to the joke and have a good laugh with the others?

6 Your friend has invited you to her fancy dress party and you've decided to dress up as a chicken. You think you look funny,but when you arrive at the party no one is wearing fancy dress except you! Your friend has played another practical joke on you. Do you:

a. stay at the party and have a good time-it's OK to make a fool of yourself sometimes?
b. think it's funny, but go home and change your clothes, then come back to the party?
c. feel very angry with your friend and go home straight away?

Score for answers:
1. a:2 b:6 c:4

2. a:2 b:6 c:0
3. a:2 b:6 c:4
4. a:4 b:2 c:6
5. a:2 b:4 c:6
6. a:6 b:4 c:0


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Predestined !!!

It wasn't my fault....It was just one of those thing...
I believe that everything in life is fated...
No one could have predicted the final outcome,
Anyway,try to be my friend has told me,problems will make us stronger!!!
We should not blame when we born in a poor,a miserable, or even an unfortunate wretch..
As well as our bodies are completed,must be satisfied!!
For those who born with a deformed shape of bodies,T_T
It's very sorry for them,they should also satisfied because they still alive in the world...
We should more concerned with the movement of them!!!
Actually,I have my own secret from now,I just only can tell to some of my friends,
last three days,I went to see doctor,because my nose very sensitive....
Before that,I've been sneezing all morning,so I need to see doctor,
During that time my nose was checked by doctor,
to his information,my bone of my centre of nose was curved,
maybe i born with this nose...He said to me that if i wanna do operation also can,
But i didn't feel that my nose was curved,still look like normal,i think wont getting any problem la....almost 16 years pass!!!
Second thing,i get flu,this disease will not be cure,it only can use medicines to control...
then doctor gave me a sprayer medicine for nose....
haiz¬¬¬¬¬lighten up!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

1 week of holidays!!!!!

Start from 16th to 24th of August,
It is a week of holidays,
don't know why??I feel moody and depress.......
But I'll be open-minded....try to be happy^^.......
On yesterday,15 th August...most of my school teachers gave us do lots of homeworks,
On my sight,the homeworks look like an Average's too exaggerated...xD
I need a period of time to do it all....
During holidays,
as usual,I will gonna tuition on Tuesday,Wednesday,and Saturday.
Furthermore,I will online,watching tv and reading storybooks...
Besides,this holidays would offer me to sleep more than 8 hours,hahaha^^
After school reopen i wont feel sleepy lo...and smartly...^^ funny!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My body health getting worst!!*_*

On my right hand side,can you all guess what was happened to me??
I know that you all wanna ask,
what's this????
why these pills were green colour 1??isn't very colourful??bla bla bla!!!
Haha....My friends always ask me that?? your information,
these are vitamin C 's pills...I was taken it twice a day...@_@
Nowadays,my body was lacking of vitamin C,but not very serious as you all thinking!!
Not seriously until want to leave in this world...hahaxD...
To all my friends,please don't worry to me,I'm not having some diseases,
I just take some medicines for my body health...
I can cope with my problems....come on,lighten up!!!^_^

I know that you all wanna send that words to me,
that's 'TAKE CARE'...
Ya,I will always take care to my body health...
On the other hands,
I will take a balanced meal everyday....
And hoping that i will fully recover as fast as possible la...
I also send my best wishes to everyone, take care everytime!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This hapen will change my school life??

Next year I'll up to form 5 and facing a major examination,
that's SPM...
Although i had got straight As in PMR, but this time it has some big changes in exam...haha..
I should have the determination to overcome all the obstacles to success.
With my ability and effort condition success,there is not the problem to me..
But,the most important thing for me is improving step by step of studying.
On the other hands,the importance of healthy eating also a factor to success.
By the way,don't give up easily..
Besides,I have another jobs to manage it..
I was a librarian in school,
After a time,all my seniors will retire at the end of August.
On Monday,11th of August,
during the meeting,AJK temporary was announced by president.
I was chosen to be treasurer.
On that time,i really felt surprised by hearing that..haha..quite funny..
Before that,I had been interviewing to be AJK,and I'm told that i wanna try to be treasurer because I like to count money,and help our organization to keep money well..haha...funny!!
So,i will try my best to do it well.^^

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I had lost my mind!!!!@_@

Well,a muggy August day!!!
The month of National Day too,my class only left 26 students,the rest of them were taken part to National Day performance...
And I was the 1 in my class with 25 friends....continue to our studies..
But!!!Sigh,we are also need to perform in an assembly at 29 August 2008...coming soon..We will sing in a choir then...
Sigh,form 4 life is quite busy,don't u know how about form 5??
I have to taste it next year!!
Choke,monthly test will be on 3rd of September,
and the final exam will be on 6th of October,
not much difference,only a month!!!that's for form4...
Could we bear until the end??Yes!!!
Something will facing in my life later,
all of my seniors will retire at the end if august,so i will have a new experience from that time,handle the responsibility for the changes..
I hope that at the last will begin to look up...
Come on,lighten up!!