Sunday, January 31, 2010

The last day of January 2010

Well,several hours to go,
it's time to say goodbye and good riddance to the beloved January 2010!!!!
January is the first month of every year,
it behaves as an 'opening ceremony' to everyone,
and it also acts as a 'control' for the following months,
which conditions are good,bad,or.....?
Hard to say,right?
For me,
I was still in state of numb and expressionless,
and without flexibility....
Same as last time when I stepped into my secondary school on the first day,
and started to accommodate the new life of college there,
and it was a good starting,
sometimes being a 'crazy' when chatting with classmates,
spent the time roaming around the buildings,
I was even crazier than the 'real one'.....
and hopefully I will be enjoyed the delights in playing with all kinds of people,
By the way,
Have to wish myself.....
errr......happy always????
of course,and wishing all of my friends and family to be happy always,
stay healthy and safety.....

P/S:looking for the joyful xD

Friday, January 29, 2010

conversation word by word...

(Time:4.30pm,When I stepped into my house,I found it tiring to begin but I soon got used to it,I put down my beg and bottle,then changed back into simple clothes,peeped inside the kitchen,mummy is preparing the meal)

Mum: Hey,girl...How are you today?
Me : Ya,it has been a long and tiring day today,arrggghhh....
Mum: It should be easy to get it well...Have a nice rest soon....
Me : Ya,but I don't know why,I got very nervous about the exam,even though it's still not around the corner,but in the event,I needn't have worried,as long as I have an essential preparation...
Mum: Right!!! Glad to hear that,you are open-minded,but anyway 'let the nature takes its course' =)...So how is your preparation for the camp soon?
Me :Erm....As I know,today is the first batch going to camping...We will be soon....
I have a list of camp's info,it might be helpful for me...
Mum :Okay....So what can I do to help you dear??
Me :I wished to buy some daily necessaries by this Sunday,prepare some clothes,and slippers as well =)....
Mum : Alright,by the way you must be careful while camping..always stay with group,and beware of 'something that is harmful' at jungle!!!
Me : Yes,Madam!!!! =D
Mum : xD
Me : What mummy has cooking for dinner?
Mum : Well,vegetables and steamed chicken...
Me : Wow....yummy...xD.....
Mum : Ya...ok,time's up....go to take a bath dear....
Me : Okay...xD....WHEE X)

(After bath....I took a nap as well,seemed I was so so so exhausted...Although I'm not doing the labour's stuff...xD)

P/S: Well,cheer up mun!!!!!=)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Lab

During biology lessons by today,
we are going to carry out a microscopic experiment,
'stain the specimen before looking at it under microscope',lecturer said..
'Handling the microscope in a proper way',lecturer said...>.<....

and I tried to take the picture of it by using my mobile phone,lolx....
It was 'duodenum transverse section' from a rabbit..

and I drew it....such as an 'ugly sketch'....lolx..

my friends and me!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Good starting

It is almost a month,
I have been studying A levels at there...
In the meanwhile(during the first and second week),
my manner was quiet,and my speech deliberate too,
it was unbelievable,I was not like that by last time,
perhaps I'm still haven't accommodate the myself to the changed situation(the new life of college)..
I never believe that what I have done in dealing with all kinds of people nowadays,
such like a quickly needed....
Yeah,I admit that.....
It brought about the change in my attitude,
I became a kinda frenzy girl,
and realized that it was a relief to be able to talk with all people..
Wow,what the good starting....
I'll be getting well soon......

My gang and me,
We haven't talked to each other for a long time,
We haven't looked to each other for a long time,
I'm really going to miss you all guys,
6 included me??lolx....
In flashback,
how are we going to know each other?
how are we going to cope our studies?
how are we going to enjoy every moment in class,tuition centre,activities,and so on?
Do you all remember?
I'm much expecting that day when we gonna take our spm results on march soon...

P/S:Can someone remind me what should I do next??


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Driving lessons

I woke up early this morning,
because I'm having driving lessons,
sunshine..and singing of birds are cheery,
WOW,the bright morning with the sun shining,
I like it...=)....

I realized that,
it is not easily to drive a car,
'A careful driver is observant of the traffic rules',
I realized that,
that is why there are so many dreadful accidents happened on the ROAD,
a local newspaper remarked that accidents was on the INCREASE!!!!
I realized that,
due to a moment of carelessness while driving,
nothing can alter the facts....
I realized that,
try to prevent anything unpleasant from happening...

a driving lessons taught me that,
as long as I drive carefully,I will be safe...

P/S:speechless xD

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A court

When I think about 'a court',
one of the meaning is 'a place where games such as badminton,tennis,or basketball are played.
When I looked at the basketball court in my college,
It brought back memories,
my mind is replayed the scene when I was playing basketball at my school,and the basketball court that nearby my house,
Wow...what the sweet memories....^.^
From now onwards,
I have to do exercise by myself to maintain my good health and stamina,
since 'sports' is not going on in my college now,
For my opinion,
sports facilities should be provided in school,college,and university.
In addition,
team sports help to develop a people's social skills too,
Hopefully I could be taken part in outgoing sports....
Am I expect too much??

P/S:Play hard....and study hard...^^


Monday, January 18, 2010

Wake my mind UP

I don't know what happened to me,
my mind tends to keep me in suspense,
I don't know to to control my mind in 'thinking'..
Recently,I was unable to pay attention to the class,
my mind was keep on thinking and imagining,
I miss my gang,
I miss my classmates and juniors,
I miss my secondary school's life,
I miss my duties of library and sickbay,
I miss my previous competition,
I miss my examinations at school,
I miss my tuition center,
I miss my bitter-sweet memories,
I miss everything from year 2005 until year 2009,
at PESS....
I cant be stayed at there to enjoy anymore....=)
Feel wanna cry out,
Feel wanna release my feeling,
Feel wanna bang my head,
Feel wanna jump here jump there.....
Oh my freshly goodness....

Wake my mind up!!!!
How could I solve that problem???
By the way,I will try my best....

P/S:busy and busy,day by day,like a bee..=D

Friday, January 15, 2010

Community service

I went to do community service with my 7 colleagues by today,after finished the class...
We headed to Wisma Harapan School,Brickfields
that nearby our college,
the distance from our college to there is supposed to be 100m and more....
Wisma Harapan School,
A school for autism and down syndrome children and adults
needs volunteers who are qualfied,energetic,caring and who are
trained to work with autistic children.
It also needs funding for projects and branches.

Yes,it is right....
When we stepped into the school,
I seen a number of teenagers and adults who are suffered from those diseases..
They are pitiful,that's why they need our helping hands,
We tiptoed quietly up to stairs,
get a register and waiting for our turn..
we are divided into 3 groups,
the first group's job was helping to colour the pictures,
and the second group's job was editing the board,
and the last group(included me),was drawing a number of pictures,
perhaps the teacher would like to paste them onto the board as a clip-arts images.

After 2 hours,
It's time to leave,
we signed out and said goodbye to teachers...
We will be coming again every Friday,^^

P/S:pictures will be taking at there by next time^^

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A tone of repetition

The repetition of drinking,eating,and sleeping are necessary to everyone in the world....
But how about learning and studying by repetition??
Are these necessary to everyone of us?
What the lousy nonsense!!!!!
It indicates that my tone of repetition is studying,learning,studying.....

During biology's periods,
lecturer is explaining about the transport system,partial pressure of oxygen,
mass of flow,carbohydrates,lipids,proteins,starch,alpha glucose,beta glucose,hydrogen bonds,amylopectin,and a millions of weird science words that I never heard before....
Hard to memorize,
but I will try my best to cope with it....

During chemistry's periods,
lecturer is explaining about the process of neutralisation,atominization,heat capacity,yield,bla bla bla....

During physics' periods,
lecturer is explaining about the force and motion,bla bla.....
very very very very very ....extremely bored!!!!!

During maths' periods,
like a killing & murdering lesson,
keep on giving homeworks,a lot of questions,
'hand it in by the next day' she said....=.=....
'If not,hmmmm'....she said....

During IELTS,
lecturer said:
prepare a vocabulary book ya,
must always read STAR newspaper ya,
'I will pick 1 of you all to speak and explain about your own title'..she said...

My brain is exploded.......

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Buying...buying...and buying

A lot of money is spent by me on studies!!!!!
can be considered as an awful lot of money...
I have bought a pack A4 papers,graph paper,a file,printer's ink...
and so today!!!!
and wasted around 1K for book's fees....
included reference books
I realized that how hard 'money' earns from!!!!!!!
So that's why,
we are advised to save money and use money in a proper case!!!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010


These few days,I realized that the toughest of every lesson in A levels....
the interesting questions,points,and examples,
the importance of a friendship...
homework is a necessary complement!!!!!
and so on....

After the 2nd lesson by today,
overall,the most question/exercise/homework are given by lecturer is MATHEMATICS,
there are 50 and above maths questions need to do each day,and
hand it in by the next day!!!!
Some more,maths chapter 2 is starting now!!!
Biology,Physics,and Chemistry's assignments have to complete it within 2 or 3 days..
Fortunately,moral studies is starting by next month,
if not,
I have to skip my rest time to do the extra assignments....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Orientation course (day 2)

Today is the last day of orientation course,
I stepped into the recreation room again,
looking for a sit,
and waiting for the common programme to start...
The first programme was about the explanation of IELTS and moral studies,
and next,the explanation of the use of library,
and the time table is given,and the class is distributed for all students,
soon,the introduction of the pre-University society and community services and counselling...
That's all...

After that,
I popped out from the room,
and browsing at the book stalls set up outside of the room...
a text book costs around RM 80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can imagine that my wallet is getting 'thin',as a paper!!!!
Finally,I wasted RM 500+ to buy 2 maths text books,and a biology,chemistry,physics text books...
still got 4 maths text books haven't buy yet..

The first lesson is starts by tomorrow...

Monday, January 4, 2010

An Orientation Course

School reopen by today,I know that most of the students are going to schools with a leaden heart!!!!
Am I right???
There are many cars on the street,
many people are going to work,
many parents are fetching their sons and daughters to schools,
and so on.....
Lead to traffic congestion...

And I,
since I have finished form 5 by last year,
the continuous studies of mine is starting by this month.
First and foremost,an orientation course was held in this morning,
information of particular subjects are given by every lecturer,
and I get to understand more about those subjects..

In addition,
I tried to communicate with my new friends,
and get to know them,
they are friendly and talk-active too,

At afternoon,
We are ordered to join a game in group,
it was 'Treasure Hunter',
My group members and I were searching all around the college to find out the answers,
ran up the stairs,
repeated again and again....
I was totally exhausted...
but I'm excited!!!!!!

P/S:Lecture is begin by this Wednesday^^

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Yeah...I yearned for 'your' presence,2010....
Finally 'you' are arrived...
A tumultuous reception and welcome to the world,nice to meet 'you'...=)
Do 'you' know?
Almost the whole world is celebrating for 'your' coming,
by letting off fireworks,holding a rock music concert,rousing cheer,and so on....
Hopefully it'll be the great year of everyone....^_<
Come on....

I woke up at 10am on the first day of 2010,
this is because I stayed up late by the new year eve....lolx
After the meal,I went back to home again to wake up my brother,
hmmm....he is looked like a heavy sleeper.....
So I forced to shout at him to wake up him...wakaka.....
my brother drove us off to 'One Utama' shopping centre,
they are wished to buy some new clothes for CNY.....
Whoa,I had to anticipate it being a problem of traffic congestion,
especially for public holiday...
We had already been sweated all over our bodies,=.=''''
we wasted about an hour to be in that situation and finding a car park....
A goodly number of people walked in the street,
My family and I,seemed to prefer 'loitering' more than 'buying',
My mouth is agape and my eyes dilated with shock,@.@
when I'm looking at the price of a pair of jeans....
Do you know how much of it???
It was an earth-shattering discovery of me,RM 699.90!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOLX....It's not worth to purchase for it,xD....
At last I have bought a pair of shoes costs RM39.90...

We loitered at there about 4 hours,
it's time to leave it...
Then we went to eat up a dinner.....

P/S:My holidays will be ending soon...Focus on the studies!!!!!>.<