Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sore Throat

March is a month of my sickness!

On 30th of March 2010,
I had a sore throat,and could only croak,
it did not happen for quite a long time already,
perhaps I will speak in husky whisper for these days,

P/S:take good care is a common thing is my life..=)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

MCKL Treasure Hunt 2010

Wheee.....x).......Today is the 7th MCKL Annual Treasure Hunt 2010!....By the way,what is treasure hunt? Is that a game? Or?
Ya,it considers as a game,and it is the hunting for treasure,am I right? LOL.....
I reached to college early in the morning,and I was energetic even though I did not sleep well by yesterday.
Well,after I found my partner in the college,Ngar Mun,we popped to line up for registration,with our group name,''So Cool'',LOL....each of us received a bag with foods and drinks,tickets of train and monorail,Treasure Hunt's T-shirt,answer sheet and pen,booklet and so on....
Soon,Opening ceremony is started with the arrival of VIP,Welcome Speech by our college's CEO,and briefing for participants by emcees...
The time of flag off for college students was at 9am....But we must be returned to college by 1pm..If any team returning after 1pm,it will be automatically disqualified...LOL...xD
Alright,for the route map of the treasure hunt..
start from our college,MCKL,walk to KL Sentral,take Putra Lrt to KLCC,walk to KLCC Park,Bukit Nanas,take monorail to Bukit Bintang,walk into the Time Square,take monorail to Hang Tuah,and back to our college....
I felt pain and stiffness in my legs....LOL
anyway,it was extremely fun !!!!
Some of the questions,I found it HARD to find the answers,squeezed my brain!!!
xD....Fortunately,I found most of the answers except for the part of Hang Tuah...

P/S: whee...x)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour is a global event organized by WWF ,which known as World Wide Fund for Nature,
and it held on Saturday,27 March 2010,8.30pm-9.30pm...
Pledge your support for the planet by switching off your lights at home,
and perhaps,it helps the earth to cool down,and prevent the global warming,
come on,human beings,DO IT,
and we can change the difference!...^_^

P/S:every individual,every business and every community...Your action is fully appreciate!^^v

Monday, March 22, 2010

Feel the burn!

After a violent headache,I thought it will be alright for me.
Unfortunately,there is something special come to my body today,
low back pain,legs pain,and bones pain....What the hell!!!!!
Even I have a pain in the lumbar region too!
Perhaps the back pains can be the result of bad posture.
Am I right? But I did not do so...
What's wrong with my body????(There's a weird feeling) T.T

P/S: Sorry,I'm not old enough!!!xD

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A continuous headache!

Oh my!What the painful experience!¬¬¬¬
Migraine + violent headache + loss of appetite + insomnia + lack of sleep +dizzy + disgusting= oh my goodness!
A fever usually signifies that there is something wrong with the body,
but it's NOT...The feeling of constriction is very special,and I feel that there is a heavy load compressing over my brain!
I suffer silently by this week,sigh!
In addition,I made a mess during the presentation by yesterday,
I had no energy to stand,I had no energy to talk,and finally
I fainted and collapsed to the ground while I gave the explanation..
whoa!....all of my buddies were shocked!......
But fortunately I still had consciousness!...thanks god!....
and thanks to all of my friends and lecturer too...lolx....

P/S: TODAY:''woke up late,woke up at 8am this morning.. For the moment,I stared blankly to my clock,and I stared dumbly to my daddy..soon I went to college with 'slow-motion'..I went to the main office to take a letter..''Kah Mun,You also late'',said by Mrs Leow....=.=.....By right,it's my first time...lolx....

Hope that I will be fully recover as fast as possible!...xD

Sunday, March 14, 2010

No pain,No gain

I like this motto....
No pain ,No gain............If you did not get pain,then you wouldn't gain?
According to its history,it was the concept of working out past the point of experiencing body aches.
and,according to the pain is the gain!!!!

P/S: How about Got Pain,Got Gain????lolx......

Friday, March 12, 2010

Life's good!!!!!

The new life,new day,new challenge,
everything is new and all right,yeah.....

Here,I would like to thank to all those who have given support to me,and
I were today being comforted by my family and friends,
First of all,
My parents and brother,thanks ya^^
The following people....
Three of my classmates,Allister Bah,Eva,and Sze Yun,
thanks for you all's comforting words,I'm sigh of relief!^_^
Last but not least,
My previous gang........and so on.....
Thanks thanks thanks a lot!!!

P/S:Life is not all gloom and despondency,cheer up!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dont cry,Kah Mun..T.T

An unbelievable results,unforgettable experience,terrible fear,
I cried about 2 hours with non-stop,
SPM,I made a mess of it,I cant afford it,
forget about it,
FULL STOP !!!!!!!

P/S: I will do my best for my A level..cheerS

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I believe that most of the SPM candidates 2009 in Malaysia are worrying about their SPM results by tomorrow...
So,I'm one of them too...xD.....
Honestly,I'm really worried about my results too..
I keep on controlling my mood..
Don't be frightened,Don't be worried,Don't be afraid of it!!! PLEASE!!!!!! LOLX...
My future is depending on my results,right??
Don't know ahhh.....So blur here!!!>.<.....
What can I do ?
There's nothing I can do about it,I can't change the fact,I can't change the situation....
As I waited,my excitement heightened..>.<.......

P/S: I knelt in prayer!!! PLEASE GOD!!!!!!!....xD

Monday, March 8, 2010

To 'somebody'

Don't fall too deep,into the death trap.
There is nothing to gain,and everything to lose...
You get attached,to people you don't know.
Only to get hurt,for their stupid show

Your mind gets boggled,with thoughts that aren't there.
Your heart gets crushed,just so they can snicker

The internet is my trap,just like many others
Do not fall too deep,into your death trap

Strong and sober times of old,walking,creeping towards inner time.
Small cravings across the land,wondering,thinking till time has come.
Feelings amongst those of old,haunted now and structured future.
Scent of ranched tyranny,fill the air.
Touch of gold left behind,growing pains and slender bliss..
Crying lower beneath the skin,tears pouring,listening to all was done..
Nothing comes or goes,
nothing seems to change,
all is still the same..

Thy misery grows deep,How can this be and nothing great?
The hatred of thy soul is wider than believed,no coming out nor coming close..
Hurt thy and thou shall die,die within thy heart and mind..
Hate thy and thou shall be hated,kill thy confidence and thy'll kill thou heart..
Destruction is bliss,
thy destruction is greater than thou hate,
spite thy and thou shall depart from life

Love's restricted to those we know,care not for others but ourselves..
When doctors and lawyers are criminals,what's gone wrong with this world..

Love lost,panic started,do something to change it,
before it's perished!!!

The world is lost without our love,
cherish it,adore it,
before it's lost

P/S: gloom and doom with ME!!!!...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Recent thought

The thought kept going around and around in my head,
and I was obliged to abandon that idea.
I have no worries that my idea has no 'future',
even if it is a cloudy idea!
Idea=How did I start to revise?
Oh my....I began to feel pressure 1 month before the examinations..
However,I did not want to put any undue pressure on myself,
it only will lead to 'high blood pressure' or 'heart disease',oh mun!!
Trial exam falls on April,whereas First Term Exam falls on May!!!!....
How many days to go???
(I could feel my heart pounding in my chest)..x_X
Why?...I have no self-confidence ??
Isn't the right time for me to build up 'confident'????
My mind was blank,and I did not know how to start it..
Who can lend me a helping hand?....>.<

NEXT....SPM results,it is an ACTIVE VOLCANO!!!
11th of March....several days to go....
(I could feel my heart is tied up tightly with a rope)
What kind of feeling is that??
Sigh,I cant describe it,don't know what to do!!!
How to face on my results?
Cant alter the fact.....continue to SIGH.....

P/S:Life is further complicated....o_o....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Viewing of red blood cell & Dissection of goat's heart

I LIKE the experiments by today,
which was the dissection of goat's heart,
lecturer showed us on how to identify every part of the goat's heart,
as I know,the goat's heart is two times smaller than the human's heart,
and it has four chambers too.....(same as human lah..=.=)....lolx
awwwhhh...I forgot to take the picture of the goat heart....(it's okay..=.=)...

Next,we were proceeded to the experiment of viewing of red blood cell,
one person from each group is required to take out the blood,
put it on a slide and cover it nicely....yeah.....
and then put it under the microscope to have a view!!
(I'm one of volunteer to take out my blood...xD)....

MY BLOOD.....ha ha ha ha....('A' type of blood lah) xD

the experiment was considerable success,

Red Blood Cell...(taken by phone camera)

Monday, March 1, 2010

The first of march....(mood swing)

Now I only realize that another month is coming,(dear me,what the fast response time)..
some times I hope that the time goes slowly,(what the stupid wishes..xD)
as the time passed by quickly,I'm getting pretty old and I wish I were young again,
sigh....stop my nonsense,please....
Why am I so moody today?...(dear me,what the mess!!!>.<).....
Everything's gone badly wrong?....
or something wrong with my body and mind?
And I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something wrong!!!!!!!sigh....
I knew that the only thing make me like that is MY STUDIES,other than that?
I am concerned only with things that I feel are important to me,
''my mood,my studies,my abilities,my attitude''.....(my friends,family and love are different,don't misunderstand..xD)
I think my mind tends to remind me about the studies....(my mind is very troublesome,but have to depend on my action by the way..XD)
Nowadays I feel lazy to do revision,lazy to touch my assignments too,
I heard from someone said that ''good student can be lazy''....
Anyway,Am I a good student?.....or it means clever student?
Last time I was not like that....''I WANT TO FIND BACK MYSELF''...please god!!!!
Sigh...I don't know what I'm talking about...
better stop here.....

P/S: Find back myself...O_O.....