Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loading to success!

Its been a while and I didn't update my blog!

I am now busying with trial exam preparation,the trial exam falls on 7th of April onwards,how time flies,there's one more month left for the Edexcel A level Examination. I have promised myself that I would do well in the exam no matter what! Oops,nope,I try my best shot actually! If not,all promises are becoming lies! =)

About my health,I've never had any illness this year.

Just briefly telling in here,
I am aiming engineering for my degree level,and this is my final decision. =) It was so unfortunate that I finally give up my first option,pharmacy. This is because of the matter of time and I couldn't meet the higher grade on this subject,I believe that I could get into it with my ability and strength if there's much more time! (: Anyway,it doesn't matter,I never felt disappointed on myself,life is too short and keep changing,please SHINE up my life. (:
I have almost done my University application,I will keep you all fully informed about my current condition soon. Keep in touch!

P/S: Blessed with luck! (:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks to all my beloved friends and family

My friends and family mean too much for my life. (:
Thanks to be with me every time, I love and heart you all <3. You all are the best ever! (:
Thanks for your comfort!

Friend's messages,

Chin Yee:
I am glad that you stay positive! I am looking forward to your good news.

Thanks Yee! =D

Mun,you must know on how to put down the past,if not,your life will fill with suffers and sadness. As I say before you must live happily and focus on what you need to do. Nobody cant lives without who,think about yourself,parents and your friends,there are many people supporting you that's why you can't make them disappointed,take care my dear! (:

Thanks Avin.

Kai Ning:
Don't lose faith and soul,doesn't worth it! The past has taught you to be stronger and tougher!

Thanks my dear crabby. =)

Pay Zhi:
You deserve true happiness!

Thanks Pay Zhi!

Nicholas Wong:
If you need to cry,there's someone beside you. I believe you will never give up until the end.

Thanks Nicholas.

Yee Shan:
Cheer up!

Thanks Shan.

Joyce Tan:
I can help you! Smiiiiile :) :) Everything's gonna be alright. Nothing lasts forever, I am talking about the problems and the sadness.

Thanks Joyce.

Yee Ling:
Be strong,cheer up. (:

Thanks Yee Ling!

And much more. Sorry if I didn't mention about you!
Zoe Ee, Kiet Eie, and so on.

To my dearest parents,
Thanks for supporting me this daughter mentally and physically! I am grateful and proud to be your daughter. Perhaps some times I would let you all disappointed, but I am doing my best all the time! Time has grown me up! <3

P/S: Live my happy life again. (:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lullaby of your friend

When she's crying on your shoulder,
and you don't know what to say.

Just whisper softy in her ear,
that everything will be okay.

When she says her heart is broken,
and her soul feels so alone.

Just tell her that you love her,
just tell her on the phone.

When you hear her breath so gently,
and see tears fall from her eyes,
tell her everybody cries.

And soon she will look up at you,
and maybe start to smile,
and thank you just for being there.

Through all the painful a while.
And you will look down in her golden eyes,
and know just what to say:
That on you she can depend,
and everything will be okay.


Friday, March 11, 2011


I did not do anything by last night,I was just blurred my mind!
I've been settled by SILENCE, I listened to all kinds of music, I chilled myself, I cheered myself up in whatever way, I dimmed the light and closed my eyes and slept!

Now,I have broke the silence!

Ah,on the previous post,I've told myself that FAILURE is not the end of the world,isn't? Ya,my emotion was out of the control when I got my results by yesterday,there were only some papers I did not do well,and not all of them! I released the anger on myself rather to other people. I told myself once again that no matter how depressed I am,the results won't be changed into grade A. Ha,logic thinking!

Today,I have seen most of my classmates are in silence! I wonder if they're upset just because of the stupid results? Hopefully they would be alright and get refreshed,and strike for the coming exam again. Blessed of luck and healthy to them!

Now,there is only one way to go and try by RETAKING the papers,and I will not give up on the last semester!

Thanks to Maths,you have gave me a grade A in AS level. =)

I officially stop every activity that I often do from now onwards!

Dear my blog reader,
I will update my blog once on April,May,and June!

P/S: Good luck everybody! =)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Results Day

I have got my results today!

Stupid,I feel like wanna split the results paper into 2 pieces!


It is totally screwed! What's wrong with me? I had put 200% effort on them! You had wasted my effort! My world is gonna end soon!

That is the saddest moment with craziest results!

I am mad and crazy now! No one could help me!

Don't touch me! I need some time to be ALONE!

I am gonna retake the exam again,

and I am not gonna give up too!!!

P/S: Get well soon!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011









Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The end of qualifying exam

Again,I had a big sigh of relief! Qualifying exam is over! Although it was only two days but I did not know why,I am not nervous anymore,but there is some amount of stress leading up to my mind and body! Perhaps I get used to exam! Exam is a nothing for me but earlier preparation is essential. *Oops,I am not* =D. Do you know about the exam system of my college? It starts from QUALIFYING EXAM (first stage) > A LEVEL ASSESSMENT EXAM(second stage) > EDEXCEL A LEVEL EXAMINATION (International stage) per semester.

Stress? Ya,definitely! The assessment exam is getting closer and closer to me,because it falls on next month! >(
Urgh,I start to hate exam,I guess most of you have the same thought with me! =D

First week of March is gone,what's on my mind? Well,I have no sense on how quick the time is trickling,but the current time and date tell me that it's time to work hard for the last semester,and get a better results as possible as you can! Urgh,perhaps I have set a high target for myself,I believe that no one could give me pressure but only myself! I always ask myself,obtain a grade A or not,is it important? No,you won't die if you fail to obtain a grade A,and failure isn't the end of the world,instead it gives you a motivation to strive for excellent once again! Ah,both success and failure are important in our live! =D Whatever,stay on a relaxed pace when dealing with certain challenges!

Again,blessed with luck to myself!

Let it go? I ask myself again! How much have I let it go? Let go of the past,it was past,let your sadness go,let your pains go,let the person goes,let everything go,but don't let myself go,don't get lost of myself,I am the one who responsible for my future! =D Oh,it seems something was weighing on my mind,something was strongly stuck on my nerves,ARRGGHH...What to do if someone you love doesn't cherish you? =) sad right?

P/S: Life is short as a candle!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Practice kindness

I am sorry,I am extremely sorry. I am feeling much better after released my anger on myself and into my blog last night. Dear self,I am sorry. Dear happy blog,I am sorry too. ):

In here,I would like to share with you all about something I've realized not long ago.

Nothing gets you out of a "poor me" mood faster than doing something kind for someone else. Whether you perform a community service or just smile at someone who looks like they need a smile -- when you give to others,you will feel better.

It is easy to focus your attention on wanting to be loved. Instead,try to recognise that when you give your love away,you also experience a wonderful feeling. I am sure you can recall a time when you felt good after helping someone else.

An important part of life is learning how to give and receive love. Some of us feel more comfortable giving,while others are more comfortable receiving. For me,I'd prefer both! But in order to experience love completely,we must learn to embrace both sides. It can be uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of kindness. You may feel indebted,or pressured to reciprocate right away,or just plain embarrassed. But you should let others do nice thing for you and allow yourself to feel grateful. Kindness goes both way,it is important to be kind to others and to let others be kind to you.

As girls,we are often taught to be nice,think of others,and not be selfish. Although these are good qualities,you also need to allow yourself to be upset,sad,or angry. It is okay to feel down. It's okay to yell,argue,and cry. Be careful not to fall into the pattern of only wanting to be nice never expressing your feelings when you have been let down or mistreated. Having self-respect means you acknowledge all of your emotions.

The next time you have been feeling down and are ready to feel better,try doing something for someone else and see how fast your mood changes. Tell your parents how grateful you are for all they do. Tell your best friend how important she/he is to you. Reach out to someone at school or college who looks like he or she could use a friend. Practicing kindness will make you feel happier. In giving to others,you give to yourself as well.

P/S: Respect yourself! (:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just because of

Today I have read something that I am not supposed to read !

Problem arises! Cruel! Harsh!

I am really angry, disappointed, and depressed. Who can understand my feeling now?

No one. It is extremely HURT!

Two words to describe this person -- Irresponsible and Inhumanism !

Perhaps,it is time to wrap up myself. I don't want to care about it anymore!

No more!

Please. ): No more!

Give up!

P/S: Humans become old,but they never become good. =/

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The recent of my life

It's today and believe it or not,its March! There are 10 months left for 2011 !

To my happy blog,from now onwards,you will be filled with my happiness, sadness, successes ,failures, and challenges moments.

Since I graduated high school,I found that my life isn't always smooth and fine. Perhaps I think so much again? Unlike last time,school life was slightly tough for me. In the present,it is extremely tough,so is that a REAL HUMAN LIFE? Without my expectation,there will be some frustrations and depressions all around my life. Some unsolved problems and cases could make my life unbalanced,but they seem able to digest and mature my thoughts. It most definitely changed my mind,I will become more mature! (:

I am here to advice myself that "It's time to accept the Goods and the Bads",girl.

As usual,I woke up with morning mood and drove off to my college,today I put "2000 bucks" into my pocket,at the same time I bewared of any snatch thief when I was heading to college. Phew,at last I have paid for the June 2011 examination fees. It is the last examination for my A levels. Hopefully I could make it better! (:
Confidence -80%

I recently busy with a tonne of assignments and revision. Qualifying exam is coming soon by next week,I really feel exhaust to catch up assignments and revision at the same time! I yearn for a relaxed pace but....screwed up! Time is short! I am still worry if I have high blood pressure. "I am still alive,don't worry man" =.=
When I think about Maths now,I'd have a phobia for it. >.> It seems 1 week 1 chapter,I feel tired to catch up! Biology,Chemistry,and physic,three more burdens man! LOL. Now I can taste the "A2 level" life,last for only 3 months. =D Don't think so much,do my best,and everything will be okay!

About studying at oversea,I think I will let it be! I asked myself again and again,I actually love Australia and I wish it would be my study place,it is best and learn to be independent. But when come to my health and safety,I think I must have to protect myself from any situation..(: I miss the chance to study at there,but I can have a visit to there next time! (: So,stay at KL is my final answer,hmmmm? Not bad!

I miss him again,its been almost 3 months we are seperated. When comes to his silence to me, I will stun, I will scratch my head deeply, I actually understand and know everything! I love and care about him. I have no regret. And I am learning to be SECURE,and step forward. What to do? (:

P/S: second LIFE...