Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy National Day,Malaysia

Is this photo looks familiar?
Yup,on 31st of August 1957,Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj announced the independence of Malaya from the British at Stadium Merdeka..
Time files,tomorrow we are going to celebrate 53rd anniversary of National Day.

So,how are we going to celebrate it?
I read a news from newspapers,it said that this year Malaysia will celebrate its 53rd Independence Day on Tuesday,31 August 2010 with the theme of "One Malaysia Transforming the Nation.The national independence celebration this year will begin from August 1 to September 16.

And Isssshhhhhh.......
I'm celebrating my eve of National Day by chilling at home doing revision for the Qualifying Exam,
I shouldn't be upset,it is good for my 'future',oh my gosh?? xDDDD

Oops,I am serious,I will go out by tomorrow,
I want to away from home!!!!!!!!

P/S: I am a Malaysian,and I am proud to be a Malaysian!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's time to study

holiday?'holy day'? xD
Today is the first day of college holiday,and it is only ONE week,
So,what's going on here? :-x
One of my friend said:"A vacation is nothing to do and all day to do in it".
My mind is keep reminding me that Qualifying Exam is coming up soon!
Shit,the exam is a real killer,
.......I can't come out!
Be a good student and go to revise,SIGH...=D

P/S: Looking for my Maths Textbook- Mechanics 1 now,tata,bye!

Give yourself a break

We give ourselves such a hard time.
We're much harder than ourselves than we are on others.
When our friends make mistakes,big or small,we offer them comfort and support.But rarely do we show ourselves the same understanding.
It's easy to think your mistakes are bigger or dumber than anyone else's.When a friend tries to reassure you by saying he or she made a similar mistake,you might automatically assume your worse. =(

When you giving yourself a break,you don't want to abandon self-control or self-observation.It is always important to think about your actions and examine the way you treat others.You want to be mindful of how you perform your everyday tasks and responsibilities.However,self-observation is very different from self-judgment.Observation is objective and is necessary for learning;while judgment is negative, and negativity never makes a difficult situation better. When you beat yourself up for something you have done,no good comes from it.

Giving yourself a break simply means not punishing yourself again and again for the same mistakes. When you obsess over something you did that you now regret, or when you hate yourself for a problem you have, you make it that much harder to heal and move on.When you choose to take action, as opposed to just feeling guilty,you will see positive changes in your life.

It is also important to do things that help you relax and let go of the stresses that build up each day. Being a teen today means you are under a lot of pressure to achieve,such as get good grades,get into good college,make and keep friends,and much more. Then there are all things you are under pressure not to do.It is very important to make time in your day to relax and give yourself a break from whatever stresses you out.

P/S: I prefer listening to music when I am giving myself a break! =)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a 'holiday'

There will be 1 week of holidays by next week.
What the golden holiday is it! But then all the holidays go by quickly with blinking!!
Ha, you just blink once then all the holidays are gone,is it fairly and reasonable?
No No No...
LOL,sadly,after the holidays,a stupid test called 'Qualifying Exam' comes to 'attack' me and my friends,
As my physic lecturer said:"once you have failed the test,a letter will be sent through 'POSLAJU' to your home mailbox..Aha,
therefore,I will spend my holidays with revision,how sad is it?
What the bitter disappointment,MAN!
I really wished to hang out to breath some fresh air which is OXYGEN,O2.
I can make it,just for one or two days?

P/S: Happy 53th of Independence Day to Malaysia,in advance!
P/P/S: Hope I can score well in Qualifying Exam,yeapie! =D

Monday, August 23, 2010

The pain passed

After several days of taking a calm,and dispassionate view of the situation,
I realized that it's such as a 'HEAVYHEARTED' if I keep staying 'moody',moody people are very difficult to deal with because it is difficult to predict his/her reaction,definitely!!!
That case,it makes me tired just thinking about all of it lately,
''It is all past history,Kah Mun.''Let's forget about the past and start living in the present,=)
Once I am still alive,yeah,
because god is keeping me here for reason! =)
So I must treasure my life!

In reality,
we should prepare for every eventuality,=)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are you okay?Kah Mun?

I found the whole week very depressing,
especially the tragic accident happened to my uncle,
that day was 19th of August,Thursday,which the A level results was released,
seriously,I screwed 1 subject,it is okay then I wont cry in front of my friends and I will gonna re-take it again.
After I reached to home,I just sat down at my desk quietly and found out what is the problem with me to that particular subject,I only realized that actually I was lacking in doing short notes and training,it is because I just read the whole thing and tried to memorize as much as I can in the short term....
COME ON LAH,it is BIOLOGY!...How could I do like that?
Never mind,at least I have found out that I was clearly mistaken.
Just waiting for the next summer EXAM,and I will grab STRAIGHT As! xDD.....

At the moment,my mother received a phone call from my aunt,
In that phone call,
(My mother shouted at my brother and me for no reason,it seemed that she was shocked by the news)
After my mother hung up,
she urged us to call our father and asked him to come back as quickly as he could,
and told us that our uncle was conducted to emergency ward at Hospital UKM,
he met a tragic accident at his workplace,
Duh....After that,my parents quickly went to hospital to look for him....
After 30 minutes,I received a phone call from my mother and she said that my uncle was passed away,
all the attempts to resuscitate him failed,
he was suffered from massive bleeding and severe head injured!!!!

I felt like crying when I received this tragic new,
I really feel sorry to his family,
my cousins.....please be STRONGER!

(It was 5pm,and my uncle was working at his car repairing shop as usual,he had been working at there for about 30 years.In my mind,he was a successful man.
Just like that,a foreign worker from the next shop,he was trying to drive an AUTO car out of the workshop after being washed...Actually he is not manage to drive an AUTO car..Accidentally,he barged his way through my uncle's workshop....Unfortunately,my uncle was repairing below of the van which supported by hydraulic pumps,the pumps was being crashed and the van fall down immediately,
and it hit over his head and body,can you imagine? The van is very heavy! After that,a number of people tried to carry the van up and pulled out my uncle,and a crowd of onlooker gathered at the scene of the crash..The ambulance came late....Any delay would be fatal,YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!But,that foreign worker ran off,he is an irresponsible dude!!!)

P/S: Dear uncle,Rest In Peace! ='(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The month

It is pouring with rain again,and suddenly I started to feel very sleepy.
Fortunately,I am not having difficulties in staying awake,"find it easy to stay awake?"(=3)
this is because I want to catch up with my revision,MAN!
Sadly,there will be a Qualifying Test on next month,so,1..2..3 weeks to go(checking my calendar),Oh My Gosh,
Oh~today is 18th of September,that means half of the August is gone,
and.....this month is quite meaningful for me,
I've done the stupid Biology project with the title of 'Studying The Variation-Continuous Variation and Discontinuous Variation',
you know what!Through this project,I gotta know most of my classmates' heights,weights,blood types,and so on.....LOL......
Besides,I've done the crazy Malaysian Studies project,
and it SCREWED my face,

P/S: I am mad~

Friday, August 13, 2010

Looking at myself in the mirror

One day,I was looking at myself in the mirror..
..'My face seems familiar,look alike when I pass through the windows,glass doors,car windows,and so on,pretty much everything I can see my reflection in(face)'..
I asked myself,why am I looked like that?
my 'face' was created by god?
my parents?
Who can gimme the answer?

Even from a mystery I could describe my face,
I have a long straight hair,
I have a bushy eyebrow,
I have a pair of big round eyes with black eyeballs,
I have an oval face,cute round nose,and a full lip,
I have a small dimple,
I have no pimple,
and finally,with a pair pink rectangular frame of spectacles,*ding*,smart enough..xDD....

Some of my friends said that I'm pretty,cute,cool,smart,blur,and WHATEVER!
When I am looking at myself in the mirror,
different moods different looks,sometimes,
I could look totally different without your knowledge,

What I am trying to say is,
don't over judge your physical appearance if you are not satisfied with it,
because inner beauty is the most important,and you will not know what other people are thinking about you,let it be,
do YOUR best,
and you are the WINNER!

When I stared into the mirror,
What is it I see?
I see my own reflection,
staring back at me.

But then I look deep within,
the mirror of my soul.
I see my present,and my past,
and what the future holds.

I see myself as what I am,
and what I could have been.
I see the shadow side of me,
that's hidden deep within.

As I stare my reflection,
staring back through my own eyes.
I see myself as others do,
but I also see the lies.

Others cannot see,of course,
this person I conceal.

'A' positive

On Tuesday,
I had a Biology Lab lesson in college,
the title of practical was to determine of blood type using antisera A, B, D(Rh).

If you're type A,
the agglutination of blood could be seen in antisera A,
If you're type B,
the agglutination of blood could be seen in antisera B,
If you're type AB,
the agglutination of blood could be seen in both antisera A and B,
If you're type 0,
there would be no agglutination in both antisera A and B.

To determine whether your blood is positive or negative,
once you've seen the agglutination of blood in antisera D,
meant you've POSITIVE blood,
If not,you've NEGATIVE blood.
antisera D is used to determine your Rhesus.

The second column was MINE~

P/S:I am grateful to have 'A positive' =)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Say true to yourself, please

Your truth comes from inside of you and it usually speaks in a quite,soft voice.
This is called inner voice.
I'm pretty sure everyone has an inner voice,
this inner voice does not judge or condemn you,it just tells it like it is,
loving yourself also means that listening to that voice and honoring it.

When you don't listen to your inner voice,you can do things you may later regret.
Your inner voice is your compass,it reminds you to stay on course,to be true to yourself,and do what feels right to you.

In reality,sometimes it is difficult to stay true to yourself.
You resolve to save money for something important,then you find yourself argeeing to baby-sit.
There are certainly bigger mistakes you can make.
Sadly,you can end up paying in serious ways for not listening to your inner voice.

Sometimes it takes tremendous willpower to honor your commitments to yourself,
but your inner voice knows you very well.
When you listen to it and take actions that honor it,you usually make good choices

Try to figure out and examine what is important to you and make you live happily ever~

P/S: Pay attention to your inner voice,love yourself enough to say true to yourself

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Loosen UP~

Come on,MUN,loosen up,you've been too worrying,try to let your body relax,hmmmmmm......
Since the start of 2010,most of the time I feel my life is so boring.
Life seemed all of a sudden empty and meaningless, but I've been so glad to see anyone in my life. ..
Of course,they are human beings like ME~....
It is only an emotional state experienced during periods of lacking activity and communication,such as a 'small case' I can say.
However,I'm really bored rigid by experiencing the same thing happen day by day,
I just feel that everything I can do by myself,and it has been done,and
I am repeating the same thing over and over again!
Grrrr,why? Totally uninterested! But they are surrounding ME!!!!!!!!!

A thought of failure preoccupied me,

Wake UP,
Wake UP,
from the nightmare!

P/S: I will be stronger!

Monday, August 2, 2010


A ton of homework,assignments,reports,projects,folio,tests are 'dating' with me this recently,
so I've no spare time for my relaxation,LOL...
No time to watch TV,
No time to read a storybook,
No time to read newspapers,
No time to loiter at shopping mall,
No time to type my ''blog'',LOL.....

P/S: Cheer up,and I will be stronger =)