Friday, February 26, 2010

MCKL Orientation Ball Night 2010

Yesterday was my college's Orientation Ball Night which held in Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
I went to there at 6.30 pm and I had seen most of us were participated in the Night Ball,
and all of us wore a coat,tie,shirt,and!!!!
After I had registered,I went to find my classmates and took some photos....
The Night Ball was started at 7pm sharp,we went into the Ball Room,
the decoration has reached an extravagant degree of elaboration,lights lamped the room,white walled room,a large number of nice tables and chairs,=)
I found my no. of table--21.....and looked for a seat....chit-chatting with friends....
Soon,my college's CEO and VIPs had arrived and the Night Ball was began to start,
it started with the speech of CEO and president of student council,
and followed by a series of performances such as dance and singing performances,musical sketch and so on...
everyone cheered and clapped for every performance....=D.....
After that,dinner was ready...yeah....we popped to get foods...xD....
Cake for dessert?....HOW YUMMY!!!!!XD
we went to the stage and
and I'm as crazy as a loon.....I danced from 10pm until 12am..until the end....
A wave of tiredness swept over me...but enjoyable!!!^^

Monday, February 22, 2010

SPM results 2009 will be released on?

What the terrible shock again!!!!
(My ashen face showed how much the news had shocked me OUT when I heard from my friends said that the SPM results 2009 will be released on 16th of March)
Is not that true?....
But,apart of my friends said that it will be released on 1st and 15th of March,
some more,a number of my friends said that it's just a rumour!!!!!
whoa!!!!!Which one should I believe in???
But then,just now I received this news from radio again said that the SPM results will be released between 1st of March and 31th of March,sweat=____=!!!!!
and Please.....
I hope that the head of ministry of education will announce the date properly and
order all the medias to publish this news to everyone,
so that we wouldn't make a mistake of being announced this 'news' simply and without reason!....
and therefore we wouldn't keep on guessing on what date should the SPM results release....
Talking about the SPM results 2009,
I'm sweating all over my body(almost forget I'm one of the candidate of SPM 2009),
in flashback of 2009,I'm quite lazy and blur actually(my weakness),
ha ha......LOLX.....
But I managed to handle it well(my strongest point),
by burning midnight oil/stay up late to catch up my revision/exercises,
Kept on improving my grades but it showed slightly changes...=.=''''.....lame?
ha ha...ignoring it!!!!
By the way,I really hope that I can obtain a good results with 'flying colours',
The most important is.....
heading to the latest(A levels)

P/S: I support myself!!!! giving myself a CHANCE....=)....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A hard choice/question

I found 'it' hard recently,
do you know what is that?
It is a subject,and it is my weakest subject too,
yeah,it is Physics..
I'm taking four subjects for my A levels,
mathematics,chemistry,biology,and physics,
and I found it hard to cope with physics,
all the physic concepts are drive me crazy!!!!
My mind tends to ask me to drop it(physics),I wished to get it out of my sight,
but I take no action,Am I not dare to do so?
I lay breathless on my bed and think carefully,
''how about if I take it as my extra subject???''....hmmmm.......
actually 'physics' is not important for my future,
because I will pursue a biotechnology course soon,and it is not related to physics at all,
I often get asked that 'why I persisted in the study of physics instead of other subject'???
why? why? why?(O_O!!)
seriously,Am I got into the wrong way/decision????
I think it doesn't a problem for me to take it?
Hmmm..let it be....
By the way,I'm trying to make a big effort from now onwards,and I hope it lasts,
and with my determination,I think I can face it out!!!!

P/S:I have no regrets for my actions...=)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A pleasant.....

Actually I have nothing to talk at here by today,
well...let me have a talk about my college here,
obviously,my college was named Methodist College Kuala Lumpur,
it was considered as a small college...
some more there is a PLEASANT environment to study in,
I'm lucky that most of the lecturers are helpfulness,experienced,and trustworthy guide,I have no worries by studying at there,and hopefully that all will be going well at there,
besides,all of the friends are friendly and PLEASANT to deal with,
especially for my classmates,I love they all......They are funniest,best,awesome!!!!
Ha ha.....and I like it too,which is famous for its facilities,
especially for the cafeteria,as my college's CEO mentioned it by today,
nice and comfortable to sit????.....lolx....
I'm strongly agree with that .....xD...(BECAUSE I'm one of them to enjoy with)
Some times I will think aside,
what will I be at college soon???
ha ha......what is my opinion? a NORMAL is better.....lolx....
It's a pleasant too...

P/S: Wish me happy always....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Come to the end of CNY's break!!

Time passed so fast,my golden holidays go by quickly,
I haven't got to enjoy well during these few days of holidays,
I sighed deeply at the thought,
sighed unhappily?
sighed ecstatically?
I'm going to crazy now!!!!Turmoil,confused,muddled(''¬_¬''')
want to bang and crash my head to the wall......(@_O>>>>lllll)
sitting in front of my pc until my buttock getting hot!!!!
I wish to immerse my body into a cold water(extremely cold until I'm absolutely frozen,May I?)
(sorry,I'm here to release my anger and feeling)

By the way,
I'm having a bored Lunar New Year by this year,
Do you believe that I didn't go to any relatives' houses during CNY?
Ha? Is that funny?
Yup,well I'm telling the truth here,
I understand that my parents are busying with their business nowadays,
as their daughter,should give fully support to my parents right?
ha ha.....
and perhaps we will only go to visit to every relative's house by this Saturday,
I haven't get angpow from them yet,

Going back to college by tomorrow again,
meet those delta-ians(my classmates),
they are very funny then....ha ha ha ha....

P/S: Looking for the better one =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year(1st day)


The first day of Lunar New Year of Tiger..ROAR.....xD
I woke up by 10am and stared blankly at the wall,
am I dreaming?ha ha.....
and I realized that today is Chinese New Year,
Looked like no celebration mood at kl,
I even cant hear any fireworks' sound from my house,and no one shooting off fireworks too...
ha ha...
It's okay......I switched on the television and looked for CNY's tv programmes,
dong dong dong qiang¬¬¬¬¬¬(>.<)......(astro)
POP(I changed the channel),=p
feng shui was broadcasting on ntv7,errrkkkk.....
in my opinion,most cultures have their SUPERSTITIONS...=.=,
ha ha.....

Since my parents are busying nowadays,
some more they have no time to prepare a meal,so
we hanged out to have lunch together,
we were looking for a vegetarian restaurant at Taman Connaught,
so yeah.....a restaurant that serves no meat or fish,ha ha.....
I ate a lot too.....whoa!!!!
I don't think everyone will call me 'little fatty,you are so cute',
ha ha ha ha ha.....
we were staying at home,and did not go to any relatives' houses,
oh yeah,perhaps we will go to collect angpow(red envelope) by the next day,

P/S:my parents gave me a SMALL angpow,and asked me to peep 'the amount of money' inside of the SMALL red envelope,whoa....'RM1' only....My parents laughed on me,and I found that they actually 'JOKING'...=.=...Finally,they gave me two BIG red envelope with RM200 inside...WOW..thanks daddy and mummy...lolx..xD

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year's Eve

It was the last day before Tiger Year(Chinese New Year),
usually 'a representative' of every family will prepare a hearty reunion dinner for their meals...
But....I think some of the families will be going out to find a restaurant for their reunion dinner rather than cook a meal,
because they are lazy to cook?or due to certain reasons?
Yes,my family did that,
my parents are busying for their business nowadays,
and my mom is unable to tear out some free times to cook a meal,
hmm...I understood....
I worried about their body health,I know they are lacking of sleep,
hopefully my parents will be okay and stable...=)

Chinese New Year's Eve,
I stayed at home to catch up my Chemistry assignment,
while waiting for the arriving of Chinese New Year,
sigh...still got physic report to do,
but I think I will do it by Monday,
ha ha......
and...My family and I went out to have a simple dinner by 9pm,
although it's not a reunion dinner,
but my heart has already warmed as we can gathered to have a dinner,
'A warm and loving family' like us...=)

P/S: Happy Chinese New Year to everyone =)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese New Year's 'break'!!!!

Overall,I'm not satisfied that the duration of the holidays during Chinese New Year,
next Wednesday have to go back to college,sigh!!!
3-4 days only.....
compared to secondary school's life,the duration of the 'break' was around a week,
fortunately,my hometown was located at Kuala Lumpur,
I'm proud of that,without taking a long time to arrive there (hometown that from other state),
It's damn freaking dizzy by sitting in the car for such a long time!!!
I'm really agree with that...
Some more,there is a number of assignments to do during CNY.....
that situation is bear and carry the BURDEN to the holidays!
it's a responsibility for me to complete the works!!
can I have a enjoyable CNY without any homework or assignment???
May I?

P/S:send my best wishes to wish all of my friends and family...Happy Chinese New Year!!=)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

MCKL Orientation Camp 2-2010

After lectures by last Friday,we had to assemble at the classroom for pre-departure briefing..Soon,we left our bags,took our luggage,and proceed to buses,
and I was taking bus A,a window seat is my preference,so I chose it,wow....
It took 2 hours and more to arrive there,which is located at Tapah,Perak....
After briefing again,we popped to pitch up tents and took dinner...
after that,we had to attend to a program of 'No Apologies'...
it's a program that mainly for teenagers who want to think seriously about 'the truth about life,love,and sex'.....>.<...(I was speechless)
Soon...the most interesting part--night jungle walk,
cool man....We walked along the path of jungle with a torchlight,
and tried to avoid from slipping and fell down,and beware of leech and other insects,
what the rough track!!!!!oh my goodness...
luckily,with helping-hands of my friends,I succeeded to avoid from felling down,
very thankful to them...=)
but after the night walk,
I realized that I was bitten by a leech,
the leech was sucking my blood out from my leg.....=.=
bleeding with non-stop?nope lah,just last for a few minutes....xD
While sleeping inside the tent,I found that it's not comfortable to sleep,
sighed!!!!!forced myself to sleep but failed,
kept on awaking!!!!!oh la la.......

The next day--Saturday,
I felt dizzy and nearly faint,
and I kept on shivering due to the cold weather,
some more,I forgot to bring Vitamin C's pills to control my nose allergic,
and....'period' came to find me too...what the hell!!!!!!!
forced to wear jacket for the whole day,I was in state of bad condition by that day
I couldn't go to stream trotting,and I missed it.....
It's ok then....because healthy is the most important!!!
At night,we were having a night games and talent night....
The last day---Sunday,
We were playing station games and won the prizes....
that's all....
anyway,it was an enjoyable camp!!!!

P/S:lalala.....I'm aching all over!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Preparation for the Chinese New Year

As we know,Chinese New Year is just around the corner,
celebrating Chinese New Year is an age long tradition for Chinese People,
But I had seldom seen Chinese people shooting off fireworks in celebration of the Chinese New Year,compared to few years ago,
I don't know why,perhaps of the 'rule' that fixed by government,

My family and I,
It's surely to clean up the house before the arriving of Chinese New Year,
already cleaned up all the mess and our house is scrupulously clean!!!
!!!!ding!!!!!! lolx......
By the way,we spent weeks for cleaning it,

we bought some new clothes for the coming CNY!!!!
For me,will be wearing a formal?
nope.....(formal clothes>>for party?) xD
a black pleated skirt,with a skinny blouse...
can you all imagine it???xD....

Besides,my mummy bought a lot of CNY's cookies from outside,
mandarin oranges,and so on,
wow,i lovin it!!!xD

Some more,I'm much expecting for the 'greatest present',
it's ANGPAU!!!!
How much of an angpau I will get from my parents soon?
(Don't hope so much,mun)

p/s:lala.....will be going to camping by tomorrow...take care mun!!!