Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Critical Moment II

Well,how time flies again! I've already finished two semesters in A levels course,there is only 1 semester left,honestly I really can't wait for the graduation day,ha ha!....
Oh wait,let's settle and try out my best shot in the coming Edexcel A level Examination first,it should be my second time sitting for the international exam....From my information,this exam is only held on every January/February and May/June at afternoon and night time in Malaysia,between 2pm-8pm...For my experience,most of the papers held at night time,6.30pm-8pm,It is so disappointment that I couldn't watch the sunset during exam time,but I could sense the sunset when I was doing the exam questions! =)

What should I do after finished A levels?
I still got at least 4 years for undergraduate course man!.....and I would like to move on postgraduate course if possible which might take up 2 years+.....
This is a matter of the utmost importance,I have been reconsidered this matter again and again!
There are plenty of factors that I should consider before settling on a course,my ambition,favourite subjects,career path,skills and talents,personality,preference,duration of the course,and the entry requirements!
I got a lot of preferences so that's why I am so interested in learning and eager to study all the matters and antimatters around!
Ha....and I have two pathways!
Pharmacy is my first choice,and it covers core areas of drugs,the effects and dispensing of drugs on human beings/patients....I am ready to lend my helping hands in medical field =)...
My back-up plans are medical imaging,radiotherapy,and physiotherapy....
Well,let's consider again....

P/S: moving forward,I am alright =)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Critical Moment

Well,its been one week and more I did not update my post,my trial results came as a big blow!! Even I could not believe on it too,I think of I should change my method of study as fast as possible,it is still early,there are two months left before the International Exam,come on girl!!!!!!!!You can do it!!!!!
As the taskmaster of the Zodiac says ,and Saturn commands that I've to get to work and WORK HARD,discipline and responsibility are important to this Planet,yet if we're eager to conquer the world,that's okay,too! Yes,I strongly agree with it!

NO PAIN NO GAIN,sometime I think,is this quote successes to motivate and encourage all the people to work hard before the greatest achievement is obtained? Is this quote ensures that if people tend to SACRIFICE or work hard in something,the dreams will be achieved and come true??? Well,is a NOPE for someone,for sure I am included!! I could feel the BURN from my brain,or even my soul,my brain is broke out,my muscles are ran out of energy! Because I've to accept that GOT PAIN NO GAIN is encountering me in this year,I had never encountered such resistance and difficulties before!!!I know I should be STRONGER,be stabled,and be determined to face the problem,I have confidence,I have ability,I have patience! Yes,I have everything,but I am lost in direction! ='(.....Well,with my will power,I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!
Once again,come on! =)....

Today onwards,I planned to lock up myself in my bedroom,until the exam is coming,I sat on my neat desk quietly,I looked at my bookshelf with all the recessed book,my stationery,a stack of files and papers,a sheaf of Double A papers and A4 papers,my make-up stuffs =),and my Yamaha flute,I smiled with them =)

It's time to work hard with all my energies and powers!!!!!!!

Sun,shines on ME!!!!!!!

P/S : PLEASE,GOD,GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am ready at all TIME!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was not feeling well since yesterday,I was deeply hurt,I was sad and depressed and in a confused state of mind,hmmm...something I shouldn't tell at here,I feel bad and I will keep it inside my heart,it is my sad thought! Sorry my blogger!

Today,I absent myself to college,because I couldn't walk and stand so long this morning,I still feel slightly fever and dizzy,I had no choice and got myself laying down on my bed,and I laid there insensible until afternoon,I woke up and I was feeling much better than this morning,I drink plenty of water and taking plain foods instead of highly spiced dishes!Ya,I think I am fully recovered now,haha,I will go back to college by tomorrow...weeeee x)

P/S: take care of my body health first! =)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New laptop

So yeah,I bought a new laptop by yesterday,and I am using it right now,and I found this to be a reliable brand of computer,it is Asus...I have never heard of this brand before so thanks to my dear for his recommendation <3 ,I had been searching for a laptop the whole year long but I am quite vague about the properties of every PC and hadn't compiled enough information for every laptop in the world =D

Haha,let's talk about myself,I have a paucity of knowledge about information technology so that's why I have difficulties in certain issues about PC... Oh my,it's time to raise,heighten,enhance,and increase my knowledge of that...if not,will I being exploited?LOL..
By the way,I learned a lot since yesterday on how to fix the line,cable,install the new programs and files,and much more...and I was using my brainpower to fix everything,ahhhhh,too bad all my family members couldn't help me about that,pardon them~ =D
yeah,moreover I called the Streamyx customer service to help me to check the connection error,and so on,and I was very successfully at the end!

So,I love my new mate,
I need it to do my assignments,download exam papers,and so on..haha....

P/S: I am glad ! =D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recent Update

Hmmmmm,I was feeling too lazy to do anything,lazy to move,lazy to eat,lazy to drink,lazy to read,and lazy to study,totally lazy man!
After trial exam,most of time I am having some sorts of activities for relaxation such as on-lining,listening to musics,watching TV,and day-dreaming ONLY,what's wrong with me? That's not my daily routine! Shit Mun! Where is your spirits in everything? Huh,huh,and huh! >.<
Yup,this is reconcilable with common sense!!After exam,all students will be in a cheerful frame of mind,so abnormalities of attitude is not with me,yeah yeah! =D

Today,is not a weekend,is a weekday,but is my college holiday..Unfortunately,I felt dizzy and unwell this morning,and I missed the outing with my college mates,we were planning to go to Skytrex at Shah Alam to cycle! Then I sent a text message and apologized to them,ha ha,too bad! I am waiting for next outing,check it out! =D
At afternoon,I was cleaning my desk and re-arranging my books on the book shelf,hmmm
It looks clean and tidy now...WEEEE X)

Please do not forget that there will be one more exam again on 18th of November,it's Malaysian Studies,which is the craziest subject in the world,arrrrghhh.....All the notes that given by my Malaysian Studies' lecturer called up memories of my SPM year,the lousiest subject for me was the History,previously I almost got failure on this subject,I didn't know why but I kept on working hard to this subject because I knew that it was not too late,even I took the history textbook to toilet and read it up when I was making my business??!!Furthermore,I stuck the notes onto the bathroom's wall when I was bathing??!!Oh my goodness,I have a sudden feel that I am a kind of studying frenzy person! Should I apply this attitude in my studies right now? Ha ha! For sure it is useful,but it requires plenty of energy and time! YEA!

P/S: Failure chilled the hopes? But I AM NOT =)
P/P/S: Happy Deepavali and Happy Holiday

Cheersssss =D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bye,Trial Exam ll

How time flies! It is November right now,well my trial exam is now over.
Today is a good day,I enjoyed the last paper at the pleasantly cool hall,chemistry 2,I realized that I wrote a lot of words on the test paper,and hopefully all the points are correct..Besides,I wish to get a better results in this trial exam..So that I can apply for the undergraduate course by using my forecast results..However,I really screwed up on my physic tests,that's why some of my friends dropped this subject..I know my lecturers were trying to strike a high level and making the questions too hard and crazy! >.< Eventually I did some randomly shot on some of my test papers,Arrgghh....whatever,I did my best already!

Other than that,during exam week,I had dark rings around my eyes from lack of sleep,to be honest,I slept less than 5 hours continuously,earlier preparation for the exam is essential and I had set this principle in my mind long time ago,but I am still knuckled down to study just one day before the exam,I couldn't resist myself from ignoring the revision at all time,I've no choice but there are so many lessons to be studied for each subject,this is what a science student need to know--the "heavy burden of studies"! Well,Human beings tend to be forgetful in terms of memorizing and studying,not in everyone,but this is the TRUTH!

What should I do now?There is only two months left for the A levels International Exam (real exam)...Should I go for a vacation first?Or hide inside my room and study for the exam whole day long?Hmmmm,seriously I am in the real state of exam,I am really anxious,fear,worry about the exam! EXAM IS THE REAL SILENT KILLER! =O.....
=_=....Hmmm,come on,be confident,girl!!

P/S: Mun,continue to pursue your studies,be a knowledgeable girl! =D