Thursday, June 30, 2011

An emo post in the end of June

*Share from the deepest heart*

When I was a small kid, until the age of 15-16, I was a carefree and innocent girl who had no worries and responsibility in life. I played my own role at all time, I played and studied hard in the morning to the late of night. Seemed I might have been energized by "my childhood's electricity"?

To be honest, I miss my childhood, I think my childhood is the best part of my life, recently this few days I've been wanting to go back to my childhood so much, I still remember I always wanted to grow up, this is because after growing up, I'll have the freedom in everything? Sometimes I had never wanted to be a child, I had no freedom, under the supervision of parents, as I thought. But now I wish I was back to being a kid again, I miss the days where I would play with neighborhood for hours upon hours , such as lighted up the candles and lantern during Mooncake Festival, rushed to the ice-cream truck to get an ice-cream cone, made a shadow behind the candle when there was no electricity at home, and much more! I miss those moments.

Since the year of 2008, right after I got straight As in PMR, I named my blog's link "mun2happy" as you can see at upside. Reason? I wanted a happy life at all time, I wish I can jot down all the happy thoughts in here, but.....when the time has grown me up, it isn't, there are too much to be worried and also, sad thoughts. It's all because of future? Future equals to? Love + Money + Career + Family? I really have no idea.

Studies and career, there's still a long run, how could I predict for a part of my future? Family? My parents need my caring. LOVE? When LOVE appears in my mind, I feel like crying for whole day, how do you feel if you fall in love to a person who doesn't love you at all? Seriously this becomes a reason for not mentioning about LOVE in my blog. Screwed up!

This is no longer a ONLY happy blog anymore.

Dear self, LIFE IS SIMPLE ):

P/S: One day of EMO!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A boring day made interesting

After exam, I don't use my brain much, I just left my brain empty, I don't want to think...all stuffs, not at all. My next step towards my studies, I've planned it, leave it and I don't wanna worry about it first. Stay relaxed ! (:

So, I was given this medicine for stomach bloating and mental tiredness, and I will stay at home until I've fully recovered. Gosh, I've been eating medicine since 20th of July until now, and I've been seeing doctor for about 3 times! But luckily, I have got looked to Tradition Chinese medicine instead of western medicine, I seriously hate the chemical taste of syrup or tablet, YUCK.

I must drink plenty of water, an "auto-reminder" from my brain, it's DONE! (: Next, think before eat, beware of fake foods? Some foods that contain artificial preservative which used to prevent it from decaying? Honestly, I am still worrying if there's a large amount of preservative or spice turning all over my digestive system! Awwww, please stop worrying! GET WELL SOON! (:

Today, it was raining early in the morning, thought I could go to do a facial with my mother, but I am shivering with cold, DUH! Eventually I drove my mother to beauty saloon and accompanied her for lunch, after that I left my mother there for the facial and then I went back to home and REST. ): Hmmmm.... Perhaps I am still on MEDICINE MEAL !

I found something interesting...

Turned over my bookshelf, I found two books in photostat copied, they are THIRD EDITION of Biological Science 1 and Biological Science 2, the first one contains 435 pages and the following one contains 975 pages. Book 1 and 2 comprise a complete text and all syllabuses in Biological Science! LOVE BIOLOGY! =D They are great book and reference for Biology Student! *READING AND STUDYING* =D

P/S: Oh? I feel much better here! =D

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's the end of my A level life

Hey peeps, I am back. (: I miss my blogger so badly, I had promised myself once I would update my blogger after finished my Edexcel Examination. I have a lot of thoughts to be jotted down.

How time flies, I can't believe that I've already finished the exam, seriously it took about 1.5 months for the exam, it is considered as a torturing exam. And so it's the end of my college life and A level life. Now hoping to pass it? Moreover, I wished I could obtain a better result so that all my hard works will be paid off.

Today I did my last paper at afternoon, which was Physics 5, some of the questions were just tricky to be true, and I've been cracking and squeezing all my brain juice out for writing down all the explanations and facts and ensured that the calculations were tallied exactly or approximately with the values given on the question! =.=
But "YEAH" , I managed to do it well even though there are some difficulties and challenges, but it's solution to be found! For the others, I rated Physics and Maths moderate, but Chemistry 3 was tougher than what I've expected.

Hope for better results.

Please don't get shocked after you've seen these pictures.

If I tell you all that it's my desk? Ha,Edexcel A level does require a lot of paper works. Can you see it? That's why I've been carried this burden for one and a half year!

And now, I show you the effect of "Before and After". (:

Ah, I think we would prefer a neat and tidy desk right? =D Papers >> take to recycle. I wanted to sell all my textbooks so badly, who wants it? Hmmm, I think I should take it to college to sell them? Or? Any suggestions?

After all, the exams, I've just put down a heavy burden in my brain, I feel so light in my my brain....IM MA A FREE BIRD! (: Hmmm...Oh ya, in the mean time, I fall sick during the exam day, ): am I stressed out? Or getting nervous despite an earlier preparation has been made. Let's change another side of view, getting sick is actually a good sign to all people, the body reacts with it and tells the person that he/she should take care well of body health. Fortunately, I managed to do the exam despite I FELT UNWELL...LOL.....

Awwww.....Not only this.....more than that!

So what's my next plan? Firstly I need a rest for several days since my stomach feels upset, and I feel bloatness and wind in my stomach even though I eat properly everyday, perhaps I left my stomach empty last time when I was busying in college. ): I don't dare to do so anymore....Ahhhhh........Next,a date/hang out with friends and family, YEAH, I can't wait for that! I feel so relaxed....(: (: (: University life, sooner will do, hope for a better results *DROOL*....LOL =D

Good bye to my college.....(:

Alright I should stop here, I am tired.....(:

P/S: Good bye sleepless night, Hello healthy life. (:

Friday, June 3, 2011

The halfway

Hello,its been a month since I didn't update the blog. Well, everything is going well in examination. Every paper that without any tips and I came across some mistakes and errors. I believe those silly mistakes will start giving me easier problems on the following exam.

Oh my, I am craving for rice dumpling with mushroom here!



Don't laugh, that's me! (:

I can't imagine if one day I run crazy because of the exam! LOL !

P/S: Happy Exam-ing. I'll see you guys soon!