Saturday, February 26, 2011

MCKL Orientation Ball Night 2011

On 25th of February,
It had really being a memorable night by yesterday,and I feel difficult to forget. (: It was my second time attending to the college Ball Night,and it would be my last time for attending the college Ball Night,because I will graduate soon. (: Last year's Ball Night was a very grand occasion and awesome,but this time was special,the ball room was impressive and charmed! I like the decoration! =D

Ha,firstly I went to college to pick my friend! It was so unfortunate that I had missed 1 hour of performance. When I was heading to Hotel Intercontinential,I got stuck on the road with my friend for about 3 hours. =_= It is common that there will be a car congestion in KL area for every weekday! I was stunned in the car from 6pm to 9pm! Haha!

Oh,I passed by KLCC. (:

Finally,my friend and I reached the hotel at 9pm,we were informed that our college's ball room was on 1st floor. We were arranged to sit at a table with the number of 1,along with our classmates.

There was just one word to describe the performances--PERFECT! I preferred the singing part. The decoration of the stage was simple but nice! =D

Hmmmm,the foods and beverages were nice and edible,some kinds of foods tasted delicious especially the lemon chicken and spaghetti. (:

For the desserts,not bad,I like the chocolate cake ...xD

After meal,we had a camwhore picture session,but most of the photos are in my friends' camera..xD

Before the end of the ball,we had a dance on the dance floor.

Oh,the dance floor =D

Yeah,that's me .. =)

We had a great night. <3

P/S: Let's come back to assignments and exam preparation. =D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Growing I

Lim Kah Mun,so far I have known you for a long time,a very long time!

Age 1 - 3
You were first landed in Kuala Lumpur on 13th of October 1992. You was named Lim Kah Mun. Your Chinese name was a common one. =P You were cute! You had broke a right arm's bone at age 3 while jumped off from a cupboard =.= ,fortunately it healed.

Age 4 - 6
You had a precious moments in kindergarten. You were a cheerful and active girl. You were cute. You had a small ponytail. You had got a lot of trophies in sports and studies. You were a small nerd. You were hardworking enough in managing your studies. You got a good results,especially in Maths. You were able to do primary school level of Maths in that age. You were strong enough in everything!

Age 7 - 12
SJK (C) Confucian was amazing for her! =D
You joined dance club,drawing club,and singing club at primary school. You loved to dance in aged 7-9. You had learned and you were successfully in putting your head on your knees with your legs straight! You had performed a dance during sports day! You had a nice drawing and your products had posted on the school board. (: You loved to play hide-and-seek with friends,and chased all around with them in the field. You had a high-tech education,where the teaching method was showed on TV and the teacher was in front of the PC and explaining the lessons =P. You loved Science and Maths. Your memorable experiment was RAINBOW experiment with a triangular prism. =D. You loved to play Mimosa Pudica (Sensitive plant) at the field. You had so much fun,and went through all sad moments. You had a first period at age 11. You had a tonne of homework and you had been stayed until morning just for completing all the homework. LOL.

Age 13 - 17

P/S: More coming next =P

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear self

This is a long overdue letter,and for that I am sorry. In fact, a lot of what I want to say in this letter is about apologizing. I never made a conscious choice to hurt you. And yet I have in so many different ways. Strangely enough,my motivation for doing most of the abusive I did to you was about trying to make me and us feel better.

I am sorry the way I have treated you,the matter went badly until you feel tired and numbness. Your heart is broken. Your mind has messed up. Your health is very bad. I am sorry for the things I have said and for the complete lack of faith I have had in you at times. I apologize for not regarding you in the way you deserve,and most of all for not placing your needs above all others. I have looked everywhere but to you the love I need. I have done things and acted in ways that are shameful.

I know you know that our journey will be a LONG one,our dream,our target,our desire,and it will be far from easy. I am afraid that I will fail again,and there is a voice that speaks loudly warning me to not even try,that I am only asking for disappointment. But you deserve a hundred more attempts at getting it right and if that is what it takes,well then,a hundred more will be.

I know,as you do,that the journey will be filled with steps forward,followed by steps back. But that is okay. Each day I will wake up with a renewed effort and a humble prayer for the guidance I need to get back to you and to the spirit that is truly me.

I know you forgive me and I am so grateful for that. Today is a new day,and,with your love and support,I will take those small,but very important,steps forward.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The truth!

From now onwards,I will not cry,I will not sad and depressed,I will not hurt myself,I will not care about it anymore,I will not.......... ):

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Promises are all becoming lies!

P/S: Broken promises!!!!!! ='(

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day

Valentine's Day! Why didn't I put "Happy" Valentine's Day? By the way,Happy Valentine's Day to everyone on the earth.(:

For me,today is a normal day. As usual,I drove off to college early in the morning,today's classes are filling with Chemistry,Physics,Maths,and Biology(Lab).

I was glad that I spent 1/4 of 14th February with those classes just now, 1/4 of 14th of February with assignments and revisions, 1/4 of 14th of February with sleeping, and 1/4 of 14th of February with.....TV,radio,and online! (: Yeah,at least I won't hide myself in a corner again and start to emo! >(

To be honest,although I was pretending to be busy by today,I could feel the pain deeply inside from my heart,brain,and my whole body. I got a headache! I was stunned in class. I really have no idea,I keep thinking of him,I miss him badly! I wished to know about his condition right now,does he fine? Hmmm... Our SEPERATION's reason was still a mystery,but I know it thou...We did a major mistake,especially me! But he didn't tell me anything,and only asked to be friend. ): Yes,I respect your decision! ): I know last time I was being quite stubborn but I was not purposely,I realized this is my fault for doing so! He was fault too,he had found a lousy reason to make the seperation! And he decided to keep silent until now! I know that why he does so! ): It is a time matter,hopefully time will heal everything,forget the past and forgive our mistakes,and don't repeat again! >( About the chance? The opportunity? I pray for it ONCE AGAIN! hmmm ): I am not able to do anything to save IT right now,what should I do? =/ I'd better focus on my studies first right! Mun is praying! I hope he is doing fine too...(: Whatever,we must be stronger in this moment!

Promises are all becoming lies!

Do you agree,man? =/

Mun....Don't cry again,please! Everything will be fined! It will go smoothly!

P/S: (:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are these signs of health problem?

Sigh,I know health is very important in our life,if we are health only then we can get everything such as success,wealth,and happiness. Without health,you would die. Nope,you would completely die,your life will be taken away. You won't be able to see the world anymore. I always advice all the people with me to take care of their health,especially to my family and friends,and even my love one? Therefore,it is a basic human need comprised. =/ Do you agree,man?

I am worried....I am getting extremely worry and worry. To be honest,I will go for a blood testing and body scanning every year,but I stopped to do so since I graduated high school. Last year,I became more comfortable with my body health,I seldom got sick,I was glad when I felt so much better each and every day,it went smoothly,I got a full attendance in my college. =D

Perhaps this year is a challenge year for me,I feel like wanna straight away jump into year 2012 to see what will I be. Nevertheless,troubles keep arising from January until now. Sigh,the wound on my leg is slightly pain,when will it be cured? The broken heart,when will it be mended? The state of worry,when will it be over? The pressure,when will it be stopped? For your information,PRESSURE from studies or work wouldn't be stopped,unless you're died. After a war,another war will be coming again!

This recently,I really have no idea about what's wrong with me! I feel that my heartbeats is faster than usual,for sure my heart is pumping faster! I've been checked my blood pressure at my aunt's house last year,the results was negative! =(
Now I worry if I do have high blood pressure? =(

Next,I found myself difficulty getting to sleep,so it should be known as INSOMNIA. I can't sleep well in these 2 months. Ya,I know that I think so much,think about the solutions,think about the future,think about the past,and much more..Ewwww,seriously,I want to know what kind of person I am!!! =/ You're such a weirdo! Please wake up! *SLAP MYSELF* >(

In addition,if you ask how much hair I drop per day,I'll answer you I drop so much hair every day! I know it is normal for teenagers. But the amount of hair drop seems unusual,I think I am stressed out,or lack of intake of iron,or I have an illness?...So it causes hair loss....hmmmmm What should I do? =/


Actually I don't dare to go for a blood test this year,I worried that I will face with a bad results from my body report..I scared I will lost concentration in my studies if I know that...But...sigh....if I do not know my body report,I am worry too...hmmm...What should I do? =/

P/S: =/

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gifts (:

I just received a few Chinese New Year's presents this week. After the college reopened,yes,this is the crazy,what a hectic life I live. With assignments and friends. At least this makes me not to think so much and not to recall all the sad thoughts again,I want to let go the past,I want to be stronger,I want freedom! =D And much more :9

Its been 4 days after the college reopened,and my last semester of A level is starting now,it would not be stopped until June 2011. I wish I could do better than last time,this is the last chance,I need to be able to make myself proud before leaving the college. I like everything in my college,how time flies,and time is not waiting for me,I have to make all my days pretty well before the time is gone!

Everybody is asking me that where will I go to further my studies after A level and what will I take for my degree level? Actually,I have two options in my mind now and I am still doubting,haha...I would like to further my studies in either pharmacy or chemical engineering. =/....I feel interested in both of them,therefore I've to sacrifice one at last,and also depend on my results..Well,there will be 50% I will leave KL,and another 50% will stay in KL for my degree level. If I leave the KL,there will be 50% I will go to Australia,and another 50% I will go to Selangor! (:

Back to the main topic,about my Chinese New Year's presents,I got a big Angpao from my Maths lecturer,that's he rush the lessons in 4 days' time and perhaps he will do the same thing later in this morning,so I have a tonne of assignments for Maths..What a great present from him! Gonna catch up the works soon. Thanks man! =D *I realized that Maths could train and make my brain actively* (:

Secondly,I am now slightly addicted to alcohol,=.=..I don't know why! I thought I will hate alcoholic drinks forever! I seldom touched alcoholic drink,not even a mouthful. This Tuesday I've drank 2 glasses of red wine,it was my first time by taking a large portion of alcohol. It's really taste bitter,but NICE! =D I felt a little heat in my body,and I felt dizzy at last. Yeah,it stopped me from thinking so much again! Don't bend into the wrong way and turn out! Anyway,I feel much better,alcoholic drinks really can make me relax,lighten and ease up my mind all the day =D...<3

Next,something bad is happened again,it considers as a gift too? MAYBE. Yesterday,I slipped and fell over in my home after college. My leg did not hurt badly but bleeding badly,5cm x 1cm part of the skin is peeled off accidentally. I am so hurt and keep suffering the pain of wound! Hope I will get well soon! (:

Thanks to my friend,Ngar Mun who bought me and our friends a pack of chocolate from Dubai.

P/S: Enjoy my studies! (:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Family Day

We had a great family day out by yesterday,and we had so much fun all the day! (:
I've booked 4 tickets from Golden Screen Cinema's website,so yeah,WE-my parents,brother and I went for a movie by yesterday,guess what movie we watched? It was "I love Hong Kong",oh my,I could conclude that the COMEDY movie was once again! =D I'd prefer comedy movie rather than others because it deletes tension,stress,sadness from my mind!

Can you recognise this place? Yea,it's Berjaya Time Square's main stage.

After the movie,we headed to "Koong Woh Tong",ah,I had eaten a bowl of herbal jelly a.k.a turtle jelly? =D Oh,it cooled down my whole body,thanks herbal jelly. =D
I felt relieved once again!

Soon,we went to eat sushi at Sushi King restaurant,it was the second time I ate sushi at Sushi King,haha,at last we had finished 10 plates of sushi!

Can you guess what time I captured this photo?
Answer: 7.15pm with sunset! =D Those dark clouds started to fill the blue sky and it slowly turned into dark sky!

After that,I walked to the Pavillion from Time Square and Sungai Wang with my brother,while my parents were shopping at Time Square. I passed by Bukit Bintang on the way to Pavillion,I did not know why,I recalled a lot of sad thoughts again while walking on the street...=.=...Moreover,I did not realized that I've been walking for so long with my brother. *I'd prefer to walk alone*.

We reached the Pavillion within 15 minutes. I've bought a pencil case from there!

This tiring day was great and fun! =)

P/S: Happy Chinese New Year!
P/S: College-ing is right here with ME now! =D

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year (Day 2 & 3)

I stayed at home the whole day by yesterday,I don't know why,I was stunned and overwhelmed by the feelings of guilt,depress,and anger..Ewww,I should not have this feelings during Chinese New Year..But,it was the first time that I am extremely down and depressed...IT WAS THE FIRST TIME! I pretended to be happy in front of my parents,brother,and my friends,and all people. ): When I am alone,I'll remove my mask,Ha! Ewwww,I feel sorry to release my feelings in here, ): I am sorry,my happy blog. ):

Ignore it first,today I brought my brother to KL Sentral to have lunch..=)It was his first time to be there,we walked into KL Sentral Railway Station and I brought him to a western restaurant to have lunch,there are only a few good restaurants,and most of them are fast food restaurants such as Mc Donald, KFC, Burger King, Subway, Secret Recipe, Chicken Rice Shop and much more. (: Sometimes my friends and I used to have lunch together at there,the duration of travel(walk) from college is about 10 minutes..=D

KL Sentral Railway Station

Oops,I show up my brother ! Hooray =D

We were eating in Cafe Panettone with "Art of Bread restaurant has just renovated". =D

It is a small cafe which has been serving breakfast,lunch,and dinner. The foods are good as normal. It serves Malaysian foods,spaghetti,grilled foods,breakfast foods,fried foods,salad,beverages and others..Moreover,the prices are reasonable! =)
I will definitely back to that restaurant again! =D

A bowl of salad. (:

A bowl of mushroom soup with garlic breads. (:

A plate of spicy chillies tuna spaghetti,Haha! I love it!

After lunch,I've captured some truly memorable pictures with those buildings at KL Sentral! Erm! After I graduate A levels,I will seldom to be there anymore. =')....

Hmmm...I have forgotten what they are! CIMB headquarter or Plaza Sentral? Haha!

It is Lot I: Hilton KL and Le Meridien Hotels

Lot J:Sooka Sentral

It's MIDA Tower & Headquarter

And much more...=)

P/S: Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays..=)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year (Day 1)

Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year begins today,(: I am here wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year and happy holidays (:,may this year brings you lots of joys,good health and wealth,successes,happiness,and prosperity with abundance..(:

Yeah,I countdown to the Lunar New Year with my family at home,I helped out my mother to fill up those red envelopes with money..(: while on-lining and listened to music!
Unfortunately,I crashed and hit my knee to the corner of my bed,): my knee is swollen and bruised,OUCH!..I hate my carelessness attitude,and it recalls me that I carelessly did mistakes in exams?And also carelessly broke someone's heart?? =O Hmmmm,let it be,come back to the main title,so I slept at 5am,OMG? Haha,I was busy with those stuff until early in the morning! COOL,one year once? Haha,Gong Xi Fa Cai (:

I woke up at 10.30am this morning,and I roamed around my house for a while,errr what's wrong with me?(I should clean up myself first,haha)

Before I left my house,

I took a bowl of lotus seeds sweet soup,as a symbol of welcoming the Chinese New Year (: Wow,the sweet soup is filled with lots ingredients such as dried Longan,white fungus,and lotus seeds..(: Haha,we used to serve as dessert at the beginning of meal for every Chinese New Year. (:

My family and I headed to a vegetarian restaurant at Taman Connaught,we had a vegetarian meal for our lunch. (:

Shark fins but it made up of mushroom,"dong fen",and wheat meat. (:

and other dishes. (:

After that,I visited relatives' houses on my mother's side,my mother has many siblings so we may be very busy! LOL!
Today I've paid a visit to 3 uncles' houses...(: I met my aunts and cousins,they served us with foods and beverages. (: Chit-chatting,laughed,and watched TV! (:

If you ask me that how many angpau I get today?
I will tell you,nah,that's all on the picture above,more coming by tomorrow! =D

Thanks to my cousin's souvenir,the key chain she bought from another country..=D

Waiting for tomorrow! <3

P/S: Happy Bunny New Year and Happy Holidays..(:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve

Ah,how time flies.Today was the last day of the year of Tiger in lunar calendar,so it's called Chinese New Year Eve. (: It is a day where Chinese families gather for their annual reunion dinner.
Today I woke up at 1pm,I did not bluff you guys,I sleep too much this recently since the examination is over.Haha! =D I went out to have lunch this afternoon,whoa,there was a smooth flow of traffic in KL,I imagined all the days without traffic congestion in KL,how peacefully it is. =D LOL....I took my lunch at Salak South Garden,just not far from my house..

I helped out my mother to prepare ingredients and cook for the reunion dinner,
and I felt so full after eating the reunion dinner man! =D

This fish tastes so yummy. =P

It is a common dish what! =D get it?

Fresh vegetables are fresh ingredients for the reunion dinner! =D

Ah,I love mushrooms so much. <3

Last but not least,lotus root soup. (:
Lotus roots are so nutritious and crunchy! =D
And yeah,you will frequently find candied of lotus root during Chinese New Year,as a symbol of abundance what! So,it is an important dishes for Chinese! =)

P/S: Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays to everyone. (:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clean up for the CNY

Hello February 2011,I am right here to fill you with my new life,I am now on holiday and there are only 5 days left,Chinese New Year is around the corner,and it is only one day ahead.

I could feel the atmosphere in shopping malls for the past few days,and even markets..=)And yeah,paper lanterns are the Chinese Tradition and are often seen as decoration during Chinese New Year. =) Other than that,I could see other Chinese New Year crafts such as Chinese New Year fans,welcome door hanger,cardboard tube red fire crackers,red envelopes,mandarin oranges,plum blossoms and much more. (:

Seriously,I am not really in the mood for the coming Chinese New Year,I've faced with a lot of sad thoughts this recently,stressed out from examination,relationship problem,stressed out for the coming semester,and scared for the coming results.Ah,what am I talking right now?I am recalling back my sad thoughts again.You must be stronger,Mun! (:

I was free today,so I gonna clean up my room,my comfort bed,my lovely desk,and my book racks..First of all I teared out all the books and papers from the book racks,wiped my desk and book racks with a piece of cloth,and arranged all the books and papers according to subjects,one side for Biology,followings by Chemistry,Physics,and Maths..Sounds funny? xD I changed my bed sheet as well,if you ask me how often I change my bed sheet?I will tell you once per month. =D

Ah,I forgot to clean up my drawer! Will be continued by tomorrow. (:

Tonight my mother cooked a simple dinner for us,fried cabbage and eggs,and meat..

You know what!
Yesterday my family and I had a great "捞生" session..
Can you see a few pieces of salmon fish at the top of the dishes? =D I love salmon fish!

P/S:Happy holidays and Happy Chinese New Year! =) <3