Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It is annoying

It is annoying that there are so many ASSIGNMENTS,REPORTS,AND 'SMALL TESTS' this recently....
DAMN IT,especially to the MATHS---MECHANICS 1 = PHYSICS + MATHS,
ERRRKKK....The 'stink' of vomit reached me instantly,
there are questions more than 50 per chapter,
and some of the questions were extremely hard,even harder than SPM PHYSICS and ADDMATHS,LOLX.....
I expend all my energy on such assignments EVERY DAY,D;
In addition,we were ordered to hand in all the exercises of one chapter in one week's duration,
I still got other things to do lah.......BIO CHEM PHY......

CRY CRY CRY.......

P/S: No HW,can do revision. Got HW,cannot do revision!...@.@!

Friday, July 23, 2010


People who are addicted to shopping are called shopaholics,
I have seen some people cannot resist the temptation to spend their valuable time and money on shopping,>.<....What The Hell man!
'''I wanted to say it is a bad habit!'''
Well,I think most shopaholics are women..
You know what!
Women,they prefer to spend money on clothing,cosmetics,and accessories such as ring and jewelery,wow,
No way,I wouldn't be a shopaholics,xD...hahaha
This is because,
precaution is better than regret,
PEOPLE,please remember of my ADVICE!!!!!! =)

I know,
there are so many people who do not even know that they are actually shopaholics,
Be A Moderate Human Being!

P/S: Be a smart shoppers =)


Friday, July 16, 2010

Had a best moment with her

Today was an unforgettable day for me,
Chin yee,she's a friend of mine,she came to my college from UTAR's PJ campus to see me,
haha,she reached to my college at 11.30pm,but I'm still in class,she had to wait me for an hour,hoho...
After class,we played ping pong,then we went to take a monorail to Time Square,
we had a long chat in the train until we didn't realized that which station we should get off,what the hell,
but finally we missed 1 station because we got off at Hang Tuah's station,
so we had to walk to Time Square since it is within walking distance,
so WOW we got into the TS,and we could feel the coolness of 'air' from air-conditioners,LOL,so
we were having lunch at a restaurant,which is Shabu-Shabu Train,
don't get shock,we used about 1 and a half hour to 'clean up' the foods,
after that we were loitering at Borders...ha ha....
Soon,we went back to college again,and I showed her around the college.
At last,I brought her back in my car...'It was the best day of this week'.

P/S: =)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

TODAY's activities

Screwed UP my face again,
Today I stayed at my home to complete all the assignments and reports,
Maths Exercises,Physics and Chemistry reports,and Biology tasks,
all of my subjects are involved,cool man!
''Assignment is a part of my daily routine''....=_=

But then,it's 2255 hour right now,I still haven't completed all my works yet,
I feel anger that 24 hours per day might not enough in my life,
I think I should accommodate to it,
luckily not 12 hours per day LAH......X)

P/S: I wanna hang out by tomorrow LAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Something 'HARD'

Everything has become just that little bit harder,
little bit harder?It is much harder than the previous 'lesson',
I meant the new lessons that I am studying right now...
Biology,Chemistry,Physics,and Maths,
I prefer to do the experiments,but
Sometimes I'm bored rigid with the flow of lectures and lessons,and a tonne of assignments and tasks,
what is the problem ?
am I not interested with them anymore?
am I not smart and intelligent?
the lessons are too hard for me?
Oh no no no....
Hmmmm.....But then,
in my opinion,
Teachers should vary their lessons to make them more interesting,
instead of standing in front of students like a stone,and lowering the tone while teaching!!!!(I am talking a lecturer of mine,but one of my lecturer is quite strict with us,Zzzz)
Oh no no no....
What the unforgettable nightmare!!!!!

P/S: I might be confident LAH....x)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Light Over Night (I like it)

Because of this thing called pride,
I have opened mine eyes and realized,

That no matter what is said or done,
At the end of it all I have won.

In the deepness of the night there is still light,
A light that shines so bright.

Yes, so bright it gives me sight,
A sight to see, A sight to follow,
A sight to be, A sight to swallow.

To swallow the stains,
To swallow the guilt,
To swallow the pain it built.

At the end of the road, at the end of the cold night,
There will be a new beginning, and a warm light over night.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Busy weekends

Screwed up MY FACE!!!!!!
I thought that I could go on stretching exercises,breathing,or hill-walking for relaxation this weekends,
instead of staying at home to finish up the assignments and tasks,some more I've to prepare for the physics and chemistry tests,which will be going on by this week..
Yesterday I've finished Exercise 2D and Mixed Exercise 2E of Mechanic 1,
There are 32 questions MAN!.....Totally Squeezed my brain juice !!!!!

The first week of new semester,it was a week of exacting and tiring 'work'...DEFINITELY exhausted me,and my brain is almost lacked of oxygen...
However,I slept solidly these 2 days for about 13 hours,ha ha ha.....
and surely,I had slept well,went into my peacefully dream,

today is Sunday,I've to continue to my revision,

P/S: Where is my extra power?....COME ON HERE X(

Friday, July 2, 2010

oh Yeah

Today was a brightly Friday,
and I went to college as usual....
After the class,I went to office with friends to check our moral studies' results,
I was so nervous,afraid,and frightened about the results,fear of failure!
If I fail the moral studies' exam,I've to re-take the exam again,what the hell,
but finally,my hard work paid me off,
god bless me,
I passed the exam!!!! =D

P/S: Celebrate the day...x)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The first day of July

Excessive tiredness in these days,
From 28th of June until today,4 days' work tired ME,carrying a heavy burden of responsibility in studies and assignments,and of course,
what thinking is to the brain,don't slack off in my studies? I'm blur.....

In these few days,I got a lot of assignments and tasks from my lecturers,
especially my biology lecturer,
she is quite strict with us,ha ha,
but I've no idea,because I know that she is using a right method to teach us.

I heard from my lecturer said that the results of A levels will be releasing by next month,
so be prepared x(....hmmm,actually
I am so nervous about that,ha ha....
Hopefully I can do well under pressure,

P/S: My mood seems to fluctuate from day to day,and I will remember that,ENJOY MY LIFE X)