Friday, September 16, 2011

Study life (I)

Day by day, life is getting busy, in work place or study place. Indeed, life is becoming more and more challenging.

I really have no idea about how fast the lesson is flowing. I am doing short semester which is until the end of October this year. I have got the exam time table for the final exam today, it has shocked me a little bit but what can I do is try to catch up all the lessons within one month. It's extremely rushed, and I study in a very fast pace.

Calculus & Geometry II isn't an easy subject, even if you're good in maths too. It does require a very hard work and a strong will to learn and study. I will just endeavour to try my best. That's all.

Lecture has taught me a lesson between studying for the sake of passing the examinations and studying for the sake of life. If you keep memorizing the topic just because of the examinations, then you wouldn't gain the knowledge as what you have learned. It's better to learn and gain the knowledge in order to apply the gained knowledge both at academic institutions and in a modern society.

I am story to bore you with my story...

Besides, I have got to know some new friends from there. They are awesome and smart enough. Yet, they are friendly too. I am glad to know them , and hopefully a good friendship will be developed as soon as possible.

Instead, lecturers are experienced and dedicated with years of teaching, I like them ! (:

P/S: To be continued...

Friday, September 9, 2011

The new study place

It's been one week I studied at UCSI University North Wing, whereas the South Wing is the headquarter of UCSI.

I think I should learn how to adapt to a new study place immediately, it seemed very strange the first time I met them -- my coursemates. Besides, in engineering and architecture courses, there are a lot of international friends came to Malaysia for studying, this is what I have noticed in the past few days. Through conversation, they come from Indonesia, Myanmar, Iraq, and much more. Indeed, we have different family backgrounds, cultural, languages, lifestyles, and so on. (:

I drive to University every morning, the parking fees are RM 3 in the first 3 hours, and RM 4 after 3 hours. That's very costly to me.

I take 2 subjects in this semester, because every September we are compulsory to take a short semester which is until the end of October. So, we would have 2 months of holidays on November and December.

The first subject is Calculus and Geometry II, its kinda harder than A levels Math, we solve 3D integration. This shouldn't be a problem to me since last time I was practiced to do maths until thrown up? xD The second subject is circuit theory, its more in physics, basic concept must be strong in order to proceed to the hardest topics. Moreover, we were assigned to do a group assignment and lab project. Next month we will have presentation, midterm, and final exam. (:

Well, I will be very busy soon. (:

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's September again

Let me entice you with some news. I will be getting my degree by next Monday, I've just fully recovered from removing the blood clots in my uterus, and I do feel much more better by tuning up my body with Chinese medicine. I prefer Chinese Medicine the most, this is because it's all made from natural ingredient. My holidays are going to end soon, it is a torture of doing a lot of assignments and prepare for examination again, as what I did in my A level. (:

*Stopping my crap*

I've got a conditional letter of offer from UCSI University as shown as below. I will be doing B.Eng (Hons) in Mechatronic Engineering programme. People think I am crazy, and commented this degree isn't easily at all, even some of them said I am the special one. Well, I chose it according to my Pre-U results, I am interested in every course but I must have to choose one! Besides, I do like Physics very much. (:


It's a mess when you're going to apply for PTPTN Loan. I am the one who is processing the first step here, and preparing all the documents to be certified. Firstly, I went to "Bank Simpanan Nasional" for buying a PIN number for online application, then I went to CIMB Bank again to open a saving account, and get an ATM Card. You know the staffs took me 2 hours for opening a new saving account, was it too exaggerate? They even skipped my turn and asked me to wait, what the terrible and lousy customer services they've offered me!

Shit, I feel like scolding them so badly. It's okay then, dear self, let's chill! (:


P/S: Life is going on! (: