Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recent Updates

Well, I am still going on my holidays, but just wanted to say that I am rotting at home? Nope,I am actually chilling out with friends and family every week, looking for delicious foods, drinking tea, chit-chatting, window shopping, walking all around the town, capturing photos, and much more! Yeah, I like it, but I've been wanting my University life so badly, the hopes of getting more training and knowledge and the yearning of learning from my degree, so I've told myself, just 4 more years for my degree level! 4 MORE YEARS! =)

By the way I haven't applied to any University yet, because it's all depends on my result. The result day will be on 18th of August, the date sounds so nice, but I feel so nervous when the result is given out! I will either apply to UCSI University or University of Nottingham for Chemical Engineering, both of the intakes will be on September, but UON requires a better result compared to the UCSI one! (:

Honestly, I sleep much during holiday, I take at least 10 hours of sleep every day and few hours of napping unless I gotta go for an outing. But sometimes I really can't sleep well due to the weather or abruptly wake up during the midnight. I would have trouble falling asleep too at bedtime. Hope to get well soon. I had took herbal soup and tonic in the past few days, million thanks to my mother who always look after me. It's time to take care more of myself. (:

I get bored easily when I am alone at home, most of the time I watch drama and listen to musics. Moreover, I have written several pieces of poetry, and I have posted them to my Facebook and Blogger, there will be another piece posting out soon, hope you guys will like it. (:

"No matter how sad you are, you deserve to wear a smile on your face, and also in your heart, just because of who you are."
The photo of this month. (:

P/S: Happy Holiday!

The Midnight Sun

I walked beyond the midnight sun,
it made me blind for a while when it stared at me,
I see my darkened mind,
my sanity is instantly left.

I walked beyond the midnight sun,
it lighted up the world,
I see the bright and dull sides of my life,
with many tales of past and future.

I walked beyond the midnight sun,
the bright sun is in the middle of night,
it may be midnight,
it may be dark.

I walked beyond the midnight sun,
I felt my soul collapse,
the life is full of truth and lies,
my heart felt tired to fight.

I walked beyond the midnight sun,
I heard the voice of life lost,
whispered from the deep within,
I found my way to the light.

I walked beyond the midnight sun,
the heat of sun gently warmed my face,
nights slowly colored with insomnia,
and told me everything will be alright.

By: kahmun

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In The Dark

I stand alone in the dark,
I think it's supposed to be my shelter.

A feeling of quietness surrounds this place,
but I can hear the cries from my heart.

It's really cold here,
I am shivering so hard until my muscles are tense.

There's no light near,
only the moonlight shining off my tears.

Someone whispers to me within the wind,
my heart, once failed to beat.

I am afraid of unseen in the dark,
it holds deep inside me but I am unable to move.

I fight for a grasp of air,
perhaps it's my last breath.

In the dark,
it covers my soul.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Outing with the special

Another extremely nice outing with my buddy Vinze during holiday. That outing means a lot to me despite it was just a simple one at a simple place! Looking out the scenery of KL, and the buildings, the sky appeared blue but the air is polluted. By the way, I wore a mask, hopefully my nose allergy reaction wouldn't be so serious. Again, I took train straight to Time Square at the afternoon and we finally met.

We had lunch at a restaurant called Sushi Zanmai. It was my first time eating at there, I am pretty sure that the foods are delicious to everyone. (: And of course, the foods taste YUMMY to me!

This is Yasai Yaki Udon, it was mine! =D The soup tasted sweet and fresh with vegetables and mushrooms.

This is supposed to be "Oyster Rice", I've forgotten its name man! That's for her. (:

A plate of sushi. I prefer tuna sushi. (:

Last but not least, a glass of hot green tea to warm my stomach.

Well, I will be back again, Sushi Zanmai! (:

We went for shopping at Time Square after the lunch. Oh yea, all the time I was hunting for a piece of skirt, or a formal suit for my graduation day! And she was hunting for anything which suits her! =D

Vinze and I. (:

Next, we went to Sungei Wang to have a light walk, while chit-chatting, and we shared a part of our life stories to each other. Crossed the bridge to Lot 10, we were looking for some clothes, and eventually we passed by SEPHORA at Jalan Bukit Bintang.

At Pavillion, we were actually doing camwhore-ing inside the toilet! =D

Ha, it was my first time eating at there too, Snowflake! =D

Tou fu fa with lots of red bean! By the way, the red bean is damn big! I love this bowl.

This is the bestseller one, herbal jelly with sweet potatoes on top! That's for her.

The main stage in the pavillion.

Shooting from above! (:

P/S: Enjoy spending time with her! (:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My dinner (:


I know right, Asians have the tradition of eating Longevity Noodles aka 长寿面 especially to those old people during their birthdays or other special occasions.
It serves as dry and wet versions as well. For me, I prefer wet version of longevity noodles.

Today I've learned cooking longevity noodles from my mom. Ingredients are longevity noodles, prawn, vegetables, pork meat, 3 tablespoons of oyster sauce, 3 teaspoons of salt, dried anchovies, eggs, garlic, and water.

Rinse the longevity noodles in cold water to remove the starch, and cook them in a wok of boiling water for several minutes, take out the cooked mee and put them in cold water to make sure it's fresh. To cook anchovies soup, add some garlics and 1 gram of dried anchovies in water, bring it to boil for about 10 minutes, add the cooked mee into the soup, gently crack two eggs into the wok and add 3 teaspoons of salt and 3 tablespoons of oyster sauce. Lastly bring vegetables, prawns and pork meat to a boil. Heat and mix the contains.

By the way, it tastes yummy! How I wish I can cook for myself next time! LOL


Friday, July 8, 2011

Fabulous Outing with Fabulous Friends

By the second week of holiday, there was an outing on Thursday (7/7/2011). Zoe, Joyce, Yee Shan, Lynn, and I, five of us went to karaoke. This is the third time I've been to karaoke this year, I know that my gang would prefer karaoke more than go for a movie. Nevertheless, I prefer both of them. (:

I reached the Sungei Wang at 10.45am ( I walked to there from home? ) Nope, I took the train from my house area, it's been a period of time since I didn't take the train for traveling right after I have got my car license, unless my friends and I took train for lunch when there was a long break, actually taking train could be fun and adventurous, I don't know why I feel so, perhaps it's due to the speed of the train, aha! =D I also wished there will be a chance for me to ride A ROCKET? OH NO! =D

Yeah, they were late, but we finally got there, which was Green Box Karaoke, we 5 people renting a room for 3 hours. It was $12+ bucks per person with free drink and snack, set lunch was not included. Most of the time I sang English and Korean songs, haha, none of them really knew well the lyrics of Korean songs though, and I didn't sing well because I don't have the talent in singing. I like Zoe and Lynn's singing voice, their voices were nice compared to mine. When it came to the dancing part, we just stood up and danced ! =D

The microphone. =D

I had ordered a plate of spicy pasta with prawn. Seriously it tasted damn hot and spicy man!

(: Five of us

After the karaoke, we walked to Pavillion for shopping, on the way to Pavillion we passed by Lot 10 and Jalan Bukit Bintang, we have planned to buy a birthday present for a friend so by right we just stopped at Vincci Shop and looking for girl's accessories and handbags. Some bags look nicer but we bought nothing at last so we left the place. We were heading to Pavillion after that.

At Pavillion, we were so crazy to shop , and non-stop walking, most of the time we were looking for girl's accessories and handbags. =)

This is Diva Accessories Shop. <3 We had bought a necklace and bracelet as the birthday present. (:

Eventually I had bought a pair of earrings from Vincci Shop, while Zoe had bought a hairband.

Lynn left earlier than us, while Zoe and Joyce left the place after 6 o' clock, Yee Shan and I went to Lowyat after 6 o' clock. I think they might feel tired walking so long in the whole afternoon.

So yeah, I got a new set of earphones. APPLE BRAND! Whereas Shan had got her new hard drive which cost several hundreds.

Eventually we walked to Hang Tuah LRT Station, we waved good bye to each other and took the different train to home. (:

P/S: It was really a tiring day but we had much FUN. (:
*Waiting for Joyce to upload the photo of us . =D*

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dental Check-up

Hey people, my life is great after the exam is ended, fortunately the stress levels haven't been too bad, I've fully recovered from serious long term stomach bloating, and also mental tiredness. So yeah, I look slightly pale and haggard (not really). =)

It is vitally important that we make dental check-ups for a part of our routine, do you agree? By the way, if you're asking me how often would I have my dental check-up, I would have it once or twice per year.

I still remember when I was small, I felt freaking anxious and nervous about going to the dentist to get my teeth plucked, OUCH, or I would just have my teeth pulled at home, I was petrified to get my wisdom teeth pulled by using a string, or just using my hand, or else my dad would just helped me out ! LOL! TERRIFIED! Luckily the blood stopped bleeding. Aha. Right After Standard 4 I think, I started to take care of my tooth very well, I seldom have my teeth plucked then (: , unless I would have my dental check-up. (:

After exam, dental check-up is one of the task in my list, I can't ignore my task man! LOL! I went to Yulek to have my dental check-up at afternoon, when I was being served I asked the dentist to check my tooth and wash it (: So yeah,luckily my tooth is healthy. With his specialist equipments, the dentist gave me a session of dental treatment by scaling and polishing , and so my tooth is being CLEANED. (DING) =D

Recently I am watching a Hong Kong's drama! Life is great especially when there is a holiday! (:

怒火街头 is damn BEST! =D

P/S: My next task - BLOOD CHECK-UP (O.O)
P/P/S: Tomorrow gonna have shopping and karaoke with friends (:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Falling star

Looking up at the night sky,
I saw a star sliding down the sky,
I closed my eyes,
and wished really hard.

Falling star,
you are so tiny, solid body, and amazing,
enters the Earth's atmosphere,
and travels through the space.

Glanced at its bright surface,
wishing upon it,
and hoping the falling star would shine again,
and fill my heart with fire.

The soothing sounds of cicada,
made a sound that is music to my ears,
they sing in unison from all surrounding areas,
specially at the allure of night.

A cool wind blew over the grass softy,
and also the sea,
riffling it in gentle waves,
I felt it in my face.

I kept my finger crossed,
made a brief and silent prayers to God,
please help ease my pain,
comfort me.

Falling star,
that it, the shining light,
May guide me on my way.

P/S: Enjoy reading my poem (:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Unknown title

Overcome a fear,
laugh out loud,
break the silence,
speak to the crowd.

Feel the joy,
taste the wind,
breathe the stars,

Model kindness,
wear peace,
show mercy,
act at least.

Know her sadness,
heal his pain,
listen closely,
receive the same.

Make a promise,
give from the heart,
take and return,
end and restart

Rise from the bottom,
soar from the deep,
smile and rest,
desire and seek.

Learn the secrets,
read between lines,
thirst for the truth,
look for the signs.

Sing and dance,
love and live,
and remember you get,
whatever you give.

(This is my favourite poem - "Be")

I named the title "unknown".