Monday, May 31, 2010

Slow Motion

Oh yeah,4 papers were over and 1 more paper to go,
Ha....So I breathed a sigh of relief,there's a heaps of time before the last exam starts.
Wow..I planned to do some major revisions to cope the last exam,

Anyway,there are two semesters to go for A levels,
Come on,Mun

P/S: =) Smile

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Term Examination

Well,time flies....
Left two papers,the coming soon is Physics and the last one is Core Mathematics 2,
For the previous papers,Chemistry,Core Mathematics 1,and Biology,
I've done my best to answer each of the question,
and I did my best to regain my composure,it shouldn't be a problem if I've a positive thinking,
trust myself and strive for excellent...=)

Anyway,just 'let natural take its course',
if I fail the examination,there's still a chance for me to score well in the next term examination,
Go Go Go.....

P/S: Don't Worry,Be Happy =)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keep on moving

I am in state of BUSY,extremely Busy,
Keep on doing revision,
while enjoying my holidays,
ha ha ha...

P/S: good luck to my A level examination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21th,24th,25th,27th of May,and
9th of May

Come on,Kah Mun...x)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Study Break

The first semester of my A levels is ended,
well I am preparing for the final exam of 1st semester currently,
I still got 1 week and more to revise and catch up all the lessons,
and I've prepared a schedule of revision for these few days until the exam day,
by the way,it is a very tight schedule,
and hopefully it will be very effective in the short term of revising!
HA HA.....
Well,I don't think that I will give up easily due to the lamentable results last time,
and I was advised to be strong to succeed,
Stand firm,and don't fall down!
Be determination and patient,'reward' will be came later if I work hard,
yes,I believe it,
specially thanks to my parents and my best friends.....

After examination,I still got 3 weeks of break,
I plan to have a gathering with friends,
as well as traveling.....

P/S:I don't want to cram for my exam!...xD

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Stress certainly affects a person's physical health,mentally or emotionally distracting condition due to the difficult pressures!
Yup,I could feel the stress from now onwards,
this is because the final exam comes nearer to me as the day is passing through!
Even I could realize that the symptoms of stress from my body,
my heart rate and blood pressure are keep on increasing and rising,depression and irritability!(Something wrong to my body)...=_=
But I know it's possible to control it,
the way of controlling it,to be patient and earlier preparation?
Obviously,these ways are the best currently..=(....
What should I do?I hate myself for being like that!
That is not ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In this affluent world,there's always a competition for human beings,
obviously,everyone competes everything for their own needs,
Fight for what?
Strive for what?

P/S: Let's go,enjoy the stress!
P/P/S: 18th of May- Driving test
21th of May-9th of June- Final Exam of 1st semester!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The beginning of May

'Welcome to the beginning of May'(IN MY DREAM),someone was telling me about that..
I am still haven't awakened.....
Oh wake up MUN,
wake up MUN........
There are a lot of serious challenges that I'll face soon....
I am serious,I realized that my responsibilities matured myself at this age,
and will my efforts pay me OFF?
Honestly,I couldn't find out the answer,
Who should I ask?...GOD?.....(GOD never spoke to me since I was born)
But I knew that GOD is hidden inside my heart...x)....

The 1st of May,
Labour Day....WAhaaa.....
But it fall on Saturday,it shouldn't have a replacement of 'OFF DAY' by next Monday?
NO WAY MEH???...XD......
Yesterday,I went to a restaurant named 'Taipei Walker' which situated in Kuchai Lama,
I gathered together with my primary school's friends,and we had a wonderful dinner at there,chit-chatting,and so on....
Well,I could feel that the bond of friendship had been forged between us..

P/S: I love myself..xD