Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trial Exam II

This is the real Time Table for my Trial Exam >.<

26/10/2010- Tuesday
Biology 3 (8.30am-10am) at Hall
Physics 3 (11.10am-12.30pm) at Hall
Physics 4 (1.40pm-3.15pm) at Hall

27/10/2010- Wednesday
Biology 2 (8.30am-10am) at Hall

28/10/2010- Thursday
Physic 2 (11.30am-1pm) at room 2.6
Statistic 1 (1.45pm-3.15pm) at Hall

29/10/2010- Friday
Chemistry 4 (8.20am-10am) at Hall

1/11/2010- Monday
Chemistry 3 (8.30am-9.45am) at Hall
Biology 4 (11am-12.30pm) at 2.6
Mechanics 1 (2pm-3.15pm) at Hall

2/11/2010- Tuesday
Chemistry 2 (1.45pm-3.15pm) at Hall

P/S: I will stop blogging for about 3 weeks, CIAO =)
P/P/S: Striving for excellent =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 18th Birthday

Happy Birthday,finally I'm 18,is it considers an age of consent?
It feels good being able to do anything that is so natural without the feeling of that you're doing something wrong...By the way,once I am under the care of parents,there is no FREEDOM that is OPEN to me!

Actually I haven't done anything different,such as smoking,drinking hard liquor,clubbing,gambling in casino,and so on..Ha Ha,for sure I ANTI-SMOKING first,I might not trying to smoke one day,the cigarette is too costly and it leads bad consequences to our body health!Seriously,all of them that I've listed out above,they are not such a good forms of activity =)

Today is Wednesday,13th of October 2010,which is my born-day 18 years ago!
I got up at 7.45am,and preparing to go to college,
when I look at myself in the mirror I just can't believe that I'm finally "18",yup,in the mirror I really look like a sweet 18 years old girl,perfect...HAHAHA....
I've received plenty of birthday wishes from my friends since 12am (primary school friends,secondary school friends,tuition friends,and college mates)..Thanks a lot =)..
I dressed up nicely today and drove to college, =)
When I reached to the college,I climbed to third floor for maths class,hmmm,when I stepped into the classroom,I took a seat and rested for a while,and my friends came forward to the class,they shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to me once they saw me,LOL,one of my friend just straight away gave me plenty of mini chocolates,and the whole classmates sang a Happy Birthday song to me...
WOW,I was so energetic and dynamic after that,I felt touching by their action..Even my maths lecturer also wish me a Happy Birthday..hahaha.....
Surprisingly,one of the friend of my gang,she just took out a small rectangular box and placed on my table without my knowledge,whoa...*thanks a lot* =D

In the afternoon,I was having a sweet moment with my dear,haha,he bought me a chocolate cake from Secret Recipe,then I drove him to Taman Tasik Permaisuri,this is because I miss that place dreadfully since I never pay a visit to there for about 1 and a half years =D..So wow,finally I had a chance to go there with my dear...We had a long walk at there,and we had seen a number of people were doing some forms of good exercise such as jogging,playing badminton,warm-up,and so on...
Ha,we had a long chat too,and enjoyed eating just a slice of cake,=D,
but time flied,we left that place at 6.30pm sharp,
I miss him =)

When I reached the home,I could smell dinner cooking from the kitchen,I popped to have a look,whoa,oh my goodness,my parents actually cooked a nice dinner for my birthday,they cooked my favourite dishes to serve me,haha,mushroom chicken,fish,and pumpkin soup...LOL....thanks daddy and mommy,I love you all <3 <3 <3
They bought me a Swiss Black Chocolate Cake too,LOL,
Anyway,I had a wonderful birthday this year...

P/S: A feel of fullness =D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Chin up,only 20 days left,may I get good grades,may I able to make a good shot? =D
"What to shot?" I plan to shot the answer "lah" once I can't recall it back...hahahaha....Anyway,careful preparation for the exam is essential,and I never cheated in any exams,right =D!Keep it on!
My parents said: " Don't worry about the exam,just do your best"..hmmmm.....haha,they seem so understanding about "this matter"...LOL....yup,seriously,I will be upset by the failure in the exam,but I keep telling myself that failing one exam is not the end of the world,and I am looking straight ahead right now =)
and so,I keep busying with my revision and assignments these few days,nothing special,my life is full of "study",lol...

"I was shaking,trembling,and speechless with rage",
I don't why,and how am I supposed to know!
The exam is freaking "awesome"!

P/S: Don't stressed out! D;
P/P/S: All the best! =D

Friday, October 1, 2010

The first of October 2010

After class today,I noticed the Examination Time Table's drafts were all pinned to the notice board (Finally,it was out,but "p/s: draft" ? ) =_=
I had viewed through the time table,and wow,
my first impulse was to take out my mobile phone and recorded the dates,times,subjects,venues.....ahhhhh......
There are too much to be recorded,some more I felt lazy to take pictures of these stupid drafts....
I just left the college.....

26/10/2010- Tuesday
Chemistry 3 (8.30am-9.45am) at Hall
Biology 4 (11am-12.30pm) at room 2.6
Mechanic 1 (2pm-3.15pm) at Hall

27/10/2010- Wednesday
Biology 2 (8.30am-10am) at Hall

28/10/2010- Thursday
Physic 2 (11.30am-1pm) at room 2.6
Statistic 1 (1.45pm-3.15pm) at Hall

29/10/2010- Friday
Chemistry 4 (8.20am-10am)

1/11/2010- Monday
Biology 3 (8.30am-10am) at Hall
Physic 3 (11.20am-12.30pm) at Hall
Physic 4 (1.40pm-3.15pm) at Hall

2/11/2010- Tuesday
Chemistry 2 (1.45pm-3.15pm) at Hall

That's all,I got 11 tests
P/S: As a reminder =D All the best,MUN =D