Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Malaysian Independence Day 2011

Hey people, I am just dropping by to say hello. It's Kah Mun again! (:

I am hereby wishing all the Malaysians, Happy Independence Day 2011, and happy holidays to all of you too. It is such a coincidence, this year's Malaysian Independence Day and "Hari Raya" fall nearly on the same day. Normally, the eve of Malaysian Independence Day will be filled with joys and fun, countdown session to the August 31st, and fireworks. On the other hand, there were a lot of performances broadcasted on the television such as flag waving, military presentation, a parade, cultural activities, and so on. (:

It's a holiday again. During lunchtime, my family and I went to the Restaurant Sweet Bean ( "Tong Chi Dao" in cantonese) where is located at "Bandar Baru Sri Petalling". It was my first time eating at there, whereas my parents and brother have been visiting for several times.

You see? What a sweet name for the eatery! It is actually a cafe that serves a wide range of sweet soups and desserts, such as red bean, black sesame, peanut paste, and so on. Furthermore, they do serve a variety of traditional western foods and malaysian foods, such as chicken chop, steak, spaghetti, "nasi minyak", "wan tan mee", curry & "laksa" , and much more. (:

Seriously, interior and exterior designs say a lot about a restaurant. By right, I like the lighting and design of that restaurant. They chose the right lighting levels because different lighting levels set different moods for every customer. Same goes to the painting skills, they colored the walls white which are plain. Last but not least, I like the lamp designs! =D

I ordered a plate of seafood spaghetti with tomato sauce. It wasn't disappointing me at all as the sauce tasted slightly sour, the spaghetti was just smooth and its not too tough, the prawns and cuttlefish were fresh without an unpleasant smell. It was just edible for me.

My parents ordered a plate of "nasi minyak with chicken thigh" ( its kind of nasi lemak) and "nasi lemak" respectively, while my brother ordered a bowl of Thai Curry and Curry Fish Balls. At last, I shared a bowl of black sesame with my mum, whereas daddy and brother shared a bowl of red bean.

My mum would be mad at me by capturing so many pictures! =P

September is coming. (:

P/S: To be continued...Happy Holidays to you guys! (:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Malaysia public holidays

I am hereby wishing all the Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya! (:

Today was a sunny day and not a cloud was in the sky, I woke up a bit late this morning (about 10am) as I had an insomnia last night, it's been a few days since I didn't have an insomnia, perhaps I should do something to avoid it.

I suggested to bring my parents to have breakfast in Restauran Lim Kee Pan Mee at Taman Taynton, which my family and I have been visiting there for countless times. I prefer eating the pan mee at there, the noodles was very smooth and chewy, and of course, the soup was deeply flavorful which they have put a lot of fresh ingredients to cook it. I bet you would feel like drinking all the soup. There were "ikan bilis", minced pork, vegetable, and mushroom as side dishes. There are two types of noodles, round or flat mee, but I prefer flat mee. It was very tasty!

( I will be taking the foods' picture next time when I pay a visit there)

Furthermore, they do serve pork mee, dumpling, and curry mee. But, curry mee is served during public holidays only! Honestly, it was my first time to taste the curry mee at there. (:

I prefer eating curry mee too but I don't often eat it, this is because it contains high amount of fats in a bowl. The curry soup was flavorful too as they have added coconut milk, the chicken and clam meat were juicy and fresh, there were long bean ,bean sprouts, and fried bean curd. It tasted not bad. Small portion of a bowl but it looked bigger. Moreover, the price was fair too. (:


After that, my parents and I went to The Mines. We roamed all around there, eating snacks while walking and talking craps. I felt warm by spending time with my parents, its a nature feeling which I never have with my friends.

It's been a long time since I didn't take a cup of coffee. We stopped at Restaurant Oldtown White Coffee. I have ordered a cup of mocha with white coffee, whereas my parents have ordered a cup of traditional Oldtown white coffee. SMILE. (:


I normally have my eye sight testing in an optical shop at The Mines, the purpose of going to The Mines today was ordering a new pair of spectacle before my degree is started. (: Firstly I was having my eye sight testing with a special equipment called Auto Refractometer , after that I was assigned to have trial frame for refraction. I am glad that my eyes' power and axis are still remained the same. I have ordered two spectacles, one is with frame, another one is without frame. I look great with both spectacles. =D ( Picture will be capturing soon )

P/S: Happy Holidays to all non-Muslims. (:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Day & its celebration

Thought of jotting about my feeling, but today's outing was quite special, it was a cloudy evening and we usually have hot to warm weather outing. So, I decided to blog out about the family outing today.

At afternoon, my mum suddenly suggested that we go for a family outing. The main purpose of the outing is to celebrate the completion of my Pre-University studies and my graduation. I nodded and my brother looked at mum and dad expectantly. Then my mum urged me to get a shower and dress up nicely!

"You look great dressed up with the lace mini dress." My mom said. Yup, I've picked one of my dangling earrings and the necklace with a heart pendant. Stepping out from the door, I noticed that my mom wore a smug satisfied smile on me. Yeah.

We were heading to Jaya Jusco Maluri...

The traffic was smooth until we reached the destination, but the visitor's parking was packed with a lot of vehicles. Right, today is Sunday.

There was a panic in the shopping mall, a lot of people running, Chinese, Malay, and Indian. Right, today is Sunday. I am glad to see those people in such a lively situation. (:

Few week ago my dad was discussing with a pharmacist about the "Horseradish plus". Its a kind of tablet. The benefits of Horseradish plus are reducing the severity and duration of flu and colds, relieve nasal congestion and sinusitis, support healthy immune system, treatment for asthma and bronchitis, and stimulate expectoration of excess phlegm. Sounds great? Definitely, and hopefully it could prevent the allergy reaction from being striking over me. Each tablet contains the ingredients of horseradish, garlic, liquorice, marshmallow, fenugreek, and eucalyptus oil.

How I've been finding that so long. My dad and I have been traveling to several pharmacies in Pudu and Kuchai Lama to search for it, but it has sold out. Fortunately, we have found it in Jusco.

So, it has becoming the multivitamin in my daily life. (: Dear self, its a great solution to prevent the allergy reaction to be occurred. (: Specially thanks to my daddy.

In Jusco, I've bought 5 pieces of panties. Whereas my parents and brother enjoyed buying mooncakes. Nowadays, there are more than a dozen variations of mooncakes. I've seen there are a lot of stalls from different companies which are selling different types of mooncakes to customers. Creativity has definitely brought the attraction to people.

After that, we were heading to Old Western Cowboy Steak House where is located at Desa Petalling to have dinner.

They are my dearest parents.

The cool eldest brother. =D

We have ordered a lot of dishes to be shared with.

Spaghetti Bolognese Chicken. RM 7.80

Mushroom Soup. RM 3.80

Sizzling Fish. RM 13.80

Fried rice. RM 7.80

Garlic Chicken RM 11.80

Salad RM 4.80

Black Pepper Steak. RM 16.80 (My brother did but we weren't)

Followed by left: Green tea, watermelon, and soursop juice. RM 3, RM 5, and RM 6 respectively.


However, the day soon ended. We were very tired after the day’s outing which were indeed enjoyable!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Graduation Day 2011

People, life is moving so fast this recently. Not long ago I was attending the orientation day and classes in college, and going for examination. After 18 months and now, today was the Graduation Day 2011.

At 3pm, the programme began with singing national anthem which is Negaraku, opened prayer by member of the Board of Management , speech by President of student council and CEO of college, addressed by guest of honour.

After that, prizes and certificates were given to all the graduands.

The programme was ended at 5.30pm with college song and closing prayer.

Happy graduation to all my friends. (:

That's what I got.

P/S: It's just a simply update. (:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A new chapter in my life begins

One chapter ends, a new one begins...

I got my A level results by last Thursday, "Thanks God"...the first two words were being whispered out from my mouth. At least, the results were not too bad, moderately and I didn't get a straight As. But all my efforts has paid off. Sometimes, we...humans don't be too greedy because something that we expected might not benefit to us. Health is the only wealth to us. Right?

The week before the results day, I had received an envelope from my house's mailbox, there were two invitation cards and two response slips. It was about the Graduation Day 2011 which falls on this coming Friday. By the way, I haven't prepared for it at all. Let the nature takes its course.

Well, about my further education, I think my parents' advices are right, I should get enough sleep and rest in order to maintain my good health at this moment. Therefore, I would like to pursue my education by next year January. And I would probably have starting to work temporarily by next month for gaining some work experiences. Hmmm, I feel like going to work with my friend at Midvalley! (:

Dear self, all the best. (:

In the past few weeks before the 4th of August, until now, I've had a full body medical check-up. Firstly was blood testing, I am so glad that the blood report was greatly perfect. Moreover, I've took ultrasound scans for liver and kidney and they seemed very well, but a tumor was discovered right inside my ovary but it was actually a blood clots. By now the blood clots was being killed and passed out during my periods. (:

In the third week of August, I've took MRI scans for brains, eyes, and nose to discover whether is there any potential problems within the body. By last night I was conducted Electrocardiogram (ECG) for my heart. All the results were perfect but MRI image showed that my left nose were being blocked due to the nose allergy. ): This is one of the factor which causing me to suffer from migraine in sometimes.
It's time to find the best solution to prevent the allergies reaction to be happened.

Dear self, be strong. (:


I watch KBS Music Bank every Friday and JK Hits every weekday. Any latest Korean Songs or previous ones are broadcasting on the Korean channel. Mr Simple by Super Junior is the best recommended for this month. I like it very much. (:


I can't wait for the festival to come. Mooncake Festival is just around the corner.
My childhood is keep playing on my mind especially during the moment of Mooncake Festival, I still remember that I lighted three boxes of candles in the whole night, watched until all the candles were melted and vaporized a small amount of fuel. By now I could only use my mind to sense the atmosphere of Mooncake Festival, along with my friends and family (:


P/S: Life is going on. (:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My blood report

In my life I've been having my blood tested for 3 times, every time I've had my blood tested, I've learned more about my body health and try to maintain a better health. My parents urged me to go for a blood tests since after I've finished my exam, but I have rejected them again and again, not because I don't wanna know my health but it's quite troublesome by traveling so far to take a blood tests, my parents used to have their blood tested at Kepong, it's quite far away from my house. At my age should be taken once every two years or when necessary.

So, I've took my blood tests and ultrasound scans by last Thursday, I have got phobia by awaiting so long in the clinic with my emptied stomach, I had swore badly that I wouldn't go to that clinic anymore. I am pretty sure that there are still a lot of branches in KL.

Last night I went to take the blood report, it was very common that my heart pumped so quickly while awaiting for my turn. The clinic was full of customers. I was told to come back to take the report again after an hour. Shit. So I took the spare time having dinner with my parents. I prefer Kepong's delicious foods but I dislike the clinic services.

By right I went back to the clinic again at 9 o' clock. When my name is being called then I walked into the room. The doctor smiled at me and started to look through my blood report, she explained about my health report in detail while using a pen to tick the points carefully. She concluded that everything was alright and I am healthy.

Phew, sigh of relief!


Friday, August 5, 2011

A frightened

Last night I went for the blood testing, so I've to get up early in the morning and prepared for it. At the same time, I could not eat anything yet before the blood testing is done. If not, this will cause an inaccurate result for the report. From the outside, I have seen that there were a lot of people waiting for their turn inside the clinic. Badly, I had to wait for few hours to get my turn. I am so worried that if I could not stand so long in the state of hunger. The doctor helped me to check my blood pressure and then sucked my blood out by using a needle. Next, I was conducted to have organ scanned by using the ultrasound. Unfortunately, I was discovered a small tumor right in my ovary, at first I really couldn't accept it but I must try to be stronger at the moment. I am worn out!

I felt much better after being comforted by my parents and friends. Alright, I should be optimistic no matter what is gonna to be happened. I believe on the advances modern medicine to cure any diseases in the various ways! Let's pray hard.

Today I went to Pantai Hospital to visit a gynecologist. Honestly, it was my first time visited a gynecologist. I was told to drink plenty of water to ensure my bladder is fulled before my ovary testing ultrasound, if not it won't be worked out. So I had told the specialist about what had been happened last night. I took out my pants and pantie to have my ovary testing ultrasound. I felt relief once the specialist said that it's not a tumor but it's actually a blood clots. And I was given medicine to destroy the blood clots left outside my uterus. It's a very small matter. (:

Thanks God. (:

This is my uterus in ultrasound image