Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour!!!

Earth hour!!!
Will you switch off all of your lights tonight from 8.30-9.30pm??
An hour is like a treasure for Earth to conserve energy and avoiding for climate change!
Let us to protect our earth from now!!!!^_>

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

我真的受够了(*_*) stop

Lady and gentlemen!!!!!
I was speechless day by day....
and feel anger every time when staying at school...
I also don't know why....
Caused by teachers???or Caused by.....anyone else??

I just as expected before that only,
I knew that earlier because I was librarian,
And I seen that all the old computers took out from media room and replaced to
LCD computers...High Tech right???
How came your money???

Once I received a letter about the computer class for every students..
It was realistic!!!!!
The letter said that the computer class is mainly for EDUTECH ICT Learning System
and the first objective is to gain knowledge and learning the skills of computer...
with the fee of RM130 from April until October(You thought that we all are rich??)

During 21 century....
who doesn't know how to use computer???
I have never heard such nonsense in my entire life!!!!!!!

The certificate of computer really important for our life????futures?

Do you all know???
You all never think about us!!!!!!!!!!!!
Especially for those form 3 and 5 students who need to cope with PMR and SPM soon....
Do we have so much time for that computer class???
Some more,activity co-curriculum......??

Always making trouble to us....


Saturday, March 21, 2009

mobile online!!!

I was eager!!!!xD
Yesterday I had tried to use my mobile phone to sign in to messenger...
Finally,I have much success in surfing net in my mobile phone!!!(instead of examinations,must have confidence =.=)
It was brought a barrel of fun to me!!!xD
And I felt interested to it!!!!
Next time I will visit to in my mobile phone...
TRY IT!!!!!!!WHY NOT????

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A trip to National Library

19th of March,Thursday,
Some more,holidays are still going on,
Our librarian's teacher forced us to go to take a visit at National Library,
Therefore,only 30 librarians are compulsory to go there,
included me!!!!
As a AJK of librarian by this year...=.=
Teacher had been said,
We are going to there to get more information about National Library,
in order to upgrade our school's library as soon as possible...
Other than that,
we get to know more for the sources of information about National Library,
and make a right choice.
And so on....
Lazy to write at here!!xD
Early in the morning...around 8 o'clock...
On the way to destination....
while in bus...
We...Hui Chee and me...
playing with juniors...xD

Hui Chee and me...acted like two main characters...wakaka..xD

My beloved juniors...Peak Wah and Wai Mun...^^

Huh??another junior....Are you making a fool of me??Not easy!!!

Wee wang wang

After half an hour,
we reached our destination,
It took a longer time because of car congestion and traffic jam...
When I stepped out from bus,
I had seen...

Malaysia Boleh!!!!xD

We entered through the main door of the library,,

What can you see???

We headed to a media room at 4th floor,
We had given a speech by two facilitators...
The speech was about the 'Program Pendidikan Pengguna','OPAC(Online Public Access Catalogue)',Pencarian Bahan(Browse Search,Keyword Search,Advance Search,Other libraries' OPAC)and so on...
A facilitator had explained about the Indeks & Abstract,Ensiklopedia,Sumber Rujukan Segera,Sumber Biografi,Kamus,Dokumen Kerajaan,Prosiding Persidangan,Internet...

The website for National Library is

This is media room....They taught us by using computer...and we would following them..

Hui Chee...Hui boring!!!xD

After a break,
We went back to media room again for another lesson....
That is explanation for general knowledge of library,
and hypermedia...

Around 1 o'clock,
We had a lunch at outside of lobby room....

We take a visit around the National Library, many racks...

We headed to a microfilm room,
There got several machines which were functioning well!!!!
I really interested to those machines...
That's READER!!!
Microform are any form,either films...containing microreproductions of documents for storage,reading and printing..
eg.which is newspaper(The Star,Nan-yang,Shin Chiew,New Strait Time,and many)
All of the films are stored in the racks,follow by the date...from year(1888-now)
If not mistaken


Microform images are commonly reduced about 25 times from the original document size.
So we need to use that machine to scan and larger the size of words...

After that,
We headed to centre of Malay Manuscript
We had seen many kitab-kitab things....
written by many HERO of Malaysia by using tulisan Jawi...xD

That's the Intellectual Heritage of the Malays..
Malaysia Boleh!!!!!

Batu Bersurat..

Suddenly,We had taken many photo by each other!!!xD

I'm more cooler than you!!!!!xD


FEeling good!!!!xD

It seemed that we also like to take photo in lif....xD


We won a Quiz that organized by facilitator...
We get 3rd prize^^...

We are so enjoyable by today!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A trip

We had a trip to Taylor's College that situated at Sri Hartamas by today,
We took bus around 8 o'clock,
and reached our destination after 25 minutes...

When I stepped out of the bus,
I stood straight and looked upwards...
that's amazing,a high building there!!!!

When I entry to the college,
Wow,the first impression on me is...

What do you think of that college??
Like a hotel??xD

After that,
a speech was given to us by 2 lecturers,
Both of them are superb lecturers on my mind,
They are friendly,professional,humor,kindly,open-minded and so on....
I like them!!!

We leaded by a lecturer to visit around the college,
We had visited to laboratory,
physic,chemistry and biology's lab are separated into 3 rooms!!!
so special!!!

chemistry's lab

A place for discussion

We headed to library,
the library is very different from the school's library,

We had a break for lunch at 12pm,

We back to school again by bus after 1 o'clock...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yesterday teachers had gave us a lot of homeworks...
For addmaths,I think we need to do 60 questions and above....
For Bahasa Melayu,we need to do komsas exercise and notes...and copy notes for 'Konserto Terakhir' chapter 1 until 14...that means whole things=.=.....
For Biology,teacher gave us 3 pieces of exercise papers.....
And so on...
Don't wanna mention that!!!!!
Just close one of my eye and complete it!!!!!

Starting now,
I will go to take a visit to Taylor college by next Monday,
with my friends and teachers...
On Thursday,
I will go to visit to Library that situated at KL...
since I was a librarian,
So we go to there to get more informations,
and to improve our skills and techniques,
in order to upgrade our school library as soon as possible!!!

Some more,
Tuitions are compulsory!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Urgent!Dog Lost!

Urgent!Dog Lost!

An American Crocker Spaniel 美国
Age: 4 years old 岁
If anyone found this dog, please contact Miss Lin
Contact no. 联络号码 019-6688737
An award will be given. 必有重谢
Colour: Golden Brown

(Copy and paste it to your own blogs,your helps is much appreciate)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Funny House practice!!!!

my house practice will be on every Tuesday..
Teacher ordered us to practise lompat tinggi,lompat jauh,and lontar peluru...
It seem like 3L!!!!!!!hahaha.....
We had to warm up our bodies as usual!!!!
When teacher ordered us to run 3 rounds at a large field,I shocked!!!
We are robot????yes...xD

After that,
We headed to lompat jauh,
When teacher ordered us to try it twice,I murmured again!!!!
We are supergirls?????yes....xD
When I jumped it by second time....Yeah...PASS!!!

We headed to lompat tinggi,
When teacher ordered us to try it twice again,I nearly fainted!!!!!!
You thought we have drink POWER ROOT just now???-.-
I almost loss of energy,when I jumped it,SHIT!!!!

We forced to delay lontar peluru because of the time,
left 15 minutes...

Lastly,Do you know what teacher has order us to do???
She ordered us to play running competition 5 by 5!!!!!!!!!!!
My goodness!!!!!
You thought that our bodies got ENERGIZER BATTERIES???
My turn's here,3 of my friends(kai ning,tze yee,santhiya)and me!!!
RUN.....(the funny part is....)
When we reached to ending point,
''NEGARAKU'' is afternoon session's students!!!!!=.=
We quickly to stand straight and keep quite!!!
After that,
We laughed till stomachache!!!!!xD

That's all,extremely funny but super tired!!!!!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

About me????

The photo that shown above....
Do you know who is her???
This baby girl born on 13th of October 1992
First landed at kl...
This baby girl born with a pair of legs and hands!!!!
She had a cutie round face,3.5kg(fat fat),and a face with regular features...
She liked to have fun,chasing each other's shadows at a large field!!^^
She always does exactly as she pleases,no matter how worst it is!!!!
Until today,
her attitude 360' changed!!!!
She became well-known, kindhearted, open-minded, determination, patiently!!!
With her name....Munmun!!!(^u^)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Monthly test is over!

A week is passed...and
Monthly test is over,time passed super fast...
But,don't be cheerful and relax...
a lot of examinations coming soon...
Life is like an adventure,we need to face a lot of mistakes...
let it be...

On Tuesday,
I had answered for Bahasa Malaysia and Biology tests,
BM test got rumusan,pemahaman,and tatabahasa....
and Biology test only got structure questions,
some questions are hard...
However,I think it's not a problem for me..

On Wednesday,
Got English,Physics,and Chemistry tests..
English test got summary and comprehensions...
Physics only got structure questions
Chemistry test only got structure and essay questions...

I felt surprised that,
my english teacher had finished marking all the papers by the next day,
and I scored A for english test...
felt excited but nothing!!!!
I knew that,
A tiny mistake can cause a lot of trouble,

On Thursday,
I had answered for Sejarah and Mathematics tests,
I hate that subject!!!!!Sejarah!!!
got objective,structure and essay questions,
I nearly fainted!!!!
After 2 hours and more,only taken for mathathematic test=.=
I'm sweating all over,why the time for sejarah test is not exchange with maths test??
So that I have more time to read sejarah!!!!!

On Friday,today
I had answered for Moral and Additional Mathematics tests,
Today,I had suffered from period pains...
During Moral test,I just answered it as usual,
During Addmaths test,only 1 question I don't know how to answer,
everything is okay and done!!!!

Hope I will pass all the tests with flying colours!!!^^

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Busy like a BEE¬¬

During the first week of March,
monthly test is going on..
so.....I'm sure busy like a BEE...^^....
take care!!