Monday, September 27, 2010

Just for today

Just for today I will walk away from the frustration,
though I may feel hurt inside my heart,
I will ignore what is said,
and continue to move on peacefully and calm.

Just for today I will hold my head high,
and forget the past.
I can smile and make everyone else's day better,
even if behind the smile I cry.

Just for today I will set an example,
and I feel the need to hurt.
I will laugh and walk away,
people will admire me more.

Just for today I will stand tall,
I will not look at the ground,
but instead share happiness with others.
I will not compromise my morals,
instead I will offer opinion,
and accept reactions without questions.

Just for today I will say positive things,
I will treat others the way I would want to be treated,
instead of the way they treat me.
I will be confident that life is like a mirror,
if you smile at it,it smiles back,
and what goes around comes around,
so one day that smile will return to me.

Just for today I CAN...


Friday, September 24, 2010

An outing

Today was Friday,the last Friday of September 2010,
I love Friday,=D,you know what,this is the only day that I've 3 hours of lectures,wahaha (Don't lazy =D)
If today is Friday,the day after today will be Saturday and the following day is Sunday,WOW =D (So happy,two days OFF)
Let's talk about today,
the day cheered me by the loveliness of its sunshine and the balminess of the air!
I went to college as usual,the first period was Maths,my lecturer was continuing to the new chapter which is Correlation(Statistics),hmmmm,it's okay for me,apply the formulas and solve the questions =D
The following was Biology,this month,we start to study A2 level of biology now,all the facts are discussed in more detail compared to the previous one--AS level(Gambateh)
After class,I went to Biology Lab to observe the experiment's results that I've done by yesterday (Hmmm,the bacterias still haven't grew yet in the Petri dish,have to wait for 2 days again)
After that,I received a message from my dear Venus,yea,he is arrived! =D (Actually we planned to have an outing today--watch movie <3 )
I am so happy and went out from the college =DDDDD,got into my car and drove out from college,
I saw his cute FACE =)...I love his new cut,that makes him looks even more cheerful and younger =D....(yeah ^^v)
So I fetched him to Time Square,when we reached the TS,there is plenty of parking,so yeah,I parked my car within a minute!
(hold his hand =D)We rode the escalator up to the third floor,and we bought two movie tickets--Resident Evil: Afterlife (In premiere class)^^v,
next,before the movie is started,we headed to Gasoline to have a lunch,we had a long chat there and ate slowly,LOL,and it was shameful that I fall asleep when I was nestling against his chest xD (perhaps I was tired)OMG
We went for a movie at 2am sharp,
what the movie is about? LOL,I am so proud of the Alice(the main character),although the city is ravaged by a virus infection,her determination is strong enough to find survivors and lead them to safety..Seriously,I've learned a lot from that movie about the important of friendship,strong will,never give up,patient,beware of trapping,much more(positive points,hahaha)
After movie,we were loitering in the shopping mall,haha,from the 1st floor up to 7th floor,so yea,the whole afternoon spent with him <3
We left the TS at 5.10pm,and I sent him to LRT station,
kiss goodbye <3 <3.....
After I reached the home,I took a shower,and napping,
planned to nap 30 minutes,ended up with 1.5 hours...LOL...TOO TIRED!!!
and now,reading my biology facts..hehehaha!!!!

P/S: Hope I can cope well in my studies =)
P/P/S: We've had a lovely time,I love ya,Venus =)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The brain,
an organ inside the head that controls everything,
movement,thought,memory,and feeling,
it is interesting.

The brain,
the ability to learn quickly,
and think about things in a logical and intelligent way,
it is interesting.

The brain,
connects to the heart,
it is amazing.

The brain,
is wider than the sky,
is deeper than the sea,
is just the weight of GOD,
it is amazing.

The Brain,
if wash it too quickly,
a colourless will be formed,
it wouldn't be interesting!

Let's wash it slowly,
let the colors shines the fun,
it is amazing.

The brain,
being educated in a fun way,
it's very interesting.

It makes interesting moment,
and creates interesting memory,
it last forever interesting in our life.

Poet:Venus Lee Seng Tai
Editor:Lim Kah Mun


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty tired

Hmmm,I woke up at 8am sharp in the morning,(I was still very tired man,and therefore I forced myself to wake up and cleaned up myself,and got ready to college,)since I was burning midnight oil by last night to let the foods in my stomach to undergo a scientific process called DIGESTION =X.....
I was feeling a bit queer perhaps I ate too much by last night,LOL,my parents and brother made me a PIG with those foods x.X......No more,no more again,I must keep my body in a very healthy state! So yea,I am okay now! weee =D
So,I drove off to college CAREFULLY!
Unfortunately,during the first lesson(maths),I had difficulty keeping my eyes open (because I was very tired),SIGH,I couldn't bear it,I closed my eyes and tried to listen to the lesson,luckily my lecturer did not catch me napping,but I just took a nap for a while lah (5 minutes) =D...Shhhhh.....I was listening at all what! SEE!
The worst moment,the following lesson was Physics,oh my goodness I couldn't focus and concentrate the lesson at all,so?I was trying to open my eyes,close,open,close,open!!!!! (glazing)!!!!! not amazing!!!!! x.x
After that,it was break time!Since the cafeteria's foods are not appetizing at all,so my friends and I went out to have lunch..
Within 30 minutes of break,we walked to there (5 minutes),order foods(1 minute),waiting for foods (5 minutes), eat (10 minutes),walked back to college (5 minutes),got our bags & ran to 2nd floor (4 minutes)....Nice!
But definitely,we were pouring the foods into our stomach ( DIE ) x.x....
After break,it was chemistry lessons,my energy has gained back to me,because my body is a renewable energy sources,from the foods? HAHAHAHA!
So,nice!I could concentrate to the double period of chemistry,and the following,a maths lesson! =D...At last,Malaysian Studies =)

At 4.30pm,hmmmmm,its time to go back to home,
Tiredness can easily creep up on a man while he/she driving,
so I turned the volume of car's radio loud, MUSIC! =D
to ease the tiredness! =) I safety reached the home!

I did not take a nap after I reached the home,
I was rushing assignments,
and NOW

I am typing my blog! =D

I am going to have dinner with my family now,

P/S: Rest well & peacefully =)

Brother's 20th Birthday

Yesterday was my brother's 20th Birthday,yeah,wished him a Happy Birthday,
furthermore,the birthday gift was really out of sight from me,=D,I gifted him a bottle of Vitamin C which is made from Amway product,so WOW...I guaranteed that his health will be improved stage by stage? Oh my ! =D Good for him ^^v

And so,we planned to celebrate his 20th birthday at night,a happy thought struck and formed in his mind,he would like to have a celebration of his birthday at a BBQ & Steamboat restaurant,so yea,he prefers to eat grilled foods! ( o.O )
He knew there's a steamboat restaurant at Ampang,so we just went there to have a look,that restaurant's name: Korea Stone BBQ & Steamboat ( the stone made from Korea ?)HAHAHAHAHA =D.....
We went into the restaurant and had a query about the fees & payment,and foods & beverages,hmmm...its about RM 25 per person! >.<
I looked around the restaurant,I've seen quite a lot of people were eating at there,a stove and a baking sheet were placed on each table,hmmmmm...Moreover,I've seen a lot of raw foods were prepared on the side,i.e seafood,vegetables,prickled foods,eggs,noodles,and much more,even self-service catering too...
we chose a seat at the middle of the restaurant,and started to pick the raw foods..
Made a mess!!!!!
For the steamboat style,the choice of soup includes chicken soup,tom yam,and bak kut teh,but we just ordered two types of soup which were chicken soup and tom yam,I can conclude that the soup is the most terrible one!It's too salty and it tastes stronger! Oh my goodness!
Most of the time my brother were grilling the foods on the grilled sheet rather than serving the foods from the most terrible soup! HAHA!!!
I was the luckiest? or the unluckiest? My parents and brother kept feeding me with a lot of foods! o.O.....prawn,crab,frog,vege,mushroom,fish,and so on!!!!
Seriously,I prefer not to eat grilled foods & steamboat,haha,
(Drank 3 glasses of water after eating those foods)I felt not comfortable!!! zzz...
Never mind,as long as they were HAPPY =D
At last,my brother lit up the candles on the birthday cake,brew them! made a wishes!
so funny!

Happy Birthday la!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

An uneventful weekend

Well,the Trial Exam is just around the corner,can you count from today to about 20th of October 2010?
Stupid college! Can 'you' hear me? I want the TIME TABLE for the Trial Exam now!!!
When will 'you' give us???!!! Grrrrr.......(Punch with my fist)
What is the actual date of Trial Exam???(Bang my head to the wall)
'You' only make the surprise announcement,and all of us were rather taken aback by the suddenness of this announcement !!!and LOL,
sorry about that,please be ready!
We will wait it,wait it,and catch up our lessons at the same time,
I couldn't bear it anymore,
I am curious! of? 'your surprises' =D

What is my plan in this weekend?
Sorry,I am doing revision,don't disturb me!
Bye,I stop here,not in the mood to type!

P/S: Trial Exam,I would like to let you know,I am not a born loser!
Forever and Ever =D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 Akik 09's Class Gathering

Oh Yeah,I never know what to expect from one day to the next,much to my surprise that one of my former classmate(organizer of class event & assistant monitor),invited me to the class gathering one month ago,before that we planned to have this gathering on weekday,but most of us couldn't make it because of the packed schedules,so we were just waiting for the comments from other friends..
Fortunately,there was a public holiday by today,thanks to MALAYSIA...So our gathering was held on 16th of September 2010--One Malaysia Holiday =D
However,there was around 50% of them couldn't attend so I think today got 20 of us!HA HA...
Whatever,today was the best gathering we've ever put on!

I got up at 11.30am this morning,the first thing I will do when I wake up is checking my mobile phone(my habit),whoa!2 messages
1st message--from sou wei: "where are you?ps,man kay,and I now at ts"
2nd message--from kai ning: "Bear bear,I am not going to the gathering.My home will be under renovation,now I need to pack things up"..
LOL...(I was replying)...."one of our best friend could not attend!"
"Sorry you guys,I woke up late,very tired,see ya later"..
I went to clean up myself,and still in the mood to ONLINE for half an hour,
LOL...after 12.25pm,I asked my dad to fetch me to Time Square,I felt lazy to drive to there....
I reached to there within 10 minutes!
Cool,enjoy the coolness of air-conditioners...LOL.....
"where are you?" I sms-ed
"In front of SJ" she replied...
Good,easy for me to find it,since I knew perfectly well the TS map....haha....
I rushed to third floor to meet them up....
"Hey hey yo yo"!!!!!! Long time no see!!!!!!!!
I started to pinch their faces and hugged them...HAHAHA!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!! TvT
So...At 1pm,we went into Gasoline to have lunch!And we met up other friends!! Oh well!!!!!!! =D
Hehe....chatting with friends is my pleasure!We spent this moment chatting up with each others,got to know about the current situations,thoughts,studies,and so on...
Quite a lot of topics to share with...But,when they all chatted about LOVE,they all pointed to ME, har? ME?....
"Yea,only you got bf now" they said....LOL!!!!!!!"How you all knew it?" I replied....
"Yea la,facebook what!" they replied......LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness,and so,this NEWS became the hottest topic ! =___= I shared my foods with my best friend--Xue Li,and she also shared her foods with me! =).....nice.....


Before I left Time Square,I bought a "Reader Digest"--my favourite magazine ^^v
Ciao <3

P/S: I am happy today,I love you guys,and I am expecting for the next gathering,see ya =D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A blazing hot day

Yesterday(Tuesday),I was feeling fine,fresh and cool when I got up in the morning,perhaps there was a heavy rain during my sleeping time =)
As usual,I went to college for my lectures,hmmmm....It's been 8.5 months,and I never absent myself to college without MY permission,HAHA =D....
Well,I could be lazy,but not dare? LOL....

However,the Sun soon evaporated the morning dew,oh my!
The clouds parted and the Sun shone towards the college,and the bars of sunlight slanted down from the glass windows,and it 'kissed' my face!
I looked out over the high buildings,hmmmm.....bored!
Time went by quickly,from 9am until 3.30pm,it seemed incredible that I had been sitting in the lecture room just only for a moment o.O !!??
So....I felt lazy by attending to the Pre-U meeting after 3.30pm,since there wouldn't have any important news,I just drove back to home....HOT HOT HOT!
What had happened?When I reached the home and parked my car,I took out my mobile phone from my beg,Whoa....1 missed call and 2 messages!
1 missed call(10 minutes ago)--from my friend,Zoe Ee....
2 messages(10 minutes ago)--from my friend,Zoe Ee
The messages said : "The examination briefing is today,come back,at room 2.6","They are giving out the forms(PILOT Entry Forms)".
What the hell?oh my goodness?The notice board said that it will be held by Wednesday?oh..oh...what the hell college?I am still in my car,should I drive back again?
My mind was in a whirl,I just drove back to college without thinking,(I was exceeding the speed limit =S)
The angriest was....My friend replied again and said "No need to go back,you can go to office to take it by tomorrow"..What?I just reached the college LEH!!! =@ =@
I am not angry with my friend,instead,I was thankful to be friend with her...LOL =D
And of course,I am angry with the college management! What the lousy management! =S.....
I had no choice and I drove back to my home again,
waste my time and petrol....SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P/S: Think before Act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P/P/S: Class Gathering by tomorrow =D

Monday, September 13, 2010

Qualifying Tests results

OH my,I did not realize that my lecturers gave us back the exam papers by today..
When did they mark our exam papers?Perhaps they spent the holidays marking exam papers...LOL...Whatever...=/
Today,I reached the college,when I was heading to Chemistry Lab,I came across my Chemistry Lecturer,then he told me that today we wouldn't have lab sessions and asked me to go to room 2.11...(His words stunned me for a moment,then I went to inform others classmates to go to room 2.11)
After we took our seats,he just handed over a sheaf of exam papers to one of my friends,then my friend started to pass the exam papers around of us....
When I was receiving my exam papers (Whoa,what's that?is that my papers?..err..)....Yea,that's mine....but...but...quite bad but not very bad!(said in my inner voice)..Nothing what,at least better than last time (wahahaha =D)
The next lesson was Physics (NO please,"heart attack" if lecturer give us back the exam papers =/)...
Yea....and BOOM BANG....I got my physics results.....The results was quite similar to my Chemistry results...HAHA....SHIT man!.....anyway,I get passed ^^....
Don't overstressed myself and don't set a VERY HIGH target!
Waiting for my Biology and Maths results by tomorrow!
Here "I" go

P/S: Way to get all good grades for a steppingstone to University,come on! =D

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nothing Special

Today is the second day of "Hari Raya Adilfitri",and it falls on Saturday,
so here I would like to say "Have a good weekend" =) to all my friends and family..

Nothing special,I did get much sleep by last night,and I slept like a log,I love to sleep,sleeping is same alike recharging your body's energy.
I woke up at 11.30am,I switched on the television,hmmmmm,pressed the buttons of remote control to channel 613,oh yeah,Tv programme for kids--"Sponge Bobs",LOL....But my favourite kiddie show is "Tom and Jerry" lah (=DDDDD)
After that I pressed the buttons of remote control again to channel 852--Hitz Fm.....I was listening to Hitz weekends' musics while cleaning up myself,LOL

You know what!
I went to the same place with my parents again--Maluri's Jaya Jusco,
=_=.....(my parents' favourite shopping mall!!!!!!!!!!!!) WAKAKA

A scoop of ice-cream (Baskin Robbins),this is vanilla with chocolate chips ice-cream! cream is exquisite,especially the sweetness in freezing point! =D
(I shared with my parents~❤)

LOL,I am going vegetarian just for today? =D
Healthy meal planning is important for me,always~❤

Brown rice (without its outer covering removed)

Mixed vegetables(broccoli,mushroom,hyacinth bean,edible tree fungus,carrot),
for the next one,steamed fish

P/S: Wheee x)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Day aka Holiday

Today is the day of holiday,yeah it is Adilfitri holiday,
No Hari Raya Adilfitri,No holiday??? LOL =D.....
Got Hari Raya Adilfitri,got holiday,I like holiday,so can I conclude that I like Hari Raya Adilfitri too? =D (LAME!CRAZY!LOL!xD)
I woke up at 9am sharp this morning,I stood at the corner of my living room,I was looking at the sky and the ground,the outside paths were moist with dew and damp,a cool breeze drifted through the open window,and it ventilated all around my house,it was cool and refreshing (I thought,how good it is if I could enjoy the coolness of the morning breeze everyday? =D )
After that I went to clean up myself,and I looked at myself in the mirror.(oh yeah,I still have a nice-looking) (cheh,perasan =D)....and I combed my long hair out!
Oh,I rushed to sms to my dear,it's time for him to wake up because today he got to work(I miss him dreadfully,I think,LOL....),actually we are just started this relationship,and perhaps we are the puppets of fate?Seriously,I have no regret about to be with him,we are matched,LOL....It's okay we just do our BEST together to strive for excellent =).....

With my parents,
I got in my car and drove off to have breakfast with them,err...we were having "dim sum" at Taman Tasik Permaisuri.
Soon,I drove back to my area's "pasar",we just walked into it and found nothing!
After that,we were heading to Maluri's Jusco,but unfortunately,its opening time for today is 1pm,oh my gosh?
We had no choice but my parents asked me to fetch them to Yulek to buy other stuffs,i.e fruits and moon is because they would like to give them to their friends as a gift.
I parked my car while they walked to Yulek's "pasar" =.=, (LOL my cute parents)
Finally they had brought a watermelon,pears,a papaya and so on,O.o....then I accompanied them to other grocery shops to buy moon cakes!
Next,we went back to Maluri's Jusco again,it was 12.30pm,LOL....30 minutes left!
("Dut",parking card came out)
Nevermind,we--daddy,mummy,and I were just sitting down inside the McDonald restaurant which was located outside of the ...WAIT lah....=DDDD.......
Time went by quickly,1 pm here we go! =D
I saw the front door was lifted up. After a few minutes,there were lots of people inside the Jusco.... (for sure,holiday mah =D)
My parents were roaming around the moon cake's stalls,there were so many different kinds of moon cakes,so WOW ("modern world",these words were floated in my mind,modern generation produce modern "moon cake"? =D)
4 boxes of moon cakes were hanging on their hands,I helped them to carry one box la,pitiful,wasted around 200 bucks..=D
Well,I fetched them back to home,like that....
be a driver the whole day!!!!worth it,I love my parents =)......

Now,it is 6 o' clock in the evening,
I am preparing now for my cousin's wedding party tonight,
it's supposed to be a catering night at my cousin's house...=3....
you know what am I going to prepare for her?shhhhh....
I will give a pearl bracelet to her as a gift!!!!!shhhh...

P/S: I like TODAY!
P/P/S: Happy marriage to my cousin and cousin-in-law =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Qualifying exam was OVER

Well,you know?I breathed a sigh of relief after 12pm just now!
The stupid Qualifying Exam was finally over!BOOM BANG Yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!v^^v
Booooooo...It is not so easy to cope with 3 science subjects at the same time,SPM level was still okay for me,for THIS,I had passed through many difficulties during the experiments in lab,complicated solutions from maths,weird equations and formulas from Chemistry & Physics,complicated facts from Biology,and much more! LOL,I almost fainted.
Well,I am so proud of myself that I am actually bearing up well under the strain and pressure in studies....

The day before Qualifying Exam,I had intended to sleep early but on second thoughts,I gave up the idea,I slept at 3.30am =(......
I was holding the notes,the notes was covered with a mass of equations,formulas,and facts of Chemistry and Biology,and I was reviewing again and again,I tried to memorize them as much as I could....
At the moment,my brain were bursting,I am extremely tired,there were too MUCH!!!I forced myself to stay awake,and told myself in inner voice "GAMBATEH and BEAT IT"!!!!
I woke up at 7am,and did my last revision again,I NEVER GIVE UP.....
I got in my car and drove off to college at 7.50am and reached there at 8.15am.
The first paper was chemistry and it started at 8.30am sharp,followed by Biology paper at 10.30am sharp..
I'm quite satisfied with my chemistry test...Biology,errr,still okay what!....
Get a passed!

Today,the last day of Qualifying Exam...
Last night,I did the same thing,I burned the midnight oil again,I felt sorry to myself,these two days were totally weakened my body and immune system,I only slept for few hours..
=(....I was holding another notes again,followed by Maths textbook....
I tried to understand the concept of physics,and the stupid SOLUTIONS of mechanics(maths)...(I hate Mechanics)...
Again,I fall asleep at 3.30am.....I dreamed of nothing,and I woke up at 7am!
I did my last revision,my eyes were opened half,(I am exhausted)
I drove off at 8am and reached to there at 8.15am ( no traffic jam,YES =D )
The first paper was Physics and it started at 8.30am sharp,followed by Maths at 10.30am sharp...
Physics was still okay,but I screwed the Maths,the Mechanics ahhhh.....YOU are STUPID,CRAZY,HARD!!!!!!
Get a passed too =D ...CHILLLLLLLLLLLL

P/S: Straighten myself UP for the next challenge! =D
P/P/S: Pass the exam with flying colours? (In dreamland =D)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last day of holiday

Today is the last day of holiday,
What should I say?
I feel happy because I can go back to college to meet my friends by tomorrow,
I feel sad because the next holiday will be on December! [Always comfort myself by saying with my inner voice: "It is okay then,time goes by quickly what"! Ha,is it? ]
I feel nervous because the DEADLY qualifying exam is coming soon by this Tuesday,

I asked my college mates,
Have you finished your revision?
"No,waiting to die only". [whoa]

For sure,1 week isn't enough for the revision what!
is this called "Immediate Revision"?
Definitely man!
I believe that none of them would revise with non-stop?

I am none of them?

P/S: Good luck to my Qualifying Exam oh! MUN bleh! =P

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The first day of September 2010

I am tired,fatigued,exhausted,bored,dizzied,and so on,
I just keep moving on my revision these few days,
the Qualifying Exam is just around the corner,yup,it is coming very soon!
By next Tuesday.

But,once I've finished the revision by last night,
the next day I would forget all about what I've tried to understand and memorize the lessons,what the hell?

Awwww.....Don't mention about it again,
I'm gonna crazy!

P/S: Gambateh =D