Monday, January 31, 2011

An outing with college mates

There was another outing again today,I reached the "The Garden" late in the morning,around half past eleven..(: I took the escalator up to fourth floor..And yeah,Red Box Karaoke here I am =D...

My friends reached it much earlier so I could just get into the karaoke room 'without permission'....xD....Oh,3 microphones with six people,we shouted,shouted,and shouted out LOUD (:.Some more,we stood up the sofa and danced,and even jumping up to the sofa,it was a good way to release all the tensions and angers from sad thoughts!
We also captured a lot of photos all the time in Redbox..the foods and beverages at there was edible...
At last,RM 107 + for the bill ! Aha!

After that,we went to Mid Valley for window shopping,next we headed to cinema for a movie (: - "Shaolin"...Ah,It was a best touching movie that I've never watched before,until my tear dropped off!
Last,we headed to Baskin Robbin stall to grab a scoop of ice-cream =P.
Oh....It was 6.30pm.
I left the place! (:

P/S: Happy holidays and Happy Chinese New Year! (;

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rainy day

It has been raining non stop for almost the whole day,
I woke up at 12pm this afternoon,I've slept so long since my examination is ended,haha,and I feel completely relaxed of having one week of holidays.After holidays,I will be facing a great pressure in my studies,it is my last semester in A levels (: I really can't wait for it,haha!
I went to IMU this afternoon to get more information.Sadly,it's closed on Sunday,but I thought the website said that the operating hours will be on every weekday and weekend,LOL....It's okay,I will be back after Chinese New Year..

After that,I drove off to Leisure Mall,I've bought a COOLER MASTER for my laptop,sorry for making you "HOT and SPICY" this few months,haha,and now I am seeing you're so enjoyed with the cooler! Chill! (:

It costs RM 68 !

Next,I headed to the optical shop at The Mines,and I would like to get myself a pair of contact lenses....
Wow,today was my first time of wearing contact lenses,it can actually be a rewarding experience (: I can't believe that I am able to wear it without feeling pain and discomfort..When I initially start wearing contact lenses,I did feel uncomfortable in any way but the eye specialist taught me patiently on how to wear it and how to take it off! =D
Finally I got one pair of contact lenses for FREE TRIAL,one month duration,and I will get used to it as soon as possible (:

P/S: Happy holidays and Happy Chinese New Year! (:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fringe cut?

A cloudy day,cloudy mood.
I seem acquired a cloud above my head that is affecting my mood,I ate my lunch slowly beside my mom at living room,in front of the television,we watched Hong Kong drama..
After lunch,I drove off to hair salon to have a hair cut..

I'm just had a fringe cut,I did not want to shorten the length of my hair,haha,
how weird am I,I like my long straight hair =P....

Yeah,I have a short fringe now,keep it long again...(:

At night,I went to my uncle's house for a party night,we had a wonderful catering party,BBQ,karaoke,and chit-chatting as well..
Haha,I can't believe that some of my relatives didn't even recognise me,I wonder have I changed so much every year,haha,I am now a young lady (:.....

I've grabbed some mihun,curry chicken,fish ball,vegetables,and braccoli...(:

my dearest cousin....hoooooo (:

BBQ side

P/S: I am on vacation until 7th of February(New semester) (:
P/P/S: Happy holidays and Happy Chinese New Year 2011..

Friday, January 28, 2011

An outing with Xue Li

Today is a brand new day,yesterday is done,I've just finished the exam this month,tomorrow is not promised to us,cope with it and move forward..(:
I woke up around ten this morning,I went into the bathroom and cleaned up myself,and get myself prepared for the outing..<3

An old smell,an old place with an old friend,
I took a train from Salak South to Hang Tuah LRT station.
When I passed by Chan Sow Lin LRT station,I recalled back a sad thought,followed by my high school before Pudu LRT station,I miss my high school so badly,I don't know how to explain that but whenever I think about my high school I'll recall back good and bad memories...Haha,but not very bad! =P.....
I reached the Hang Tuah,I chose to walk to Time Square instead of taking monorel,
I took my time to WALK ALONE SLOWLY along the corridor of Pudu Jail,I started to think a lot of stuff while walking,sad thoughts more than happy thoughts this recently,I am stunned and speechless,and hmmmm....forget about it,I reached the Time Square (:

My dear sister hadn't arrived yet so I'd just roaming all around,I've bought a shirt wow it's red and white in color! And my favourite Reader Digest magazine =D...errr.....she is arrived (:
We had lunch in Shabu-Shabu Steamboat restaurant (:

Booooo.....Her yummy face =D

My hot pot...=P

And we chatted a lot more about our college life and stuff,how different living situation,studies,networking,and much more. (:
Emmmm,I am glad to know that she is fine (:

After that,we hunted for new clothes,
hmmmmm.......Aha,you know what!We started to shop from 6th floor down to ground floor,such a great idea....(:
Almost all the shops there we'd been going into,one by one,ewwww.....xD
She hunted two pieces of clothes...wooohooooo xD

How about this? It looks nice but I did not buy it at last..LOL
*But I've grabbed for another piece of dress* =P

What a holly shit,there's NO TRY in most of the shops,HAHA,we've to decide carefully before buying!
Ermmm I've bought some make-up stuff just in case of event invitations...(:

Do you believe in "yuen fen"?
Yea I am! =D I met Hui Chee at Time Square,my another old friend (:
she reached to KL last night,from Kampar. (:
Long time didn't see her,and she has not much change...Haha (: <3

It was 6pm sharp,and we went to have tea time! <3
Haha,how time flies again,6 hours grace period gone,and how energized we are,
6 hours with non-stop walking >.<.....
and we stopped at "Taste of Asia" food court!Where's located at?
LG floor....Its a new shop. (:

Wow,good mirror with good reflection =P


Our dessert =P A piece of wafer with chocolate and peanut!
*regret not to eat it?* :9 ......

We left the place at 6.45pm,what a tiring day,but indeed a super happy day =D

P/S: Happy Holidays and Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bye,my 2nd Exdecel Examination

How time flies,the first month of 2011 is soon heading to the end...
Today was the last day of my 2nd semester of A levels Examination...
The last one....dropped by Physics 4. (:
I felt so relieved once I've just finished writing the LAST WORD in Physics Unit 4 paper. (:
"Okay,you may stop writing,and close the booklet" the examiner said (:
Yeah,I coped with it well,10 objective questions,and 8 structure questions,hopefully I can get an "A"..haha! Nope,B? or C? No No...=P.....
The last paper was ended at 8pm today..Yeah,I am sigh of relief..hoooo......
I can hear my friends shouting loudly while walking out from the exam hall =D...
Oh my,I feel like shouting too...xD....BOOM BANG!
I stepped out from the college and met my daddy (:
and he fetched me to have "Bak Kut Teh" dinner,along with my mother and brother,and their friends too (:

Haha! We cleaned all the foods and I still captured it =P

And specially thanks for their CNY's present (:

Hmmmmm,I can't wait for tomorrow,
I am gonna shopping with my dearest friend,gonna hunt for new clothes...Shhhhhh....(:
Oh,there's one more week left for Chinese New Year,
Hmmmmm.....and college reopen,full time study again,exam,graduate,and enroll to a new environment again...(:
Honestly,I have no CNY mood at all ):,perhaps I am stressed out,I think a lot,I worry a lot,and some more?
LOL...Cheer up Mun...(:

P/S: No pain,no gain (:
P/S: Happy holidays and Happy Chinese New Year 2011 (:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The followings

Edexcel A levels Examination January 2011 is going on for about two weeks,overall I had finished 8 papers and there are 3 more to go,all tough papers are coming next week,which are Biology 4,Chemistry 4,and Physics 4 =)
I really can't wait for the day to come(27th of January 2011),I will finish the exam very soon =)

After exam,firstly I will hang out with one of my closest friend from my high school,Xue Li,on 28th of January...We planned to go for movie and have a lunch,and grab some new clothes for Chinese New Year. =) I wanna hunt for a piece of skirt and dress =D
I have a short sleeve erm...I will look for a cotton blouse,perhaps I would feel comfortable all over my upper part of body by wearing it =)

On 29th of January,there will be a night party at my youngest uncle's house,they would offer catering for us =) With all my relatives,I feel the warmth of happiness from them =)
and also,that day I will go to shopping with my mother,hmmm,I think I should park my car at Lrt Station and take Lrt and Monorel to there? I never satisfied with the parking fees at Time Square,haha!

On 30th of January,I will go for a hair cut,my hair is too long,but never mind,perhaps I would change a new hairstyle,make it wavy on my ponytail...=) and I am gonna get myself a contact lenses,instead of eye-glasses again...FINALLY I TAKE OFF MY SPECTACLES ! =) As my friends and relatives commented that I would be nicer without a SPEC ! YES,I can't wait for it =)

On 31th of January,Yeah,I am gonna have a HANG OUT with my college friends =)
We 1,2,3,4,5, gang...planned to have a karaoke at RedBox Midvalley,yeah it is a best choice ever,after a long term exam,we should get a wild shout...shout...and shout to relieve our stress,sigh of relief man! =D and thus,karaoke is one of the best choice!

The following days...1st and 2nd of February....hmmm I am gonna prepare for Chinese New Year,buy some new stuffs,clean my desk and room,and decorate my house =)

At the same time,I will gonna have some revisions and prepare and strike for the LAST SEMESTER of A levels =) Blessed with luck! and getting a better results =)
Mun,all the best =)

P/S: Gong Xi Fa Cai....
P/P/S: Live as if you'll die tomorrow =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Exam is around the corner

Seriously,I am not ready for the stupid exam,and I will be sitting for 11 papers. REPEAT,THERE ARE ELEVEN PAPERS!
So? I am reading and not studying? Perhaps! Most of the time I flip through the book,WOW,page by page.
Well,I am partially memorizing those Biology facts.
Go into and get out from my mind,=_=
It is importantly to UNDERSTAND!

I feel like re-reading!
Stop it,Mun,You are using your "old" method,
wake up please,don't go into the death road! xD
Well,my road is filled with zombie,carnage,and chaos,=O and I can see it now!

Nah.....I got an idea,

I WILL BRING MY CONFIDENCE,WILL,POWER,and BRAVE and step into the exam hall!
WOW,what the useful WEAPON =P


Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year 2011

A new day,new hope,and new life!
I don't know what will happen to me in 2011,I predict it will be more challenging compared to last year,I will soon graduate A level on June this year,and step to University life.
Yeah,there's half year to go for my Pre-U life (Damn,sounds like A level is so tough,haha,yea by the way)

Talking about my University life soon,most probably I will enroll myself to International Medical University (IMU) and doing degree level in Pharmacy which will be taken 4 years! I could sense that a huge responsibility is required for me to study this course,my new challenge is around the corner! =)
Erm,what attracts me to study Pharmacy? Well,because I am caring and having a passionate interest in "medicine" =D and hopefully I could help out in caring patients' drug related needs following medical diagnosis! Currently hospital pharmacist and community pharmacist are my best choices! No,I should choose one! HAHA

Talking about my current state,well I am fine and stronger than SPM year,how to say its like a magic! I often absent myself to school last time just because of slightly sick,flu,and period pains,haha,and always become a costumer to clinic and hospital,had a full medicine meal WOW I can't describe the condition last time but my body was so fragile! Perhaps I was dealing with too many kinds of drugs in 2008 and 2009 so I become interested in MEDICINE? haha what a joke!
My health report in 2010,I never absent to college so yea my body health is well improved =) I took care of my body well,had a balanced meal,but seriously lack of exercise due to burden of studies =( should work out on this from now onwards!
About period pains,well I took care of it and I am glad that I have a healthy period from now on =D
About my nose sensitive,hmmm well nothing to say about it,but I need to take care of the hygiene of surroundings,clean up my room and desk,and make sure that they are DUST free?haha....if not,my nose will out of control =O.....

Well,about my current academic performance,its like a bullshit haha joking,I've to work harder and harder in order to MEET THE ENTRY REQUIREMENT only,
seriously I put a lot of efforts onto my studies and suffer a headache now! >0<....
Shit la,I should not put too much pressure to myself but what to do?
haha,chasing a dream is harder than take care of my body health =_=....
Strive for excellent and blessed with luck to myself!!!

For my friends and family,I am relieved because they live a happy life and in state of safe and healthy but they are extremely busy on their stuffs such as working and studying!
I hope they are always doing well and fine..
This is called....HUMAN LIFE! =_=....

Mun,what are you typing now?
Don't sad,please CHEER!
Your bright future is on your hands!