Monday, June 28, 2010

Another semester

Today was the first day of my second semester...
hmmmmph......Well,I felt lazy to go back to college as usual,
but finally I chose to go back to college,this is because I have been grew bored by staying at home for a long time...ha ha ha ha.....
Once I stepped into the main entrance of college,I have seen a number of students were looking at the new time tables that posted on the board,hmmmm
Then I had a look to my class's time table,
whoa....What a terrible shock....I'm quite unsatisfied to the new time table,lolx,
*I can get up late,but I've to go back to home late in the afternoon*....
Definitely,I hate it.....ZZZzzzz......(Went to library to have a photocopied of time table)

Today's first lecture is started at 9am sharp,
and the first lesson is mathematics,but I only brought biology and chemistry books,
*who knows today got maths lesson??*....lolx....
and What the my maths lecturer started to teach Mechanic 1,some more he used the CD that provided on the textbook to teach us since most of us haven't bought the book yet, (but I got)......
and finally he wanted us to do 10 questions of chapter 2,hmmmph.....

After that,we were heading to biology lesson,
eh we just got a new biology lecturer,she is an Indian girl,
hmmmph...but she is quite strict with us,
and gave us a tonne of works,lolx....cute....
and we also got a new physic lecturer too,he is an Indian oldies,
hmmmp....but he is quite gentle with us....omg!....xD
Next,this semester I will be having Malaysian studies.....DAMN....
and I just got to know some lame questions...
i.e...Who is Malaysian? Why do you like/dislike Malaysia?'satu Malaysia'..OH MY..
What subject is that? o.O.....

P/S: This semester will be very tiring....x.X...matiku....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New hair cut

Oh yeah,today I went to have my hair cut,
I asked the barber to cut my hair nicely,cut down 3 inches upside my hair,and cut an inch downside my hair,and front hair....
and my hair had been layered,means cut to several different lengths,
which was almost the same as last time,
that barber used about an hour to cut my hair,
but anyway,I'm satisfied with my new hair cut,and his cutting skills has not rusted,xP....
After that,I went to Leisure Mall's popular shop,
and I bought a note book for my next semester,
will do a lot of important notes and mind mapping LEH.....


P/S: TOMORROW,cant wait for it,new semester!!!!!! xD

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What the hell

The cough has been nagging me the whole day.
Some more,it was keeping me awake all night,and my throat tickled all over my neck,
what the hell.....;S
But then,it's not the end of the game!!!
Once I woke up,
I felt something wet and cold in my underwear,oh my goodness,
'periods' comes to visit me again,=.=,errrrk,
I dislike when illness and periods come together,they will make me crazy!
it is very annoying!!!!!!!!
What to do?I should be patient ,lolx....
Both of them are not my best friends,not even friend,they are my soul enemies,
ha ha...
I'm kinda crazy recently!!!

P/S: Get well soon

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Health Problem 'Again'

Nose allergy came to say hello to me 2 years ago,that is,after PMR,=(
Sadly,it frequently affected my normal life,
i.e,my school life,my sleeping mood,my appetite,my time and energy,medical expenses,and so on,
actually nose allergy only can be controlled by drugs and nasal spray,
and it cannot be cured,sounds terrible right?=___=

Yesterday,I had return of nose allergy,some more,I had suffered a violent allergic reaction )=...
Yesterday,I couldn't stop sneezing all the time,
and a box of tissues was almost finished by me,sigh....
This morning I was in state of terrible pain in my nose passage,ouch,
I think it develops a mild of inflammation in my nose passage after the violent allergic reaction by yesterday,hmmmmmm,
other than that,my nose discharged is yellow in color,
even I could feel the sharp pain when I am drinking,swallowing,and breathing,
furthermore,I did notice that a crack in my voice...o.O,so gentleman???
I've no idea,I went to seek treatment from an nose specialist again,hmmmmmmmm,
and I was given two types of medicines,
the first one is antibiotics capsule,and the second one is allergic capsule,and I was advised to take nasal spray daily after the inflammation has fully recovered,
At last,I paid 65 dollars for the treatment and drugs.

P/S: Body health is the most important for our life!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baking-hot Sunday

Another week is starting now onwards,today was another brand new day for everyone,
Today I took my mobile phone to mobile phone accessories shop to repair,
ermmm.....well,actually my mobile phone cover was cracked only,
the mobile phone cover costs 100 dollars,wow man!
how costly is it!!!!!
so,I learned a bitter lesson,it is not the first time I did it,
second time I think,ha ha.....I feel like wanna wrap my mobile phone inside a gadget every time,and take care of it nicely =)
Tonight I went to Kepong with my family again,since there are so many restaurants,a variety of foods...=)
and we were eating at a Bak Ku Teh restaurants,
the quality of foods are not bad,especially of the pork ribs,I like it,
After the dinner,
we straight away walked to Kepong Jusco which is located just nearby of the restaurant,
We bought some car accessories ,and some foods,
Japanese sweet potatoes!!!!! =)

P/S:Well,I am in state of relaxing!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

An outing

I was locked at home,I wished to get my freedom,
freedom is so valuable,the price of freedom is eternal vigilance,
I could imagine that the sweetness of freedom,
emmmmmm......totally 100% sweetly!!!!! xD right?
Today I went out enjoying with one of my best buddy,Shi Wei,
we went to Time Square,
cool right,I didn't go to Time Square for quite a long time,
some more,this year I never really watched a movie since there's so much burdens in studies,
so I planned to go to a movie with him,and I chose Prince of Persia,
and I could feel that the power of violence in that movie,it almost revolted me...xD
but overall I like that movie =D
Before movie,we went to have lunch,and I chose back that restaurant,which is almost located beside of the cinema,and I wanna try back the tastes again, never been changed,ha ha....quite lousy!
Besides,the fried rice that I ordered was quite sour,if I am not mistaken,I didn't notice that 'sour flavour fried rice' has written in the menu, xD...oh my goodness!!!!
We walked to Sungei Wang Plaza ,and we were loitering at there,
and finally we had ice-cream for dessert,yeah...xD HOW YUMMY!!!!
we left there after 6.30pm...

P/S: Have a best moment with him.. =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Dumpling Festival

I like to eat dumpling when I was still a kid,
and I prefer to eat dumpling with black-eyed beans,egg yolk,mushroom,and meat inside,
wow,it tastes delicious!
Tonight my mother boiled a great soup,it named lotus root,it is a nutritious food,this is because it has been found rich in dietary fibre,vitamin C,potassium,vitamin B6, phosphorus,copper,manganese and very low in saturated fat.HOW is it?xD
Besides,my mom steamed a fish,and my dad bought a duck,

P/S: A feeling of fullness..XD

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Collecting Articles

I started to read newspapers and magazines since 8 years old,
the first newspapers left a indelible impression on me,
so from the 2000s onwards I started to read it almost everyday,
by the way,I am so curious about the hot news and headlines of newspapers,=D
I realized that all the newspapers carried the same news but different ways of describing,and the amount and style of news....

My favourite newspaper is The Star,
I have been reading it for about 4 years,this is a newspapers which,I dare say,is the best one I have ever read,
It does not only focus the part of nation news,entertainment,and sports,indeed,
a part of metropolitan news,world news,advertising,media blitz,technology,lifestyle,and so on..
Honestly,my newspapers time is....MIDNIGHT!!!@.@
with my mp3,
great nightmare.....^v^....
and currently I would like to collect some important articles,
especially about human lifestyle and technology,
as a memories?hmmm

P/S: Happy Dragon Boat Festival ^^

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Charmless Sunday

I have been lazing about too much lately,ha ha,
I lazed away the whole day,
I woke up lately,I dreamed a lot,I stayed stiff,I strained my eyes in the brightness,hmmmm....It was a brightly afternoon,ha ha.....
I walked into the washroom,I looked at myself in the mirror and asked,"Who Am I"?
Well,I had just wakened,everything is blur when I took my glasses off,

Well,I drove off to have breakfast and lunch....
After that I went to Law Yat to buy printer's ink and a new Pendrive,
costs 130 dollars....

At night,I went to Balakong to have dinner with my parents and their friends,
the restaurant is just located opposite to the Jusco Cheras Selatan,
We ordered a vege,toufu,prawn,and pig's arm,
the delicious smells wafted up from the kitchen and tables,
emmm......what delectable food they cook,not bad!!! xD

After that We went straight to Jusco,
and we were loitering in the street inside,

P/S: charmless Sunday but enjoyable^^

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cleaning up my ROOM...

Exams are just over about 2 days ago,so I have been sleep well just lately..ha ha
Yeah,sleep is the best restorative there is,so I LIKE sleeping!
I slept deeply by yesterday night,the whole morning I was still sleeping,
overall I had a long sleep about 10 hours,LOL
long time didn't sleep well,and I was suffered from insomnia,perhaps it due to worries and tiredness.....=)...and I'm so happy that all back to normal....
When I woke up,I found that my sleeping pattern has becoming weird and different...
HA HA....But recently I have a sweet dream every night =)

Actually I haven't decided on what to do during semester break yet,
since my parents didn't let me hang out with friends so many days,
so I've to choose 2 or 3 days,hmmm...sigh.......
I rather go to college every weekday,the semester break seems too long for me..=.=
Other than online,watching television,read newspapers and magazine,jogging,sleeping,eating,drinking,and so on,I have nothing to do...
But,today I planned to clean up my room,desk,and bookshelf,
I could see that a film of dust coated my bookshelf,wow,damn dirty!
textbooks,reference books,exercise books,papers,and stationary are all mixed up on my desk and bookshelf,whoa,I'm gonna crazy!
I fetched a cloth to wipe up the dust and dirt,and cleaned up the MESS...
After two hours,wow,my hard work paid me off...
My room,desk,and bookshelf look TIDY..YEAH

P/S: I am so happy today =)..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Free from exam

Whee..x) After 8pm today,exams are over,
I had a feeling of release,yeah...Back to normal!!!
But,it was just first semester!!!....
There are so many assignments,revisions,exams will be coming soon,
ha ha,don't think about it first,
enjoying my semester break right now,

What is my plan during semester break?
I will update to my blog very soon^^

P/S: Happy holidays^_^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tomorrow =D

Yeah Yeah Yeah,
Oops,I should 'sit' patiently waiting for the last paper,
Ha ha ha...I couldn't be waiting a long time,
because there's 1 day more to go.....'TIME GOES ON' =D
muackssss¬¬¬♥♥♥♥C-maths 2
Errr.....After the exam,surely I feel carefree and back to normal blood pressure,LOL!!!!!!!!!=D
I could imagine that my body will fly to home once the exam is ended.....
Dinner,online,mp3,television,newspapers,magazine...COOL...MY PLEASURE!!!
The exam was a real killer for every student,definitely bombed it????
Ha ha....Possible or impossible?
For my opinion,it is natural that such a hardworking student should pass the exam,right?
No pain no gain 'mah'....xD
I shouldn't say that exam is a painful period,instead of trying to enjoy on it =)
By the way,I wish all the students get a better mark in the exam =)

P/S: Think wisely and you're the winner!....and Happy Semester Break to my classmates =)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Story of Chen and The Cakes

Wow,a funny Chinese joke was here,

Chen was extremely hungry,so he left work and went to a local snack bar where he bought a cake.When Chen had eaten the cake, he found that he was still famished, and so he ate a second one.

Even then he was not full up and promptly ate six cakes in succession,but he hadn't satisfied his hunger.Not until Chen had eaten the seventh cake did he feel satisfied.

Then,suddenly, he had a feeling of regret.'Ah, if I had known this before,I would have eaten the seventh cake first and that would have been enough and there would not have been any need to eat those six others.'