Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese new year eve

Hey peeps, it's been a while I was off to busy with my studies, it's tiring and exciting, yet challenging role. I am in holiday now for about 5 days, and I'll gonna school again right by next Thursday!

In these few weeks, all of the lessons are going smoothly, yeah, and I am pleased with my studying, I do really learn a lot, it's not only about gaining knowledge, but how to work well in a team to make a project comes successfully. Yet, maths is getting harder and harder! Hahas! Fun though! (: Well, I'll update again in details to you guys about my studying after Chinese New Year. (:

Many people are going back to their hometowns for this festival - celebrating Chinese New Year, which I am the one too. But I am staying in KL ( my hometown ) to celebrate the festival and enjoy the smooth journey to my relatives' houses. I think the city is now emptying. Aha! (:

Alright, for my wishes on Chinese New Year, I am hereby wishing all my beloved friends and family a year of peace. Everything will go fine and smoothly. That's......happy dragon year, people. (:


Today is rainy day, I don't feel like waking up though. I went to Giant at Taman Connaught with daddy, and he said he wants to buy some carbonated drink ! ! ! Oh my, I know what he wanted to buy - 100 plus ( his favourite ) xD

See.....I guess right! By the way coca-cola is not his drink. HAHAHA!

What about mine?

Aha, my Ice-lemon-tea! wooohoooo.....Time to drink!

And.....A large reunion dinner with my family! Happy Chinese New Year ahead (:
kahmun (: