Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The beginning of 2013

I hate the weather now! As my friend said, the weather is never good. The sun seems much brighter than usual, high temperature, very hot indeed! I got a slight fever last week. I thought I would have fully recovered but my body still feeling hot inside, sweat a lot, oh my goodness. All medicines are useless to me now. People, drink plenty of water then.

I am now officially in year 2 semester 2 for my degree. So far, I do well in my studies, my CGPA is around 3.3, it is moderate though. Anyway, knowledge is always important than the pointer, understanding the lesson is far more better than studying for the sake of scoring high on the examination. My course mates are awesome, they are friendly and kind, some of them are intelligent and helpful, yet some of them are over-active and have a great sense of humor. And I am leading a good and peaceful life. :)

Guess what, next semester I might start my year 3 if everything goes well. I really can't wait for my final graduation in 2015. Another thing that makes me can't wait for is internship. I am gonna have my internship in this coming September, the duration is about 4 months. That would be a very important experience to me throughout the end of this year. I wish I could gain a lot of knowledge in my field before graduation.

Let's talk about my routine and hobbies, my class starts at 9.30 in the morning for every Tuesday and Thursday, ends late in the afternoon. Whereas the lab session starts at 8 in the morning for every Wednesday. I miss those days where I cycle around my house, and I wished to get a mountain bike in the future, I miss cycling. The last time I went bowling was in November last year, lol I feel relief, happier, and lighter in my mind once I play bowling. Next week I am going to a gym, and hopefully it can let go of my stress.


Chinese New Year is around the corner, it is one of my favorite festival of the year, I like the holiday, I like the atmosphere of being noisy with my family, friends, and relatives, I like the firework fires sound, I like the reunion dinner, red envelope :) which I really can't wait for... ^^

I am going to turn 21 this year, dear god, please bless me with a better life, I'll keep improving myself.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Draft :)

Hey peeps, it's been few months :) I miss those moments that I kept updating my news to you guys, since high school, and right now I am studying in Uni. :)

However, my second semester is going to end once the final exam is finished. And I really can't wait to post something funny up here. :)

There are still 3 years more until I graduate. :)

One thing I really can't wait is the time when I turn 20 soon....hahas!

I hope everything is going well. :)

Aha, see you soon.

kahmun. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese new year eve

Hey peeps, it's been a while I was off to busy with my studies, it's tiring and exciting, yet challenging role. I am in holiday now for about 5 days, and I'll gonna school again right by next Thursday!

In these few weeks, all of the lessons are going smoothly, yeah, and I am pleased with my studying, I do really learn a lot, it's not only about gaining knowledge, but how to work well in a team to make a project comes successfully. Yet, maths is getting harder and harder! Hahas! Fun though! (: Well, I'll update again in details to you guys about my studying after Chinese New Year. (:

Many people are going back to their hometowns for this festival - celebrating Chinese New Year, which I am the one too. But I am staying in KL ( my hometown ) to celebrate the festival and enjoy the smooth journey to my relatives' houses. I think the city is now emptying. Aha! (:

Alright, for my wishes on Chinese New Year, I am hereby wishing all my beloved friends and family a year of peace. Everything will go fine and smoothly. That's......happy dragon year, people. (:


Today is rainy day, I don't feel like waking up though. I went to Giant at Taman Connaught with daddy, and he said he wants to buy some carbonated drink ! ! ! Oh my, I know what he wanted to buy - 100 plus ( his favourite ) xD

See.....I guess right! By the way coca-cola is not his drink. HAHAHA!

What about mine?

Aha, my Ice-lemon-tea! wooohoooo.....Time to drink!

And.....A large reunion dinner with my family! Happy Chinese New Year ahead (:
kahmun (:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time begins

To 2012 : I am going to start you off with my new semester, I am in year 1 semester 2, yeah, I have gone back to University today, get my time-table double checked, met up my friends, chit-chatting, but.......the lecturer didn't come today! =O Ha, we've been waiting for the lecturer like a BOSS!

It's my hand drawing's classroom (:

Last night I went to The Mines, surprisingly, I bought three shirts, a piece of skirt, a pair of boots with fur, a rubber band, and a necklace. =D Well, the mission is passed, I am fully prepared for the Chinese New Year which is around the corner, I can't wait for the day to come, it's time to dress up nicely! =D

Good day, people (:


Saturday, December 31, 2011

The reflections of 2011

How time flies, tomorrow is a brand new day, it's not more than 24 hours to go and year 2012 is going to replace with year 2011.

In 2011, there are a lot of ups and downs, as I trudged up the hill, laden with supplies. It was a tiring walk although I walked slowly the last day to 2012, 365 days are completed ! Every step was heavy as it required a huge amount of strength and wills.

The first 6 months were stressful and troubled.

"I was out of control as I fell into a deep hole in the ground from which people obtain water, the sides of wells are covered with barbed brick and there was a covering at the top of the well. I.......almost get drowned at the well".

The world is messed up.......messed I felt like doomsday is approaching me...

I did feel helpless to overcome the stressful and miserable life. Exam was damn hard and finally I managed to do it well, and I graduated my pre-U life. I felt everything was a hardship for me. Man-made factor? Environment factor? Think too much?

In half of the year, life has taught me a lot, do not let the sadness of your past or the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present, and there's a solution in every problem. Build a bridge of hope on a sea of despair! (:

Once I started my Uni life in September, only I realized that there are actually the same, burden doubles up, lessons are double harder, people are kinda fake, so I'd rather be thankful of my life no matter what the situation is...

I learn that life is a book.

P/S: Happy 2012, people. (:


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Yeah, my hair is getting longer and longer again, before that I got a hair cut for 2 inches off, and it's looking moisturized and nourished after the hair treatment , but still not long though, below my breast level. Hmmmm, why must we get a hair cut? There's no way for stopping the hair to grow, right? How good if we could maintain the length of hair we wanted.

Hmmm, my parents are busying in their business, and I wasn't allowed to go out frequently because I am still on the road to recovery ( completely ) , I must get wrapped up warmly for at least one month, especially in a cold weather! Yeah, I already told myself that I must take care of myself, on the progress, soon I will be the healthier one, as usual, playing all over the world. =D

New year is around the corner...

In 2012 :

- Get good results in every exam.
- Get my hair curled =D
- Get a pair of boots with fur
- Have my nose allergy completely cured
- Stay Healthy (:
- Partying with friends! =D
- Ride a bicycle ( At the lake garden, Bandar Tun Razak )
- Be happy and cheered every day! (:
- Peacefully

That's my wishlist...

May my wishes be fulfilled......

P/S: Happy New Year 2012, people.....(:


Friday, December 23, 2011

The end of the end of the year

Months are passing so quickly, my holiday is going to end soon, that means I have to endure going back to University for another strive. A two month break is definitely enough for me, two months off-to-relax, oops I am not totally relaxed, indeed I spend my holiday thinking about my future and doing research. OH NO! I have a mixed feeling upon knowing my holiday is going to end, I am such a weirdo!

OH YES, one of the best thing I've done is by making my room looks immaculate, I keep my bed and desk spotless, yeah, so that my allergy reaction wouldn't be so terrible!

OH NO, the weather is changing frequently and unexpectedly, I bet there will be a lot of people get sick more often in such a bad weather! Malaysia's temperature can fluctuate by as much as 10 degrees which is from 25-35 celcius! So I've been suffering from cold & severe flu , I've changed 1 doctor and only I could get relief, phew!!!!! I was told that I've got 猪毛丹 ( a kind of severe cold ) , and I felt like vomiting and fatigue at all time, and also headache, my body felt like it's freezing though! :O Due to that ill so I couldn't attend for 2 outings with my college mates! But now I've fully recovered! What the sick holiday! Phui !

I am so fragile I know ! I must take care of myself more! :D

P/S: I'm always with me! (:

To be continued......