Friday, December 23, 2011

The end of the end of the year

Months are passing so quickly, my holiday is going to end soon, that means I have to endure going back to University for another strive. A two month break is definitely enough for me, two months off-to-relax, oops I am not totally relaxed, indeed I spend my holiday thinking about my future and doing research. OH NO! I have a mixed feeling upon knowing my holiday is going to end, I am such a weirdo!

OH YES, one of the best thing I've done is by making my room looks immaculate, I keep my bed and desk spotless, yeah, so that my allergy reaction wouldn't be so terrible!

OH NO, the weather is changing frequently and unexpectedly, I bet there will be a lot of people get sick more often in such a bad weather! Malaysia's temperature can fluctuate by as much as 10 degrees which is from 25-35 celcius! So I've been suffering from cold & severe flu , I've changed 1 doctor and only I could get relief, phew!!!!! I was told that I've got 猪毛丹 ( a kind of severe cold ) , and I felt like vomiting and fatigue at all time, and also headache, my body felt like it's freezing though! :O Due to that ill so I couldn't attend for 2 outings with my college mates! But now I've fully recovered! What the sick holiday! Phui !

I am so fragile I know ! I must take care of myself more! :D

P/S: I'm always with me! (:

To be continued......