Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Yeah, my hair is getting longer and longer again, before that I got a hair cut for 2 inches off, and it's looking moisturized and nourished after the hair treatment , but still not long though, below my breast level. Hmmmm, why must we get a hair cut? There's no way for stopping the hair to grow, right? How good if we could maintain the length of hair we wanted.

Hmmm, my parents are busying in their business, and I wasn't allowed to go out frequently because I am still on the road to recovery ( completely ) , I must get wrapped up warmly for at least one month, especially in a cold weather! Yeah, I already told myself that I must take care of myself, on the progress, soon I will be the healthier one, as usual, playing all over the world. =D

New year is around the corner...

In 2012 :

- Get good results in every exam.
- Get my hair curled =D
- Get a pair of boots with fur
- Have my nose allergy completely cured
- Stay Healthy (:
- Partying with friends! =D
- Ride a bicycle ( At the lake garden, Bandar Tun Razak )
- Be happy and cheered every day! (:
- Peacefully

That's my wishlist...

May my wishes be fulfilled......

P/S: Happy New Year 2012, people.....(: